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  1. jetboy

    [MOC][Modular] Dance School

    I do not know, but you can find him on Facebook ;)
  2. jetboy

    Extreme Evolution: Arctic Triceratops

    This is awesome usage of those modified plate with i dont know the name for it. Brilliant. Entire model is really cool, but this technique is even cooler.
  3. jetboy

    [MOC] Palace of Culture and Science

    Thank you guys, i'm glad you like it :) That took some heavy experimentation. I made like 6 different approaches, before i come up with this solution. Building round things with LEGO is not easy task :) I will have some photos showing how it is built when i post 'behind the scenes" on the blog.
  4. Warsaw’s Palace of Culture and Science was originally build by Russian architect Lew Rudniew in 1952-1955. This LEGO brick version was built by me during 2015-2016. This build consist of almost 30000 bricks, is over 125 cm high, and it is the biggest thing i ever built. It’s base size is 4×5 baseplates. I was building it keeping LEGO Architecture style in mind. That’s why there is that black, stripe around it. The thing is that Palace is so huge, i had to make it 2 studs wide, as one stud tiles would be hardly noticeable. Follow to my flickr account to see more pictures, or my blog to read more about this MOC. I plan to bring this baby to Fan Weekend in Skaerbaek this year, so some of you will have chances to see it with your own eyes.
  5. jetboy

    [MOC] Sea Horse or Sea Battle

    I'm glad you like it guys!
  6. This is not pirates per se, but it's about sail ships so i thought it fits here best. If mods think it should be moved to other section of the site, please do so. But we can pretend one of the ships is actually pirate ship ;) General look: It all started on Pyrkon convention Poznań/Poland in 2014. We got some free bricks and among them there were horse hats (sorry, don't know the proper English word) for old horses that were replaced with new design. Someone said the piece is really useless for anything than putting in on a horse. Someone else joined in and said that the piece is as useless as speedor'z bodies from Chima. O'rly? I wouldn't be myself if i didn't accept the challenge and prove them both wrong. So the Sea Horse steam boat was born: Once i had it i had to build some other sailboats. Then my LUG was in need of sea themed dioramas for our exhibition that is now taking place in Swarzewo/Poland, so i built a scene for it: One of the elements i'm most proud of is the Lightouse:: And the windmills: But the main feature of the scene are ships: And some more detailed look at the ships: For more photos please go to You can also see my other new NPU creation here: http://www.eurobrick...howtopic=107970
  7. jetboy

    [MOC] Microscale Podracer

    I'm happy you like it friends :) Watch out, someone might take this as a challenge ;) No, the faces are there, just oriented downwards. It is built in a way you can look at it from many angles and have the faces hidden. Would have to look at the model from down under to see them.
  8. jetboy

    [MOC] Microscale Podracer

    Not many people know that you can split MiniDoll's head into 2 pieces. I didn't know that myself until recently notified by a friend that Moko from flickr posted some photos of split heads. First thing that came to my mind when i saw those pieces was this: Here is whole setup shot:
  9. jetboy

    Happy Icebreaker

    I'm glad you like it :) Bear and huskys are from Arctic, seals and penguins from Friends.
  10. jetboy

    Happy Icebreaker

    Well, it's not Fabuland per se, but there is Fabuland minifig here so i guess it fits here. This is Icebreaker with captain Wally Walrus. The work was created for Spring's expo in Swarzewo 2015. I know that technically polar bears and Huskies are not from the same geographical region as penguins, but it's a minor detail, especially when you look how the ship defies laws of physics :) The water was supposed to be built with trans dark blue chese pieces, but the contrast of snot ice, and studded water was so nice i left it as it is. I will use those bricks for something else :) I hope you will have as much fun watching it as i had building it :) And some animals:
  11. jetboy

    40106 2014 Holiday Set #1

    Should be added to other regions later this month.
  12. jetboy

    Dress my Exo Suit Mini-challenge - Voting thread

    Category A: #2 #12 #8 Category B: #6 #11 #9
  13. jetboy

    Through seas and oceans!

    I'm happy that you like it! Thank you for nice comments.
  14. jetboy

    How do you MOC?

    People try different approaches. They are all good, and they serve different purposes. I preffer just starting building, then discovering some interesting connection, trying to pursue it, then discovering something else interesting, usually ending up building something totally different than i initialy indended :)
  15. jetboy

    Through seas and oceans!

    This ship floats on the waves, here is the video: There was a contest organized by Kris Kelvin on and LUGPol to build realistic ship. I dont like building realistic things, so i didn't care much about it, but then i got this idea. Unfortunately it was late enough to miss the deadline. But i finished it and here it is. This was a hit at Pyrkon 2014 and you will ne able to see it on Lego Fan Weekend this year.