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  1. It's been a busy summer so I haven't made much progress. I have experimented with sails and some sail construction techniques to give a full sail underway look and avoid a droopy flat sail look. I've found the material that I like and built and hung four or five full sails as part of this experiment. As is typical with this ship, all of these have been or will be scrapped and replaced with the final version. But, I think I have finally figured it out now and have an idea for making them work. I'll post some pics soon.
  2. Significant work and effort was put into making the ship so it can be moved. It's movable. I'll show photos of moving at some point.
  3. Help Plan a Roebuck Class Fifth Rate

    Go for it. I calculated the dimensions of Poseidon exactly the same as you are doing in your first post. I used the same methods for the location and height of the masts, the yards, and almost all of the major features. Then, adjust as needed to make it work. Build, tear it apart, build, tear it apart, build, tear it apart, and build again. With some patience, persistence, and a lot of time perusing ideas on this and other websites, you will get there. For me it's been five years. Five years later . . . its worth it!
  4. Almost done! After several experiments, I think I have the process for building sails figured out. 95% of the rigging is complete. Three of the furled sails are in place. A few more weeks to finish the sails and all that will be left are the boats and to get the last two hundred of the crew in place. I'll get some updated photos soon.
  5. Thanks. A build like this is a never ending compromise between aesthetics, cost, time, and authenticity. For the lines, I looked at many photographs of the Victory and tried to guestimate the size of the lines in proportion to a person and the Victory and then attempted to proportion that to the size of my ship and a minifig. It's an educated guessing game. The standing rigging is heavier and thicker. The running rigging is lighter and thinner, as I believe it really would be. I mixed it up with about six different thread sizes and colors. As I get further into the rigging it is astonishing how many lines were involved in a ship like this - literally hundreds of different lines between the standing and running rigging. I estimate that I already have over 500 feet of lines in the ship now, and there is a lot more to go. As for public displays, we might try to display in the Utah Brickslopes in June (I'm in Utah) or maybe the Utah State Fair. I have spent a lot of time building the structure and installing the rigging in a way that the ship can be separated into three pieces and moved. I certainly hope to see some benefit from that work and effort.
  6. About 240, without the bowsprit. That is a six foot table it is sitting on and it extends beyond the length of the table on both sides a couple of inches.
  7. I think I've figured out what I was doing wrong. Can't drag and drop. Just deep link and things work fine.
  8. A few more pics. of current work. Ratlines are finished now. Working on the rest of the standing rigging and starting some running rigging. Sails are next along with the small boats. Links to ideas are welcome.
  9. I tried to upload a couple more pics but apparently I'm over my data limit . . . . bummer. Maybe someone could help me with that?
  10. Ratlines are coming along nicely - slow but sure.
  11. So.... the rat lines have turned into a rats nest. Working on some new ideas for rigging. But...still working!