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    Are mocs worth it?

    Is singing worth it if you don't have the greatest voice in the world? Is birdwatching worth it if you don't know the names of all the species? Is falling in love worth it if you feel like a bit of a mess inside?
  2. caperberry

    LEGO Architecture 2015 News & Discussion

    I'm disappointed with Architecture this year too. Underwhelmed by the two we've seen so far and no disrespect to the USA but I wish TLG would be more evenhanded with their location selections. I hope this is just a glitch year, would be terribly sad not to get another large one.
  3. 928 for £14.29? I'll take ten, thanks.
  4. caperberry

    Brick related pick up lines?

    They call me Sandy Seagull. Cos I'm gonna fly you to Fabuland, baby.
  5. caperberry

    Brick related pick up lines?

    Let's you and I make an illegal connection.
  6. Not sure what you mean by "by hand", but in case you're not aware, BL's Catalog Search page includes a Year field. So you can narrow down to parts released in a certain year. Relies on the accuracy of BL of course.
  7. caperberry

    The end of Shouting Win Kid?

    Yes he's horrid. But thankfully after my dark age began. I distinctly recall scribbling violently over the faces of the two girls in a meadow giggling over their Scala jewellery. I hated them every moment more and more. My favourite gag ever from SilentMode was when he named her "Gewinneth"
  8. caperberry

    Bananaman Movie in 2015

    Ooh no. Love Bananaman but Roger Ramjet is a bitterly satirical work of genius. Jim Thurman is my all-American hero.
  9. caperberry

    Bananaman Movie in 2015

    I hope The Goodies get to do the voices again! Or at least some cameos
  10. caperberry

    Snoopy & Woodstock

    Awww, happy memories. Captured so well. The bows for Snoopy's ears are so perfect.
  11. Fantastic review Rufus! Interesting to see where we agreed and differed...for example I totally missed the fact that interesting greebly cavity houses Astro Kitty! I think the choice of 2X4 rather than 2X3 slopes more likely relates to the desired design than the aftermarket.
  12. caperberry

    The end of Shouting Win Kid?

    I noticed this on Benny's Spaceship too. Orange jacketed fig with a red cup - perhaps the same one Tragic Banjo mentions. I agree it's a great move. Even as a kid I hated seeing other kids in Lego catalogues, they always look so self-satisfied.
  13. caperberry

    Survey: New parts and new colors

    Brickset's data comes from TLG's database, which doesn't cover Every Part Since the Dawn of Time like BrickLink's does. BrickLink will tell you what sets it came in. In this instance - Re dark Green confusion, Brickset uses TLG's colour naming system. BrickLink uses one that was partially invented by FOLs. There are many confusing differences - arguably the most confusing is that what BrickLink calls Green, TLG call Dark Green. What BrickLink calls Dark Green, TLG call Earth Green.
  14. caperberry

    LEGO shouldn't make new parts for a year?

    No. Aside from anything else, I'd have less to write about on my blog ;) TLG don't take the creation of a new mould lightly, there need to be sound reasons why an allocation is granted. And I don't understand what a year's abstinence would achieve? These kinds of threads are always interesting but I find the poll unnecessary.
  15. caperberry

    MOC: The Bremen Town Musicians

    I loved this story as a child. This is really cute especially the donkey!
  16. The poster model is also incorrect to say that Lego was gender-neutral in 1981. Scala jewellery was around that time and wasn't TLG's first attempt to appeal to girls. Perhaps the difference is that Friends is successful and all tlg's previous efforts have been unsuccessful.
  17. caperberry

    The Culture Show BBC2 UK 10PM 10th Feb 2014

    I was disappointed too, a bit simplistic. I expected better of the Culture Show. And some weird omissions, like no mention of Moshie Safdie. Or the existence of the Architecture line. It would have been very relevant to mention Architecture Studio, and also its apparent failure in sales. But interesting people and nice filming in Billund.
  18. caperberry

    Bar 2L?

    I've never bothered to measure them but the Friends lipstick piece is perhaps as close as you'll get. Unfortunately they're not cheap! There's also the T bar which might work in done instances.
  19. caperberry

    New parts in 2014

    TLG updated their online inventory on Jan 1, so there are plenty of exciting new elements to be found on Brickset that are yet to make it to Bricklink. Like Sand Blue cheese!
  20. Coincidentally, a five-digit figure set that needed a dash 2 suffix was an Architecture set. 21000 Sears Tower was rereleased as 21000 Willis Tower when the actual tower got renamed.
  21. caperberry

    Yellowing in MISB sets

    Yes read that other thread, lots of info there. The one on Brickset Forum has good comments too, including some fairly controlled experiments by a Danish LUG. Search for "unyellowing" and you'll find the thread. Mark Stafford said something interesting at AFOLCON 2012 in Manchester. If I remember correctly (which I don't always!) he suggested total darkness is not ideal for preventing yellowing and that translucent plastic containers are best.
  22. There are free instructions for a cute little Holiday TARDIS on Chris McVeigh's site today. (He always publishes free instructions of his stuff at this time of year, worth having a look through them all.)
  23. caperberry

    The Lego Movie and canon

    It would be hilarious if some Galidor figures turned up in the movie. Maybe in a nightmare sequence. Or Emmet gets trapped in Modulex world and freaks out at all the 1:1 ratio.
  24. caperberry

    The LEGO Movie Sets News and Discussion

    Any ideas on the brick on Emmet's back? I can't quite figure it out, to me it looks like a 1x1x2 brick but with a connection centred about halfway down?