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  1. You must have despised Zack the Lego Maniac then... Even watching his commercials makes me feel annoyed at his overbearing smugness...

    Yes he's horrid. But thankfully after my dark age began.

    I distinctly recall scribbling violently over the faces of the two girls in a meadow giggling over their Scala jewellery. I hated them every moment more and more.

    Okay, obviously many people have had enough with that crazy boy, what about her? She is giving a sweet smile, not a hideous shouting :tongue: . (All from

    My favourite gag ever from SilentMode was when he named her "Gewinneth"

  2. Brickset's data comes from TLG's database, which doesn't cover Every Part Since the Dawn of Time like BrickLink's does. BrickLink will tell you what sets it came in. In this instance -

    Re dark Green confusion, Brickset uses TLG's colour naming system. BrickLink uses one that was partially invented by FOLs. There are many confusing differences - arguably the most confusing is that what BrickLink calls Green, TLG call Dark Green. What BrickLink calls Dark Green, TLG call Earth Green.

  3. Yes read that other thread, lots of info there. The one on Brickset Forum has good comments too, including some fairly controlled experiments by a Danish LUG. Search for "unyellowing" and you'll find the thread.

    Mark Stafford said something interesting at AFOLCON 2012 in Manchester. If I remember correctly (which I don't always!) he suggested total darkness is not ideal for preventing yellowing and that translucent plastic containers are best.