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    Review Review: CREATOR 31009 Small Cottage

    Glad to read such a positive review after many dissed this set on its announcement. And as ever, a very funny review. Thanks Rufus
  2. caperberry

    London Trip soon - need advice please

    Hi Gunman, I have bought K boxes from Stratford. Pretty sure you can buy them from any Brand Store; they don't advertise it but just ask the Manager or duty Supervisor. They cost £45. However there was a recent article published by an AFOL that claims that generally, the best value PAB is not K boxes or large PAB cups but actually the small PAB cups. Contrary to what others have said here - the London PAB walls have actually been fantastic the last few weeks. Perhaps the best I've ever seen in 3 years. Hopefully they still will be when you arrive. Westfield (i.e. Shepherd's Bush) seem to have been a little bit better than Stratford when I last went a couple of weeks ago, but pieces change regularly at the moment. Westfield and Westfield Stratford are the easiest to get to; 30min maximum on the Tube from central London. Stratford is always much more chaotic with kids - the other Westfield is much posher and quieter. But I prefer the atmosphere at Stratford, plus you can go see the Olympic stadium. Bluewater have a slightly larger PAB wall, but it takes a bit under an hour to get there from central London - it is a train and then a shuttle bus. If you decide to brave the English seaside in Brighton, one hour by train, they have a Store too. I hope you have a great stay here! [edit] - I've not been to Windsor, but be aware the Stores there are run by Merlin and not TLG. Prices, especially PAB, are apparently not as good. But you are more likely to find EOL sets at Windsor, I am told.
  3. caperberry

    MOC: London St Paul's Cathedral

    Stunner. You've captured teh proportions very faithfully! The choice of tan & white is really interesting. I really like the dome - good choice of technique. What's next?
  4. caperberry

    New CMF parts in LEGO's parts database?

    I'm guessing the Toy Soldier will hold this (magician wand) and a drum.
  5. caperberry

    LEGO 10226 Sopwith Camel

    My wing ones were not balanced. I realised I hadn't stuck the wishbones to the top wing in the correct place.
  6. caperberry

    REVIEW: 850423 Minifigure Presentation Boxes

    Great review, especially given there's not much to work with! Love the shot of blue spaceman booted out and landed flat on his silly eyebrowed face.
  7. caperberry

    Ninjago 2012 is selling the Ninjago summer sets (and other summer sets)! Price is probably above RRP, but if you are desperate...
  8. caperberry


    Interesting, I have never seen a microscale waterfall before!
  9. caperberry

    Doctor Who: Charles Dickens speech

    Nice! I hope you will add the audience too... and how about some 'blue elementals' maybe using 6162b? For the record, that's from The Unquiet Dead written by Mark Gatiss, it is episode 3 from series 1, 2005 and was the first time we saw Rose travel backwards in time. Although it was an early one, it remains one of my all-time favourites!
  10. caperberry

    2011 Alien Conquest

    The concept image with skyscrapers is from the first wave. But it was indicated to me that some of the models shown in it were intended for the second wave. Sorry for any confusion... and indeed, I can't really confirm that it was definitely true! Just relaying what he told me.
  11. caperberry

    UK Sales

    Yeah some are ok. I've not seen Tripod Invader significantly discounted anywhere as yet so very happy to finally buy some multiples. And the Hulk really made the deal :0)
  12. caperberry

    UK Sales has discounts starting today on Alien Conquest, Carribean and Potter sets. Also S6 CMF are £1.69
  13. caperberry

    The Golden Hinde

    Awesome. I often pass the 'real thing' (which is also a replica I believe) and this is an amazing job.
  14. caperberry

    Doctor who

    The box art is great. It does look really fun to play with. Love the Peter Davison fig too, esp his long coat!!
  15. caperberry

    Väsby Centrum!

    For a moment I thought the lettering was made out of sausages! Great job. I hope it gets you another commission!
  16. caperberry

    LEGO Store Grab Bags

    Yes, but not always. Depends if the staff have things to put in them, plus if they have time :O) In the ones I've seen, they tend to be on a bottom shelf, near the back of the stores.
  17. caperberry

    Modular Madness: The Antique Shoppe

    Wonderful! Love the projecting floors, very authentic medieval construction. It has all the ramshackle character of a very old building too. I have also experienced the joy of an idea you couldn't execute in minifig scale working out in micro! Good luck!
  18. It arrived today! And it is Skater Girl, who I did not already have!! Thank you WhiteFang and Eurobricks. A very unexpected surprise.
  19. The smallworks iPhone case is a LOT of fun

  20. caperberry

    Can anyone sell MOCs?

    Interesting stuff Alex, thanks for posting it. I've just had to cost up one of my models and it was an interesting process. It looks like the cost of parts + BrickLink S&H = about the same as LEGO would charge for the model if they were releasing it themselves. i.e. all the other costs Alex mentioned above would push it way (way) over the price LEGO would charge. And seeing as most consumers consider official LEGO sets to be expensive, I imagine 'MOC sets' could only be sold to those who really appreciate the MOC and understand the work involved... i.e. probably other LEGO fans. Unless of course you design MOCs to a 'price point', as LEGO designers do, which in our case would mean coming up with MOCs using common, cheap parts. Not easy or nice!
  21. caperberry

    PAB Cups: What Did You Get?

    Hmmm, looks like there is still no new stuff there from last time I made it out. They keep claiming new stuff is "coming in next week" and it never does!
  22. caperberry

    MOC: Elephant

    Esp love the trunk! Funny
  23. caperberry

    New brick - 2x2 tile inverted

    We have designer Mark Stafford to thank for this. I met him at AFOLCON last week and had the chance to play with Samurai Mech, and it's an awesome set all round. I asked him about new parts pushing up the model price but he didn't seem to think it was a huge problem; maybe new moulds are not as expensive as I always assumed. The more interesting point he made was that LEGO have a policy of only having a fixed number of parts in production; so if they start making a new one then an old one stops getting made. I think they have this policy because one of their many issues in the early 2000s was that they were making too many elements ('elements' = all pieces but also all the colours they come in. From memory I think it was 12,000 back then and now it is 7,000. I could be wrong about the figures, but it was definitely a little more than half of what they were making a decade ago.) Mark seems to do many good things for us builders! - in the feet of Samurai Mech there are Dark Red train windows. He decided on the colour of this part by going to a fan site and checking what the most 'wanted' non-existing colour of that piece was! He also prints off lists of the most expensive of the more common parts on BrickLink and gives it to the other designers to include in their models, to get the price down for us builders, yay!
  24. Wow another amazing DW DK job from the LEGO Family! The creeping shadows are... well, creepy. Great stuff! I would recommend you end this episode a couple of frames earlier - when the Doctor sees his awful shadow. That feels like a classic Who cliffhanger to me.