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  1. caperberry

    Bricks and Pieces Prices?

    Yeah they've come back again. Probably just some dreary maintenance
  2. caperberry

    Bricks and Pieces Prices?

    Even stranger - Pick a Brick has totally disappeared, US and UK anyway...?
  3. caperberry

    Bricks and Pieces Prices?

    This happened a month or so back - prices disappeared and reappeared a few days later. Hopefully it's just the same this time.
  4. Great idea to get the most out of your Studio! Keep it up
  5. caperberry

    Illegal connections

    There's no 'close' when it comes to a connection being illegal or legal - a connection either places stress on the elements, or it doesn't. Your example doesn't, so isn't illegal. But it is a good example of a weak connection, which is something else TLG would not include in a set.
  6. caperberry

    Architecture Collection

    Ah I see. Now I can't find co-ordinates. Chrome and IE just give a context menu with zoom, center here etc.?
  7. The Skirball Center are having a LEGO Day on Sunday, with build tables all day and I believe LUGoLA are attending. I'm attending too all the way from London! I'm bringing a model I built for DK's LEGO Play Book, which we just displayed at STEAM in the UK on the weekend. If you can come please say hi and let me know you're a EBer! Any recommendations of any LEGOness I should see? Not sure where I'm staying or how much spare time I'll get but I thought I'd go to the Glendale Store. Aside from Architecture Studio are there any other US exclusive sets? Do they sell MBA in Stores?
  8. caperberry

    Architecture Collection

    I think it's a lovely idea and cleanly presented. Well done. I can't see how to add a building that isn't already on the map? I'm browsing on mobile, iOs
  9. caperberry

    News LEGO Architecture 2013 Discusion

    Shame they didn't use a boat hull for the projecting top! I guess the model is too small. This was the model that won the second poll they ran on the LEGO Architecture official site, so it's nice to see it's actually being produced. If memory serves me correctly, the first poll was won by Habitat 67, a much earlier work by the same architect, Moshe Safdie. But my memory is terrible. Does anyone remember? It'd be cool to have two Safdie models, although it's been a very long time since that first poll...
  10. caperberry

    Scale 1:1 Facehugger

    Super! Even the underside of plates have a look that fits.
  11. caperberry

    Trans Clear LEGO Thru the years...

    It would be so incredibly useful too... but I imagine I might never dare use it, if I owned one!
  12. caperberry

    NEWS 10241 Maersk Line Triple-E

    Have just read that Maersk changed their corporate blue a few years ago; the shade is now close to Medium Azur. Hence this colour change.
  13. Brilliant rendition, I love the scale. The spire is very nice, spires are so difficult!
  14. I heard it sold out, and was never sold in NA, and no more will be made. A victim of the end of the Games line?
  15. caperberry

    News LEGO Architecture 2013 Discusion

    TLG confirmed via Ambassador Forum a few days ago that Architecture Studio will be US only, and they'll only consider other markets if it does well in the States.
  16. caperberry

    Airfix quick build

    There's a good review of it here, from a Lego fan's perspective.
  17. caperberry

    Retired/Replaced Parts

    It will just start slowly appearing in any sets with jumpers from now on. So far only LBG have been seen but there should be white ones too. Might take years before the old style disappears. Mine came in Minecraft The Village, but there is no guarantee all copies have them.
  18. caperberry

    Retired/Replaced Parts

    Exciting new mould variation - another for the jumper plate, but this time it's an improvement! A normal stud can now be centred underneath.
  19. caperberry

    Fact: LEGO is bad for your health

    I'm even more amused knowing the story behind it! Who did the great photoshop job AmperZand?
  20. caperberry

    Trans Clear LEGO Thru the years...

    Great post Gary, trans-clear is my drug of choice. Please tell me more about that 4x10....?!
  21. caperberry

    News LEGO CREATOR 2014 News & Discussion

    Lol. I should read my own blog more often!
  22. caperberry

    Learning Lego Building Techniques

    I noticed today that Brick Blogger is running a series of articles on MOCing. I cover techniques on my blog too but specifically relating to individual parts, usually brand new ones. The Lego Math and Patterns group on Flickr is inspiring, I find.
  23. caperberry

    News LEGO CREATOR 2014 News & Discussion

    The parrot has part 11477 1x2 bow in orange and the monkey has it in black. I've also spotted it in LBG on the leaked SW pics - great to see this fantastic new part looks to be getting new colours so fast. So far it's only been olive and DBG.
  24. caperberry

    TLG Individual Parts Sales - Unknown to USA/Canada

    The modern upscaled version is LUGBULK which painfully takes 4 to 6 months! But with greater rewards :0)
  25. caperberry

    Bricklink V.2.0 is on a roll ...

    Selling kits of your mocs is a great idea that fits well. Will be great if folks do that. Why I'm tempted to try! Where do I sign :0)