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    Review: 10230 Mini Modulars

    I didn't mind at all that this set didn't have thrilling new pieces. They don't all have to, even the pricey ones. This one has 245 1x1 plates! That's thrilling to me, in a world where most sets these days seem to use 1x1 round plates instead The best moment building this was when I caught myself staring at the instructions thinking "um, what's next? what's changed in this picture??" Suddenly I felt like a young boy again, befuddled by '70s instructions that don't hand-hold you every tiny step of the way. I made several mistakes too, what a joy! Cursing myself for not paying any attention to the parts list in each step, working backwards to see where I went wrong, pulling apart the model and rebuilding... that's what I call a positive building experience! But there was a thrilling new piece (for me) in this set, although perhaps it's not its first appearance - the new brick separator. What an improvement on the last one! I love being able to take a jumper sandwiched by bricks off a plate. The axle and tile remover make this a significantly more useful tool.
  2. caperberry

    Have you ever bought LEGO in "secret"?

    I live alone so the only secrets I need to keep are from myself This is actually quite hard because I can see right through myself. I recently banned myself from Bricklinking until I finished my current MOC. Suddenly, I seem to have bought a number of large sets and from PAB walls instead. Oops
  3. That's hilarious, I never knew that existed. WANT.
  4. caperberry

    PAB Cups: What Did You Get?

    I've updated BrickBuildr in the last 9 days with both of the London Westfield LEGO stores' PAB wall lineups. Shepherd's Bush Stratford The stores have placed new orders recently and a nice guy at the Stratford store is hoping to get some better pieces, including trans clear bricks and plates. The order will come in a few weeks so I'll update. The new pieces I added to the Stratford wall (well, probably not 'new', BrickBuildr had not been updated for 2 months) are: Brick 1x1 – Orange Brick 1x2x2 – Red Brick 1x3 – Lime Brick 1x3 – Yellow Brick 1x4 - Light Bluish Gray Door 1x4x6 Barred with Stud Handle – Light Bluish Gray Plate 1x2 – Tan Slope 45⁰ 2x4 - Black Slope 65⁰ 2x2x2 - Red Slope 65⁰ 2x2x2 – White Hope there's something there you need!
  5. caperberry

    What did you buy today?

    10197 Fire Brigade. Was going to get Town Hall but figured Fire Brigade might be disappearing soon. 3866 Battle of Hoth. Can't believe the number of microfigs! 8028 TIE Fighter freebie polybag. Nice staff gave it to me even though you're supposed to spend over £45 on Star Wars. Already halfway through the Fire Brigade! Loving it.
  6. caperberry

    Do you dream of LEGO?

    Crunchy Munchy Plastic Liftarms. For 100% of your daily ABS needs. That's wonderful! I hope you have more... although most people here seem to find dreaming of LEGO makes them grumpy. I find the more I write my dreams down, the more I dream.
  7. caperberry

    What set/sets brought you out of your dark ages?

    Fallingwater. The way the house section all slotted together blew my mind. I was especially happy that it was so 'old skool'... there weren't many pieces in it that weren't available when my Dark Age began (ignoring colour of course)
  8. I think it's wonderful that CUUSOO is welcoming and even promoting new piece designs on the site. Unfortunately the system wasn't designed for pieces - for example when supporting a project the minimum amount you can suggest to spend is US$1, so I end up adding a note about how many of the pieces I expect for $1! But I reckon they will address things like this in alpha. I also think the 10k target is unfair for pieces. Sure they are a new mould, but is that as significant an investment as a new set (especially seeing as most popular ones seem to involve licensing)? CUUSOO also need to address royalties on new pieces. Currently it just says it will be at LEGO's discretion to decide the amount. I'm sure they'd be fair, but it's not much of an incentive. I will now restrain myself from spamming this thread with my CUUSOO new part design
  9. caperberry

    CUUSOO Index?

    I can see value in an index if, like the current CUUSOO FB posts, they are dealt with by category since the site doesn't offer this functionality. In particular, I think it would be great if the online community got behind the new piece designs on CUUSOO. We've all had that moment of thinking 'I wish LEGO made a ......... piece" and I'll be interested to see how it all unravels on CUUSOO. Here comes the rant: [edit: rant cut and pasted into the CUUSOO topic under Ambassadors]
  10. I got one of these in Republic Frigate. Buggered if I know what it does.
  11. caperberry

    Lego Best Links, for news

    Where's a good place for news on new pieces? There's plenty of reportage on new sets, but often I miss out on amazing new pieces because the set doesn't grab my attention. (like the brackets and SNOT plates in Tipper Truck) I check Bricklink's Part lists by year occasionally but would love it if there's a blog or forum discussing new pieces.
  12. In the '70s when playing LEGO with my sister, we'd naturally have names for the parts as we asked each other for help finding things. But nowadays, with those same discussions happening at a global level, we all know the official LEGO names, the 'official' unofficial ones, as well as many great nicknames we all love to use. I want to know what cute names you had for parts as a kid! I remember calling tiles "soft things" for a while. We always called round 1x1 bricks "milk bottles" - as for years we only had them in trans and white! - and I still call them that today regardless of colour.
  13. caperberry

    What childhood names did you have for parts?

    I did!!! Thankfully she's kinda a geek too - not a LEGO geek, but she gets it. I think she felt honoured somehow! It's a much better name than jumpers! If maybe a tad long ;O) Fat fourers! Yes we did too! I had totally forgotten that.
  14. caperberry

    LEGO Easter Eggs

    In 9455 Fangpyre Mech, the designer Mark Stafford put his alibi - Nabii - onto a sticker.
  15. caperberry

    What childhood names did you have for parts?

    We had that issue too! We called bricks 'one-ers', 'two-ers', 'four-ers' and never thought to call a 2x4 differently from a 1x4... we just complained when the sibling passed the wrong piece! There was that very exciting day in about 1979 I think when we got our first ... a three-er! Coincidentally I now have a friend whose name is Threeya and I always think of that LEGO piece when I see her.
  16. I just added a new topic on the CUUSOO Community Support page, and one of the words I put in my subject was "CUUSOO". Then a little bit of copy appeared saying "EASE UP ON THE ALL CAPS IN YOUR TITLE. It looks like you're shouting." That'll learn me for for being brand-aware ;O) hee hee
  17. caperberry

    AFOLCON & The LEGOShow

    I'm coming up, and really looking forward to it! I'm not long out of my Dark Age so I hope this is a really fun and worthwhile experience. If you are displaying MOCs, do you need to stay with them or is it safe to wander round and enjoy everything? Are the opening hours to the public known yet? i.e. opening and closing times over the weekend End of questions for now.
  18. caperberry

    REVIEW: 21012 Sydney Opera House

    Great review, thanks, and actually the build look more fun than I expected. I love the Architecture series but so far have only bought one! (Fallingwater... such a fantastic build experience, I fear the others couldn't equal) Although I'm Australian and respect what Adam Reed Tucker has achieved, this is not on my wish list for much the same sentiments expressed here already. Those 1x2 trans black plates sure are sweet though. Glad they seem to be evening up the International balance a bit with this year's releases, and that the more expensive sets aren't necessarily buildings known to most people. Villa Savoye will likely be my second Architecture purchase :)
  19. caperberry

    What childhood names did you have for parts?

    Awww please do! It's a great name. The less sense the better :O)
  20. caperberry

    Welcome to LEGO Architecture Month!

    Me too :o) Looking forward to this month.
  21. caperberry

    PAB Cups: What Did You Get?

    Great stuff guys! I gave it a try today at Westfield Shepherd's Bush in London. Got all this into 1 large cup. As you can see, the single £11 cup would only have fitted the yellow bricks if I hadn’t stacked! Instead I reaped in total: 314 tan 1x2 plates 104 white 1x2x1 panels 91 yellow 1x2 bricks 66 yellow 2x2 bricks 60 yellow 1x3 bricks 50 light blay levers 35 yellow 2x4 bricks 20 white 1x2/2x2 brackets Which all totals up to £27.27 had I bought at BrickLink current average quantity prices. Or to put it another way, the time I spent stacking gained me over 500 ‘free’ pieces. An hour well spent. Stacking all those tan 1x2 plates was less boring than you’d expect, it was kinda meditative! I just watched people shopping and chatted with the staff.
  22. caperberry

    PAB Cups: What Did You Get?

    Thank you freakwave. You have just alerted me to the very best page on the interweb ever.