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  1. Ishv-viss-j

    My hangup with the prequels sets

    Come now, trolling reflects poorly upon us passionate fans(And I speak from experience, comrades!).
  2. Ishv-viss-j


    Ah, what memories. To expand on what you said in the first part of your post, I see two kinds of praise – useful and pointless. I’ve always felt that praise is welcomed on LEGO forums so long as there’s some specificity and sincerity on the part of the person giving it. While every MOC has its good and bad points, no MOCer is perfect, and vague, generic praise like “Awesome!” and “Love it!” don’t help that MOCer at all. What’s more, you can write “Awesome!” or “Love it!” in maybe two seconds without even having to look at that creation, which comes across to me as being disrespectful of that MOCer’s efforts. On the other hand, comments such as “I like the way you ____” or “Really good job on the ____” actually tell the MOCer what he or she did ‘right’ and become useful feedback. I once saw a kid at the library who was frantically typing “cool” as a comment on every single post made on her wall. ‘What an incredibly stupid thing to do’, I thought. ‘She should at least read the posts and make a relevant comment.’ Lastly, I feel that one of the benefits of sharing a creation on a LEGO forum is being able to receive feedback from people who understand the building process and the kinds of efforts needed to achieve such a build. I’m sure that if Piratedave84 had chosen to post this creation on Flickr rather than Eurobricks he would have received “Awesome!”-type comments there as well. Those aren’t unique to LEGO sites. Posts like the one Fuppylodders made above, on the other hand, are part of what makes Eurobricks special for sharing creations. There was a good discussion on this a while back, which can be found here.
  3. Ishv-viss-j

    My hangup with the prequels sets

    Oh, yes.
  4. Ishv-viss-j


    Well, I have no choice but to respect that decision then. It seemed awkward at first, but from that angle I can see what you were aiming for.
  5. Ishv-viss-j


    No, I was referring to the fact that the walker's 'carapace' looks too small for its legs and head. In the screencap I embedded you can see that the rear of the troop section extends well beyond the hips. It should be wider as well. Like this: Full gallery here.
  6. Ishv-viss-j


    I can see a lot of your signature SNOTing in this creation, which isn't bad except for the fact that it could be a bit less studded in certain areas. Both Gareth's and OceanBlue's UCS Y-wings used prefab rounded corner pieces for the engine nacelles. More on this later. Proportions are the other major issue to be addressed. There's a good ortho shot of Gold Five (actually Gold Two) here.
  7. Ishv-viss-j

    MOC Swampcrawler

    Overall, this isn't a bad start. The shaping could be more precise, though - most of the sandcrawlers I've seen are more SNOT-based. I would suggest taking some tips from Matt de Lanoy's MINI.
  8. Ishv-viss-j


    Can't say I'm a fan of the shrunken troop section, but the legs don't look bad at all. More on this later. Which height did you use? 15m, 22.6m, or 25m? 3x3 wedges at the front of the snowspeeder in the manner of Dibal's might look better as well.
  9. Ishv-viss-j

    The non-LEGO Review Index

    We have an index for bootlegs and clone brands here.
  10. Ishv-viss-j

    Hanging Sets from the Ceiling?

    There were some threads concerning this on the old FBTB boards that you might be interested in: Hanging Legos Hanging Lego Sets
  11. Ishv-viss-j

    Star Wars Theme Fan Tag

    Star Wars Theme Fan Tag Artizan Walt Brickmamba 382nd Legionnaire Lego Otaku Ki-Adi-Mundi
  12. Ishv-viss-j

    Reference Material for MOCs

    From my experience I’m inclined to say that for MOCing Wookieepedia is among the least accurate and reliable sources. Not that I hold that against them; after all, they are primarily concerned with being a canon wiki as opposed to a modeling wiki, and in canonicity the ‘reality’ perceived on screen must of course take a backseat to the ‘reality’ existing within the storyline (need for realism and all that). MOCing isn’t oriented that way. I would say I generally echo Aeroeza’s view here: The sources cavegod mentioned are really fantastic and especially useful for more serious scale modelers.
  13. Ishv-viss-j

    Jedi Starfighter

    Original post here.
  14. Ishv-viss-j

    MOC: Clone's Landing

    I can't say I recall Galactic Marines ever being used earlier than Star Wars: Republic #74. Associating this with Episode II would be a bit of a stretch.