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  1. Hello Someone know how to import to excel a set inventory with parts weight? I know its shown in Brickstock, but I'd like to manage the weight in excel. Thanks, Eli
  2. Hi David. I forgot that is possible to donwload direct from the brickling ther oder xml. Thank you for remind me. Will help me a lot. And thank you for look the Brickstock source code.
  3. Hi Oldnut and David I was travelling and just now I had time to see this topic. Oldnut: Yes, I've been used ldd export BOM for projects and small lists. David: Your Excel spreadsheet is great and will help a lot. I'd like to know if is possible to add a column for the weight? It's shown in Brickstore/Brickstock but when de xml is generated, this column is not added. Unfortnatelly, I don't know to create spreadsheep and macros. Thanks all!
  4. Hello I'd like to know if I can export brickstock list with pictures of parts/sets to excel? I know there is possible to export xml file, but without the pictures. Thanks in advance Eli
  5. All entries are great and this year was difficult to choose, so my votes are: 4. Majorna - 1 5. dr_spock - 1 21. Darkblane - 1 24. SpacySmoke - 1 27. Galaktek - 1
  6. I don´t know if this is the right place but I´m from Brazil and I want ask to my brother receive a lego for me in Spain to bring, so I´d like to know how long it takes to arrive to Spain, lego bought from Lego@home. Thanks
  7. Eli

    Norwegian winter mountain village

    Amazing MOC! Congratulations! I hope next year make something like that and your creation will be a g reat inspiration for my Winter Village.
  8. 1. George G. - 1 point 2. lisqr - 1 point 7. Kit Fisto - 1 point 10. CarsonBrick - 1 point 12. moctown - 1 point
  9. 5. Caparica - 1 point 10. LegoJalex - 1 point 15. Oky - 1 point 16. Sid Sidious - 1 point 24. Bernd - 1 point
  10. Eli

    Winter Village 10229 Winter Village Cottage

    I didn't like the blue for the house either. And for this price, I wouldn't expect spend more money to change this color. LEGO could have used more of these new dark tan brick to do the whole house.
  11. Eli

    Digital Automotive Creations

    Amazing Cars!! Thanks for LXF files!
  12. Hello! My name is Elidiane, but everybody calls me Eli (is easier and shorter). I'm 28 years old and I'm from Brazil. For a long time I have been visiting the forum to learn more and to see the amazing MOCs (And I had the opportunity to see some of them in person at LFW 2011), but not registered, so I decided to do it today, to participate more. My favorite subjects are system, city creator, modular (which is 99% of my collection and my MOCs). I also like to follow the forums about castle and trains (although no ability to do MOCs of these themes). I look forward to enjoying more the forum and now also contributing in some way. See ya!