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  1. purpleparadox

    Worst set ever: Space edition

    I'm gonna have to agree with Faefrost...7315 Solar Explorer.
  2. purpleparadox

    Modular Toy Store

    The exterior is just brilliant! If I ever went into a building like that, I'd never want to leave. Can't wait for the interior!
  3. I replied on the old post, but might as well here too. I love the loose-brick mosaic. It's not an MOC - it's art. And the light-up spider is fantastic too...I'm a big fan of anything and everything with lights, power functions, or moving parts.
  4. purpleparadox

    Modular Toy Store

    Awesome update! I love the "TOYS" sign and the big pink bear (Lotso).
  5. purpleparadox

    Legoland Water Park Foam Bricks

    Holy cow! I'd love to buy those for a young relative of mine, but I guess I can't... A) I'm not a teacher, and B) HUUUGE price tag!
  6. Awesome MOC! Waaay better than my first entry into a contest. I especially like the tiled floor and the garbage overflowing the can.
  7. I also seem to recall seeing a MOC that used some kind of tire as a large cauldron..but it'd be tough to find, I viewed it months ago. It worked great for minifig scale though!
  8. After actually seeing the pictures - 79001 Escape from Mirkwood Spiders is definitely my favourite.
  9. I took a minute out of my day to test this brilliant technique - it worked fine, no problems whatsoever. And now I've got a few different ideas for MOCs that would work quite better using this...
  10. purpleparadox

    [MOC] Legonardo da Vinci

    Woah. Where can I even start to begin describing how amazing this MOC is? First of all, the overall design : top-notch. I love the window and the bookshelf. The wings hanging from the ceiling are fantastic. And it's all the little details that just make it! The spilled paint, the telescope, the easel...Beautiful, beautiful, work.
  11. purpleparadox

    NYCC 2012: The LEGO Booth

    Thanks DarkDragon! I certainly won't be getting to NYCC any time soon so I really appreciated this. Maybe some day, some year, though. I love the mosaics and sculptures.
  12. purpleparadox

    Which Hobbit Dwarf is Your Favorite?

    Thorin and Kili. I know Kili gets a lot of criticism, but I love his minifigure!
  13. purpleparadox

    Contest: EB is Down

    13. Legonardo Davidy - 1 Point 14. dr_spock_888 - 1 Point 18. CorneliusMurdock - 1 Point
  14. purpleparadox

    Futuron Space-Time Continuum module

    Very cool. It looks like something straight out of a Science Fiction movie...anyone up for making a Futuron brickfilm?
  15. purpleparadox

    Modular Toy Store

    Looking great so far! I love the overall feel of the place - and I've barely seen anything yet! My favourite part is the stairs.
  16. purpleparadox

    Helm's Deep expansion [MOC]

    Fantastic MOC! I love it. The size and detail is great...how much time and money did it cost? I want one.
  17. purpleparadox

    Pictoral Review: NYCC TMNT Black Turtle Minifig

    The turtle is neat (maybe that torso would make for a cool ninja-style warrior in some MOC) but my favourite part is the skateboard! Even if it's just a sticker, it does look fantastic. Me likey.
  18. purpleparadox

    Comic-Con minifigures

    Actually, I think that's a GREAT idea for a Comic-Con figure! It's a kinda out-there variant (I mean, it's black, not green) so it won't hurt anyone's character collections if they don't get it. Thank you LEGO!
  19. purpleparadox

    Open again!

    Nice job, guys! I missed Eurobricks during those 5 days.
  20. purpleparadox

    Show your LOTR pictures and armies

    Nice one, swils! Makin' me jealous. My WIP army of Elves is so expensive!
  21. purpleparadox

    Happy Birthday Erynlasgalen!

    Happy Birthday Erynlasgalen!
  22. purpleparadox

    Happy Birthday Erdbeereis

    Happy Birthday, Erdy! Have a great one.
  23. I did search - no luck. I was using LDD 4.3.5 Extended Mode. I searched the part #/ID with no luck.
  24. purpleparadox

    What are you reading?

    I just started The Green Mile by Stephen King...he's got a writing style that makes you want to never put down his books!
  25. purpleparadox

    Which set should I buy?

    I'm gonna say the Maersk Train and Diagon Alley. The train is, well, Maersk Blue () and Diagon Alley has some beautiful buildings as well as awesome figs.