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  1. rumpletump

    42083 - Bugatti Chiron

    How could a Technic super car possibly be any good with gaps in the bodywork??????
  2. rumpletump

    Technic 2017 Set Discussion

    I have been away from here for a bit so forgive my ignorance but last time I was here the talk was that the super car was to be the first of a series of supercars.... Not a one off.. Can somebody please bring me up to speed :) Henry
  3. rumpletump

    Technic 2017 Set Discussion

    All this is good and well.... But where is the super car?
  4. rumpletump

    [C-MODEL] Snow Groomer

    Oh man.. Nice work..
  5. rumpletump

    42056 - Porsche Speculation

    Sorry but i did not see this particular question from roppie11 in the other discussion and had I posted my answer to it in the other topic i'm sure it would have made exactly no sense without the original question to connect the dots. I don't attend this eurobricks forum anywhere near the frequency I once did and it is for this prime example of what is has become and it is a real shame.. An answer to any question relating to the specific model 42056 is far more "on topic" than a helpful busy body taking the time to point out that a comment is "off topic" wouldn't we all agree? But hey "on with the show" I look forward to the next 102 pages without a single deviation from the allowed content whatever that might be.. I'm sure it won't get boring at all.
  6. rumpletump

    42056 - Porsche Speculation

    Sometimes it is depends on local sales and exchange rate at the time.. No it is far worse than that. A couple years ago we were the same as US dollar but the Lego sets over here were still a good bit more at the time. must be shipping an GST tax and stuff added to the cost as well. The only hope for a better buy on this one for us Aussies is for it to be sold somewhere other than the Lego official on-line store and wait for a discount.. I doubt a discount from overseas seller and then currency exchange and postage costs will make much difference on this one at the moment..
  7. rumpletump

    [C-MODEL] C-Model Index Discussion

    I have done a few C models over the years. They would have all been posted here on eurobricks at the time but for a quick reference they can be found on my moc pages link
  8. rumpletump

    Snow Groomer

    Hi, The bevel gear behind the cabin is for turning the crane. The other bevel gear inside the rear tray is for the front and rear PTO i.e. the linear actuators. you can switch between front and back via the gearbox. the switch for the gearbox is here. not so easy to see a bit out of focus..
  9. rumpletump

    Snow Groomer

    This many...
  10. rumpletump

    Snow Groomer

    Well I have not built a model for a while. This is the fist one all year. I have had plans to do a c model to the 42038 snow vehicle since it came out but since there have been at least a couple of other c models made to this set, One very good one by Buster Haus, I put my plans on hold a while. The model has the following features. Doors open close. Front blade raise and lower via twin in cab lever. spring loaded to hold in up or down position. Front blade adjustable to 5 positions left to right...with locking pin. Front blade tilt via linear actuator running off PTO. Central gearbox behind cab to switch between front and rear PTO. Rear groomer raise and lower via twin lever next to rear tray . spring loaded to hold in up or down position. Rear groomer tilt via linear actuator running off PTO. can adjust between rake only, rake and scrape, and scrape only. Small crane behind cab can turn lift and winch. Enjoy :) See all the pics at my bricksafe Cheers Henry
  11. rumpletump

    [MOC] Baja Trophy Truck with SBrick

    As usual, Your work blows me away.. :thumbup:
  12. 18: 10 14 :6 20: 4 2: 3 10: 2 4: 1
  13. rumpletump

    [TC7] Enforcers - Swift Justice

    Very Cool Man... A transformer where both models look good is no easy task... This is a great entry :thumbup:
  14. You should ask user Paul B about how to sell all your stuff I think he has done it about 4 times.. No that he is online here at the moment but he might respond to a pm or something.