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  1. Brickfête 2012 - Toronto Ontario Canada

    Only two weeks left to WIN! WIN!!! WINNN... a 50 dollar LEGO gift card... PLUS THE BRAGGING RIGHTS for an entire YEAR!!! By entering Brickfête's "Event Kit" contest. (You do not have to be attending the event to win, everyone is eligible to play!!!) http://www.brickfete.com/AFOL/event/Contest. Build a MOC with 100 common pieces, or less, and submit it (photo or cad) before time runs out on Jan 31st. Posted on behalf of the Brickfete Team, by Janey Red Brick
  2. Brickfête

    Hello there Legodac, Glad to hear you will be attending the event on Saturday, always look forward to meeting more builders. Sadly MOC Display is only for the 4 day registrants. Perhaps you can join us next year as an exhibitor. Cheers, Janey Red Brick As for telling who is whom... 4 day registrants to the event will be wearing name tags... which should really help sorting who is who. As for the TFOLs, please introduce yourself, we look forward to you joining us when you become of age, or when you can convince a guardian to have a LEGO filled weekend.
  3. Brickfête

    Even many of the largest of events have the rule "first registered, first served". The Assembly Hall is a beautiful building and we have the entire use of it. We are prepared for a number of people having large displays, we are also keeping a close eye on our vendor vrs display ratio, and our activities and event needs, as well as leaving room public visitors. Its a fine balancing act for any fest, and this being our first, we are treading slowly and carefully. We look forward to meeting new friends, and seeing the things they have created.
  4. Brickfête

    Hey there, just to add to what Jeff said, (our actual schedule of events with all the activities explained will be out in a few weeks) but for now, I can give you a few ideas of things you can expect... Thursday night is definitely designed for loading in and setting up, and friday morning will be similar, but at a more leisurely pace. Its also a time to see what everyone else is bringing out for display. Catching up with old friends, and meeting new ones and checking out the vendors before the public comes in the next day and buys them out. Hopefully everyone has arrived and set up by late friday afternoon. Our opening ceremonies will be friday evening. During the weekend there will be 2 Mindstorms Challenges, different impromptu activities and games with prizes to be won. There also will be collaborative builds and head to head competitions and if we are lucky a special guest speaker or two. Each hour of the schedule will be filled with something to either watch, participate in or do. The more you participate, the more fun you will have and the more AFOL friends you will get to know. If you have any more questions about the event, please drop on over to our forums and we can give you all the details.
  5. Modular Building 10185 Green Grocer

    Thanks for the welcome, and yes I know for sure. A closer look at the new pics in this thread, or a search at BrickShelf will show you better and clearer pics that will remove any doubt you might have. I must say... I think part of the intrigue of these sets for me is how pieces are used in unusual ways.
  6. Modular Building 10185 Green Grocer

    It is skeleton legs... but the "bar" is this Minifig mallet (http://www.bricklink.com/catalogItem.asp?P=4522) which gives you the "star-like" details you mention.