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  1. Blackar

    MOC-Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag ''Jackdaw''

    Ahhh! I also planned to build it cause its a great ship but I have no time in the moment. I am very interested in your project. Good luck!
  2. Blackar

    Napoleon's Grande Armée updated

    Ahhh you use the Lone Ranger army torsos as prussian officers. Or am I wrong? I use them in the same way The old police hat mold in black is suitable as headgear for Landwehr troops in combination with the brown bag... you should try this too.
  3. Blackar

    14 gun merchant ship "Eigensinn"

    Brandenburg/Preußen had colonies but only for a short period and they weren´t really successful (like the german colonies in the late 19th century ). To the ship: I really like its design. It fits perfect to the late 18th Century and the details are impressive.
  4. Wow! This is really impressive. I could watch these pictures for hours because there are so many things to discover. I especially like your bluecoat fortress, it fts well in the scenery. You should show it in an own MOC-topic!
  5. Blackar


    Nice idea with the big letters and the drunken seaman but the island needs an overwork becauce its a bit blocky. You could add some plants or more empty bottles.
  6. Blackar

    Escape from Sabre Island - A Brickfilm

    Congratulations to this nice film! The quality is awesome and the terrain is detailed. I especially like the classical pirates look!
  7. Blackar

    Brethren of the Brick Seas?

    Good point, but you could build some blucecoat privateers with their own ships and maybe hideouts. So your main faction is bluecoats and if you feel more "pirateish" you are able to build privateer stuff.
  8. Blackar

    Brethren of the Brick Seas?

    I really love this idea and I agree with the fantasy-world and factions thing. It should not be historic because that would limit the possibilities. The world map could be the sea with several major and minor islands. Participants could own an island with cities and ports. So the ships and ship building would have an outstanding position but there is even a place for land based MOCs.
  9. Blackar

    New Pirates minifigure pack

    I spotted it a few days ago in the LEGO store in Frankfurt. It was about 15,-€. Too expensive for these "poor" parts. But at the "build your own minifigures"-shelter I found torsos from the imperial soldier AND black (non-printed!!) shakos!
  10. Blackar

    EB Pirates Episode 2 - Welcome to Port Paraiso!

    Nice story, nice scenes, nice photos, nice effects and nice jokes... wonderful :-D
  11. Blackar

    Army is back

    Your army is really impressive and detailed! WOW!!!
  12. Blackar


    Your troops are nice and I like the use of the new parts!
  13. Blackar

    Imperial Port Display - Scouting for Bricks

    Congratulations for your nice and detailed display! I really like your idea of building the fortress and the port in different colors. And the chinese junk ist great too.
  14. Blackar

    Comic " The salvation of mankind"

    This is really nice. I love the idea... but I love the Godking too! Long live the Godking!
  15. Blackar

    Need a little help

    Hey, I guess what you want to know is the file type for the pictures? I use *.jpg for them.