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  1. The Fezter

    (MOC) Police High Performance SUV

    Recently I've spent a lot of time MOD'ing other sets, but on the odd occasion, i make something original. Tinkering away one night, I decided to move away from the countless similar sports cars I design and try to make something thats still sporty, but a bit beefier. So I pulled up a picture of the Range Rover Evoque, and got to work, eventually finishing with this: I was pretty happy with what I'd come up with after two and a half hours. But I thought to myself, "This could still be beefier...." So i added some beef! Say hello to the newest vehicle in the Lego City Police Department's fleet! Fitted with a V8 (hence the raised bonnet section) a heavy bullbat to protect the front, a full complement of blues and twos and some high powered radio communications. This vehicle can be used in some of the fastest pursuits, but also doubles as a temporary communications base until the Mobile Police Unit turns up on the scene. I attempted to add some underside detailing, to show how the vehicle has a hardened chassis. The top of the vehicle is where the reporting number is located. And of course it fits one very cool Police Officer! No need to take his hat off here. The main aim since the beginning of designing this was to create a vehicle that would fit in between the scale of the typical 4 wide saloon and hatchback vehicles of City, and the bigger, 6 wide 4x4's. I don't have any built up 4x4's right now, but the prisoner transport van makes a good enough comparison. I hope you liked checking this out, and feel free to leave comments and criticism!
  2. The Fezter

    Lego 2017 Sports Line Rumors

    Checked as in I'll see if my contact can confirm anything
  3. The Fezter

    Lego 2017 Sports Line Rumors

    ask him if he has any idea of what the set numbers are, and ill get them checked
  4. The Fezter

    Lego 2017 Sports Line Rumors

    I doubt this would be a fully fleshed theme, as those sub themes would take up half a wall of a Brand Store alone. More likely? CMF's. Brick built figures. But as for a theme, no.
  5. The Fezter

    Pirate Themed Water Park, "The Play Well"

    The inclusion of the duple slide is a brilliant idea, and it fits into the swim park very well!
  6. The Fezter

    New 10220 Volkswagen T1 Camper van Box?

    The Mini Cooper should also start appearing in a new box soon. The entire Creator Expert line is being rebooted so they fit the same style with the new logo seen on the Ferrari F40.
  7. The Fezter

    Creator 2016

    The new modular will be a corner one, if the typical corner-straight-straight-corner system is still being done. But I know it'll be £119.99 (or at least thats what I've been told)
  8. The Fezter

    2016 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Here starts the wishful thinking that we'll see that piece in LDD any time soon...
  9. The Fezter

    60113 Rally Car I couldn't wait...

    Here we go for you. rally car.lxf
  10. The Fezter

    60113 Rally Car I couldn't wait...

    Managed to get mine together, thanks for the help
  11. The Fezter

    60113 Rally Car I couldn't wait...

    Ok, stuck again, does it use the moulded chassis piece?
  12. The Fezter

    60113 Rally Car I couldn't wait...

    I'll give it another shot. Thanks for the pictures
  13. The Fezter

    60113 Rally Car I couldn't wait...

    Any chance you could show how the front section is connected, i'm at a loss right now =/
  14. The Fezter

    Poe's X-Wing Fighter (75102) Availability

    Which country are you in? Here in the UK the sets have been pulled due to a possible moulding fault. Whether this is a worldwide issue or not, I don't know unfortunately. The issue with the Star Wars Advent calendar has been ignored by most other retailers in the UK, as I hear constantly of people picking them up from retailers such as Argos and Tesco
  15. The Fezter

    Tower Bridge 10214 New Box Design

    Tower Bridge has had it's shelf life extended by another couple years so it makes sense for Lego to update the box art to match the current range, plus change the type of cardboard used for the box (recent Creator Expert sets have used a thicker cardboard tome them more durable on the shelves, considering how often the boxes get picked up and carried around the stores)