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  1. LeoCad, export to 3ds. In 3ds Max, clean up normal, facing direction in particular, add smooth groups. Done
  2. problem is the original ldraw geometry, it's low poly, with geometry not optimized for animation. when you rig a model you would have to add additional loops where bones are.. ie if you want a leg to bend at the knees, you would add loops and weight bones accordingly. not to mentioned unnecessary polygons. ie, logo on torso is geometry, when a texture would work much better if you would like to do a lego movie animation, I am sure unedited ldraw model would work just fine. if you going for lego games look then you would need to edit geometry accordingly, to acomindate additional bones and joints.
  3. Do not give up. 3d modeling and animation takes practice, every time you do something you get better and better at it. Sounds like you are interested in animation more than modeling. so try to import a ldraw mini fig and make a simple rig or just use a rig from links above. Then try to make simple animations. walking/running cycle, then do a jump, etc.. use about 30 frames for each animation cycle. walk/run cycle should be easy to do. set up 5 key points. 1 left leg forwards right leg back 2 both legs a centered 3 right leg forward left leg back 4 both legs a centered 5 left leg forwards right leg back this is where your loop starts and ends. make arms do opposite. IE when left leg is forward right arm is back. add a little bounce movement, stylize it to your preference. and you are done... then maybe you can use what you created to make a full short animation, EX: mini fig running through an obstacle course.
  4. it can be done, not sure if somebody will do it for you.. I am also sure with a bit more googling you can find a good hi-poly rig. here is another rig..
  5. Interesting. thanks for your guide I was going to mess around with LeoCad to .3ds to Blender, but then got lazy and never did it.
  6. HI. Generally speaking LDraw file are not good for quality animation. its due to the geometry and low-poly count. I think you would be better off making a model from 0... here is a link for one Simple tutorial how to rig a mini fig
  7. C3POwen, That’s seems like a lot of work. i cannot imagine doing a more complex(geometrically speaking) model. Do you know if there is a way to use a 3d modeling application and then convert it to ldraw format?
  8. Personally, I would use Lego hull with all the RC parts on the inside. It would be relatively easy to set it all inside the hull. Friend off my ripped apart cheap toy RC boat and used its parts on a plastic model destroyer kit... worked great...
  9. Technic 8282: Quad Bike Download 8282.dat Errors:No errors
  10. Technic 8282: Quad Bike Download 8282.dat Errors: No errors
  11. Technic 1285 Buggy 3001 Buggy Download 1258.dat Download 3001.dat I have redone the rubber band on this model..
  12. Technic 8444: Air Enforcer Model A Download 8444.dat Errors: Missing stickers. Note: Had blast working on this model, kind off reminds me working on my RC Helicopters…