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  1. Cunctator

    Cunctator's city

    Thanks coffeefund, laka and Dazz! Yes I tried to embed a little medieval part. For the moment I have no plan for next developments, probably I could add the DO but i'm still not so convinced by it and also where to place it... I like more a classic architecture, anyway if the next modular is a modern hospital with a certain size, I think I'll find the space...
  2. Cunctator

    Cunctator's city

    Hi to everybody! It’s a long time that I do not update my city, Ferris wheel and brick bank have arrived in the meantime! Now it is an L-shaped layout with two cities, here the main one: My favourite view: Here the second one: Modular Gringotts Cemetery zone: Train station: Hope you liked it Have a good sunday! Cunctator
  3. Cunctator

    [MOC] Maxidolls Store

    Wonderful building ! The amount of parts and details you put inside and outside your buildings is really incredibile. Not to mention of your city that is simply the best lego city that I've ever seen here in eurobricks!
  4. Cunctator

    [MOC] Minifig scaled Citroën 2CV Charleston

    Hi Gaut1202, Thanks for the instructions, now my city has a 2CV! Not exactly the same because I did with spare parts but I like the final result
  5. Nice thread, I enjoyed reading all the different opinions CC - For me the best exterior and also the best interpretation of the modular concept. No problem if there is no interior, I've been happy to do my own interior GG - very near to CC, great facade TH - A bit "shoe box" look if put standalone, but I like the elevator and the facade PR - I like its french architecture, even if it is smaller than previous modulars FB - A lot of new construction tecniques and with an additional floor looks better GE - probably too much regular facade, anyway I added a floor MS - I like its style, even if the stairs in the center of the rooms are really a beginners detail PC - I don't like the building that very likely inspired it and also the realization seems incomplete (for example the roof). The cinema sign is the best detail for me. Regarding the DO, unfortunately I think it will go in the bottom of my classification. Frankly speaking, I'd love if the modular line could return to the glories of CC: i'm more interested in the architecure, even an empty interior for me it's OK!
  6. Cunctator

    MOC: Court of Justice

    Nice modular in italian style, my favourite detail: the block-shutters (at least this is what google says...)! Very good job!
  7. Cunctator

    Town Layout Index

    Cunctator's city January 2014 December 2012 | March 2012 | February 2012
  8. Cunctator

    Cunctator's city

    Thanks to all for your comments! Yes for sure! Now the cost would be crazy! My city started in 2008 with the cafe corner, then it has continued to grow with the modulars each year. The modulars are great parts pack, what is important is to buy them when they are not yet discontinued and possibly not at Lego full price! I had the possibility to buy at a good price two green grocers and two café corners when they were still in production, then I “bricklinked” just the middle floors. Happy building to all!
  9. Cunctator

    MOC Lego Store and Appartment

    Really a wonderful facade with a perfect interior!
  10. Cunctator

    Cunctator's city

    Thanks thrak76, Roger_Smith, Wodanis, lightningtiger, greg3, glad you liked it! Yes it's a motorized version of the wind turbine in set 7747
  11. Cunctator

    Cunctator's city

    Hi to everybody, Time for an update of my city with the newly arrived Parisian restaurant! Let’s start with an overview, as you can see I pumped up almost all my modulars with an additional floor: Here you have my museum of roman history: The highlight of the museum: a well-preserved skeleton of a legionnaire found somewhere near the city PR with my Ollivanders shop: My antiquities and "esoteric" articles store with little updates: An old modular renovated, a toy shop selling Lego with above apartment: Town house with terrace: Few updates also to my pharmacy and boutique: My enlarged train station: And of course far from the center, the haunted hause with nearby abandoned cemetery! Hope you liked it! More pictures in my brickshelf as soon as moderated Bye Cunctator
  12. Cunctator

    Interior vs exterior

    I agree with your comments: the last modulars are losing a bit the "grandeur" of the first sets. Frankly speaking I prefer more attention to the exterior. I agree with you that the green grocer is still the best in terms of tradeoff interior vs exterior.
  13. Cunctator

    Expand the Winter Village Contest IV - Voting

    20 - gazumpty - 1 27 - Galaktek - 1 35 - BlackGrif - 1 48 - rodiziorobs - 1 51 - Righty - 1 Congratulations to all for the great entries!
  14. Cunctator

    MOC: Art gallery

    Thanks to all for your nice comments, I’m glad you liked it! Have a good sunday! Cunctator
  15. 1. SalvoBrick – 1 2. Lightningtiger – 1 4. AussieBJ - 1 6. EROL - 1 7. Zed_43 - 1