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  1. No, front is just fine and simple how it is on real cranes. Only designers for modern cars have this unnatural lines and forms... You have only ti much free space between wheels like @BrickbyBrickTechnic mentioned
  2. Well I can only take my hat of...I do not have such history, but reason I can send you via PM. Long time ago I have lived for a while in LA, but only for studying English language during summer 1991...
  3. And I assume surname Mendoza Vic is short of Victor (here in Croatia) but you seem to have Victorious family . BTW my father's uncle was Victor. About Unimog; I have two chassis: one long wheelbase in scale 1:18 (in case Lego 95mm tractor tires for one model that I would like to build if pf functions I would be able to squeeze inside) and another short wheelbase in scale 1:15. The latest one is much sturdier; both chassis and axles. 1:15 scale could enable me to build several systems tractors and telehandler and trucks and...you got the point. Currently I'm thinking how to make Unimog cab lighter and JCB Fastrac 4220 chassis more sturdier and to Incorporate 3 way steering g mode but different than CLAAS because JCB has all-around suspension. For first responder it looks like it is some 1:15 or 1:16 scale based on wheels, but I could be wrong... But I know you have fun driving your moc, at least I would
  4. Very nice small scale truck. Pitty that you do not have 49.5 tires in trailer
  5. My doesn't do that, he simply went to sleep when I build something (on one side of the room and Bella the Terrier on another side). I must admit that this crane is tempting me more and more.
  6. If it will be bigger version, I wonder whether it would be 100% LEGO
  7. It looks really good despite it is your first (published) moc. I suppose that steering angle is the reason that axles are bit to wide. I like modular approach and accessories
  8. It is not nice , now we will be biting nails until October ... Now without jokes; I can only say that I'm looking forward to see what is the project result. Since it is mentioned in Technic forum it should be interesting (at least for me)
  9. Perhaps you could make Deere 843 with CLAAS tires in 1:17 scale
  10. that is actually something what came from life experience...
  11. I know, but hope dies last...I know that you do not believe me, but someone out there has catalog...
  12. I_Igor

    Ugliest B-model?

    Eric, you have red my mind, but there are some others here if anyone like to look ad pages below (like 8262. 8297...) http://www.brickfactory.info/theme/techni01.html http://www.brickfactory.info/theme/techni02.html http://www.brickfactory.info/theme/techni03.html http://www.brickfactory.info/theme/techni04.html http://www.brickfactory.info/theme/techni05.html http://www.brickfactory.info/theme/techni06.html http://www.brickfactory.info/theme/techni07.html http://www.brickfactory.info/theme/techni08.html
  13. they are somewhere certain...if I could remember user @degenerate become LEGO catalog with 2H sets some 6 months before official release, so there is probably someone with LEGO catalog for 2019 with 1H Technic set images, another question is if there is a will to publish them or send via PM or eMail or ...