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  1. I_Igor

    [TC15] Red Baron

    Looking good, I'm glad that you choose sampler aircraft, so controls could be realistically represented
  2. I_Igor

    Technic 2019 Set Discussion

    you just red my mind
  3. Ladies and gentleman, after long time I have some progress on my JCB Fastrac, but first I'll show specification images from brochure on which is my model based because I always have problem with tires width (I know that there are lot of you who face the same problem). My inspiration was model with 710/60r30 tires and wheels track 2000 which gives overall maximal width 2700mm. In 1:15 scale that fits CLAAS tires perfectly and it is a little less than 22 studs wide (it can also fit into 2550 width; 2550/15/7.9375 = 21.5 studs...) dimensions: tire options and other specifications: current status of my moc... @Technic BOOM, as I promise, when main construction (frame, etc) is finished, I present my solution. finally I'm satisfied with width of model. Hope to finish it until mid of January. Model will be featuring following motorized functions: - front pto - rear pto - front three point hitch - rear three point hitch Model will be featuring following "manual" functions: - all wheel steering (because wheel turning by themselves when suspension is compressed, I have decided to use gear and rack steering) - all wheel drive - all wheel suspension - life axle with longitudinal links almost like original - in-line 6 cylinder engine - opening hood...I'll think of something extra when I finish motorized functions... Any kind of comment, critics or idea is welcome
  4. Well, that is really original... Perhaps you could make this:
  5. I_Igor

    42096 Porsche 911 RSR

    Yes that is really wired 🤔 I hope that this black will be in some cheaper set because I actually need just one of them...and Porsche has again light bluish gray frames 5 X 7 (good that I have 13 of black)...
  6. I_Igor

    [MOC] Compact Log Loader

    Sorry for late response, but it is more "natural" to have tractor tires on forest equipment than tire with street pattern.
  7. I_Igor

    42096 Porsche 911 RSR

    Agree, the only interesting recolored part actually (IMHO) is this one: https://www.bricklink.com/v2/catalog/catalogitem.page?P=22961&idColor=86#T=C&C=86 ...and 42077 is much cheaper
  8. I_Igor

    42096 Porsche 911 RSR

    It looks like there are lot of 42077 "solutions" involved into this model 🤔
  9. I_Igor

    [TC15] Twin Rush

    you will know what is the best when time will come depending on parts you have to replicate both functions and design best as possible...
  10. I_Igor

    [TC15] Twin Rush

    that looks like very interesting (concept) plane, but also remind me on this but it would probably be easier (from controls point of view) to make this (I ralized that image is a bit ti big) https://oldmachinepress.files.wordpress.com/2017/08/douglas-xb-42-no1-in-flight1.jpg
  11. I_Igor

    [MOC] Compact Log Loader

    ...and you made beautiful 42081 C model inspired with it, if I remember correctly
  12. I_Igor

    Zero's workshop

    Well it could be used for large scale vehicle and it does not have to be a car...specially not Macan that brakes down
  13. I_Igor

    [MOC] Compact Log Loader

    I suppose it is some autonomous version, because I can not see drivers cab. Otherwise it is interesting build