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  2. 2. CASE TR 270 Functions: - 1 M Motor for left track - 1 M Motor for right track - 1 M Motor for raising the boom - 1 M Motor for opening the bucket Features: - Quick coupler for changing between fork and bucket - easily removable battery box Discussion Topic
  3. Hello community, in this thread I want to introduce you my creations I have built in 2014. These ones were not posted in this forum already: Scania dump truck G480 It has 2 M Motors connected to a gearbox. You can switch between driving and tipping. For steering there is a servo motor. Green Hooklift truck It has 3 big pneumatic cylinders, which are moving the arm. The green parts are mostly the ones from 42008. 8110 Unimog U400 Mod: chipper The last model I want to present you is a little expansion for the 8110 Unimog. Its a chipper, made for chipping salt sticks. 4th creation, which I already presented you is the Case TR 270 http://www.eurobricks.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=103781 Hope you enjoyed my creations of 2014 I´m now working on the 2015 ones See you in 2015 dfs473
  4. [TC6] Case TR 270

    I use the ones from the Technic set 8263. Finally updated the first post with new pictures and a video. Enjoy For more pictures visit my Flickr page. I´m now working on a LDD file for that beast!
  5. Hello members, Its a long time ago since I presented you my latest creation, but I´m still building models. In this topic I want to present you my entry for the 6th technic contest: Its a Case TR 270 compact loader It is very suitable for the sBrick. It has 4 functions with 4 M motors. One for the left crawler, 1 for the right crawler, 1 for raise the boom and finally one for the shovel. The shovel can be replaced very simple. Its only hold by a axle thanks to the quick coupler. Here are some pictures: Side view Bottom: More pictures can be found on my Flickr page. And finally a video! Hope you enjoyed it! Feel free to comment I wish every contestant good luck ;)
  6. Hi guys Maybe someone already noticed my new equipment in the heavy machinery post . This time I build a compact excavator from the producer Liebherr. I finished it a few weeks ago. Here is the original: And here is my Lego version: PF Features: 1M Motor crawler left 1M Motor crawler right 1M Motor rotation 1 XL Motor main boom 1L Motor front boom 1 M Motor bucket 1 M Motor tool function 1 1 Micromotor tool function 2 (rotation) 4 IR reciever 2 battery boxes And some pictures: In this picture you can see the "compact" aspect And finally some tools: More pictures you can find here : Flickr Brickshelf And here is the first video. actionvideos are coming soon. Hope you like it
  7. the captain is awesome btw here are some of my creations: Sennebogen 683R Hitachi ZW 310( my favourite model) and finally my liebherr r924 compact (which is my latest creation. I´m going to present you it the next days...) More pictures and videos of other heavy machineries can be found in my brickshelf folder
  8. Here is the video for the attachments:
  9. Thank you for the positive coments! Im currently working on a snow plow for the Steyr. Here is also a photo of my new equipment: Hope you like it
  10. Here is the first equipment for the Steyr. It is a Fliegl ASW 160 http://www.technikbo...11909-10295.jpg Avideo will come the next days...
  11. After the scania container truck I´m back from a little break This time with a new tractor It is a Steyr 6125 Profi(professional) source:http://www.traktorfinder.de/static/8028/0.jpg This is a Lego Technic version of it: Features front swing axle switching between 4x4 and 4x2 PF features 1 M Motor front PTO 1 M Motor rear PTO 1 servo for steering 1 L Motor for driving 1 AAA battery box 2 IR reciever (1 V1 and 1 V2) pneumatic features 2 big cylinder 2 small cylinder 3 switch( 1 for additional function of tools) 1 pump Some photos: ...and finally the video: Some equipment will come soon! Hope you like it So far dfs473
  12. Sry for the delay The LDD-file is here Hope you enjoy it!
  13. Saw this video a few minutes ago on TB
  14. @Alasdair Ryan: I also was thinking about a Lego Technic/Lego mixed cabin like the 8109, but then I decided to make a cabin made of full Lego Technic, but yours looks also great No problem
  15. Hello Here is my next MOC after the Hitachi ZW 310. It is a red Scania P270 Containertruck with trailer! The original: source:http://www.schrott-gehrt.de/img/containerabsetzer.jpg My Lego version: The features: raise the boom (2 pairs of big pneumatic cylinders) extend the boom (2 mini pneumatic cylinders) raise the pillar move the "hook" for switching between unload and tip dummy-engine some pictures: The cabin in the scania look-instructions avaiable here tip or unload a container the trailer Pictures are -as ussual- on Flickr and Brickshelf And here is the video: Hope you like it