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  1. Yes, that bulldozer looks very promising.. 42030 and 42028 are definitely on my lego shopping list for 2014.. Not a big fan of the 42029 Pickup though.. it looks too ugly imho, but it's a good part pack.. Here is a messy screenshot from the Video below..
  2. A real wheel loader only has a pendular rear axle.. nothing special..
  3. _techniclego55_

    What I got for Christmas

    I got a 42009 too,.. great set.. :-)
  4. 14- 2 13- 1 23- 3 31- 1 22- 1 20- 2
  5. Snow is Coming! This is my entry for the Triple Contest. It includes a Holder M480 with a V- snow plow and a salt spreader. 1# Model: Holder M 480 (for the real thing, please look here ) Functions: 4x4 Articulated Steering (HOG) Front PTO Rear PTO 2# Model: V- snow plow 3# Model: salt spreader Functions: rotating scattering disc (via rear PTO)
  6. I peronally don't like the white flex axle in the front..It doesn't really fit to the overall look of the car.. and i would exchange the white panels in the front bumper to bricks to make the look more realistic..
  7. _techniclego55_

    Contest Contest: Pimp My Camper! Entry Thread

    Here is my second entry, the blue Volkswagen T1 Gondola..
  8. _techniclego55_

    Contest Contest: Pimp My Camper! Entry Thread

    So here is my entry for the Contest.. The Volkswagen T1 Fire Truck, inspired by this photo. I hope you like it..
  9. _techniclego55_

    Favorite Technic Parts ?

    My favorite part is 87082, i use it very often in my Mocs.. in my opinion a very useful piece.. http://www.bricklink.com/catalogItem.asp?P=87082
  10. _techniclego55_

    Show us your Working Place

    Yeah.. It's my other hobby and the fish tank stands near to my working desk.. It's all in one, i have all in my room... my Lego Working Place, my Fish Tank, a second Desk with my Laptop on it and my bed.. It's a really big room.. :-)
  11. _techniclego55_

    Show us your Working Place

    Here is mine.. Workplace von techniclego55 auf Flickr
  12. Yes, I agree with Egor... The tires are too big for a normal muscle car..
  13. _techniclego55_

    [MOC] Caterpillar 725 Articulated Dumper

    Thank you for the nice comments guys, im glad you like it. There was no room for alinear actuator, thats why i solved the problem with a worm gear.. It works really good and its very compact..:)
  14. _techniclego55_

    [MOC] Caterpillar 725 Articulated Dumper

    Thank you.. No, it means 2(x) L-Motors..
  15. Dear Eurobricks Members, I want to present you my latest Moc so far. It's a Caterpillar 725 Dumper. I hope you like it.. More Pictures are here. And the Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=z7vifF-c9Yo Thanks for reading.