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    MTT (7662) Pic Review

    My Padawans, Yes, its time for another review (can you feel the excitment?): the glorious Trade Federation MTT, the biggest SW set of that new instalment (120�). At first, when we all heard that TLC was going to redesign the MTT, I was kind of pissed since that the first version was pure crap !! Fortunatly, TLC made a fantastic set, definitly one of the best looking PT set (and definitly the best ep1/2 set !!). So without further ado...review on. Enjoy !! Before an in depth review of the set, lets have a look at both instruction manuals. The great news is the total absence of DSS yeayyyyy, that is so great !! 1/MFs One of the best �deals� regarding MFs: a whopping 20 droids � 16 regular, 2 pilots and 2 security (+ 20 short guns and 2 long guns) and an amazing Droideka !! Nothing really new regarding the battle droids � except the new droid arm on every droid !! No need for too many pics on them so I�ll just show you the pilot and security + a close up of the new arm. Its really nice to notice that the whole body is blue (pilots) and dark red (security). It looks way better than small printings on a tan body. That droideka is really a thing of beauty !! The design is so much better, its incredible, I mean just check the comparison pic. The old one looks so puny. The size is way better, the design is way slicker and it comprises great parts and colours. 2/Overal pics of the beast Compared to the crappy first version, this MTT is way rounder, slicker and bigger (sorry, I cannot post comparison pics before I hated the old MTT and dismantled the set). Now we need a redesigned AAT to go with it hehe (come on TLC, bring it on !!). The beast is on weels (strait and non turning) instead of those upside down smooth round tiles. The cool thing is all those opening doors do reveal details such as the cokpit (see �3) and all the extras (see %4).
  2. My SB fans (and fans to be
  3. xwingyoda

    Pick-up Truck Pic Review (7942)

    Guys and gals, OK, I just couldn
  4. xwingyoda

    REVIEW: 7993 Gas Station

    INDEXED *yoda* strikes again with another review (what am I going to do when there will be no more sets to review loool) � the city gas station. Like the Train station, I think that this set has a small town feel which I think is great. This set has 2 instruction manuals & 2 DSS (I think its a mistake since we only need 1) 1/Mfs and Vehicles I think that 3 Mfs is quite disappointing in a 35� set: 2 civilians (one with the space jacket again hehe) and a classic Octan worker blue jumpsuit. The yellow car is nothing spectacular � just a neat little car. The only thing that needs to be pointed out is that there is an extra plate on the rear weels (to have the rear 1 plate higher than the front � to give it a little hot rod feel). Its great to have a black bike. I already have 1, so I put the racing stickers on it. 2/Gas Station Its really a neat station with a lot of sweet details !! Its funny to remark that the actual set�s instructions differ from the booklet art (I let you look at the changes hehe). I shall start with general views of that station. Now lets focus on details. *car wash* Thats my favorite detail of this set. The 2 brushes are hold together with an elastic band which help them to �close� on the vehicle. There is a nice light to tell you when the was is over hehe. The two rotors that serve as heaters can move with the handle. I will finish with the roof that comprises the two nice stickers and opening �windows�. *shop* Yeay, another shop !! The great feture is on its left, there is a distributing machine (that holds 5 trans dark cones !!). The shop is neat from the exterior with its 4 lights, 2 windows and a door + bottles stands in front of it !! *gas pumps* The system to operate those pumps is quite weird: you need to turn the gas handle on the right, then go and put the nozzle in the car and let have that black gold flowing !! And if you mess up, there is a place for cleaning hehe. The roof is quite nice with the Octan colours and the huge Octan Logo tht turns. There are 4 glasses to let the light throw and 2 lights for the evening craves lool. Finally, there is the sides: flowers, barriers and the price list. Lets keep that gas pumping for our Mfs supped up vehicles hehe !! So until next review, I say Cheers Mates !! *yoda*
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    Jingle Bells, Siegfried smells!

    Guys, its time to get into the Christmassy spirit here on EB !!!!!! So post you brand new avatars to celebrate it OUR way ;) Mypoor Yoda: after being a great viking warrior, he was a murdered and stabbed skellie then EB wizard !!! It was time for a change so here is standing next to its raindeer... SANTA YODA :oD
  6. xwingyoda

    New Crazy Auction

    Guys, I found that auction browsing on CNN. Are you interested by a ... two-headed albino rat snake :oD Asking $150,000 or best offer, so place your bids :D :P !!! Check it here !! Please post crazy auctions in this thread from now on hehe ;) *yoda*
  7. All aboard !! The train nr 7997 coming from Springfield to Lego city is currently approaching !! Unfortunatly due to the suprise strike of those lousy French workers, the train will not mark any stops !! Next treain in a week !! That set is a Jou Club exclusive (at least here in Paris) and costs 39.99 euro. I think its a must have set for all the city fans out there!! Oh well, lets have that review rolling. Enjoy !! As always, here is a pic of the instruction booklet and tiny/puny DSS. 1/The Mfs and accessories *MFs* Out of the 5 Mfs, 3 are workers (train employee with train logo on torso) and 2 are civilians (a guy in a suit and a cool dude with the classic space logo jacket (I love that torso really !!). The interesting thing is the nice smiley faces - a nice new way of having smileys that change a tiny bit. *Train Cart* That cart is way better than the one in the advent calendar set. The colours are better and its really better designed. Lets look at this carty and comparison pics after: *Smaller extras* One pic to show them all !! I didn't know the bar had 2 bottles and a croissant (yeay !!). 2/Overal views of the station I really like this train station a lot more than the previous one. I really love the classic feel to it: its a nice small town station without the modernity looks of a megalopole !! Can this means that next year we will have a new older looking passenger train ? I seriously would hope so !! The station is actually 2 parts combined: the train platform and the station building. 3/Details of the station (aka the *yoda* twitch :-P ) Lego included really neat extras in that set !! I will start in the order by which *yoda* (me and SW lolol) needs to go in order to catch his train (when those lousy workers are not in strike that is). Our green creature from the swamps need to get his ticket first. There is the only modernity of that set: electronic ticketing (no counters = efficient work and no strikes looool when it actually works that is :-D ). Then he has to go through the controls to reach the platform. Everything is in order *yoda* , please proceed !! *yoda* has two waiting rooms for his wait, one even has a suitcase holder !! *yoda* can check the train routes (that should be included near the ticketing booth but what the heck !!). Paris train leaves at 11.34 hehe So Yoda can take it to visit the Eiffel Tower *yoda* can have the pleasure to go and eat in the small area where there is no employee unfortunatly !! Anyhow he used the force to get a drink lolol With his drink in hand (he already ate the only croissant tsts, there is no such French delights on Dagobah :-P ), he can go to the roof of the station where a table awaits him He can finally open the window and view the empty tracks hehe. No train in sight... His shadow kind of looks creepy... Strikes and lack of employment discipline can ruin even the patience of the oldest jedi !! Our *yoda* decided to steal (not very jedi wise |-/ ) the train cart and is using the force to operate it (lets not forget he is 900 years old, heavy physical exercise is definitly out of the question :-D ) At this pace he will reach Paris in no time (lolol). Next time, do use your escape pod: I think he is too old to remember where he left it after the Kashyyyk retreat lolol I hope you enjoyed this review and until next time, I bid you farwell... *yoda*
  8. xwingyoda

    Watch out eating at fast foods...

    Guys, disturbing news for Wendy's lovers, The Las Vegas authorities are leading a surprising investigation: how could a finger end up in a bowl of chili??? Interested by this crazy news check this article: http://edition.cnn.com/2005/LAW/04/14/wend...r.ap/index.html
  9. Guys, Because some of us are about to go on vacations, I want to offer each of us a little tour of where to buy Lego. It is very usefull to know this sort of things, dont you think ;) Please provide our community (us ;) ) with the best shops in your town where we can find our precious sets ;) Thanks in advance for helping in the creation of this needed database ;) Here is just a simple rule: post your shops (with the address) and comments on those shops (variety, prices compared to S@H, PAB??...). Do I have to tell you guys that this thread will be kept clean, I really don't want to police you guys, so lets behave, yeah baby yeah ;) Let me then start this Database with Wonderful Paris, France ;) In Paris: 1) Jou
  10. I was wondering what you guys were preparing for great MOCs to astound us :-P Its always fun to discuss projects before releasing pics hehe ;-) I am currently on a Technic MOC !! NO kidding :-D I am doing a pimped version of the street bike !! Unfortunatly, I will need to order some parts on BL :-| Then, when the Mars Mission sets come out, I am planning to redo my Team Odysseus project using those awsome orange parts ;-) Since that project came from my beloved TV series Ulysse 31 (at least in French), I shall do a modular vehicle 8-
  11. Guys and Gals, I have noticed that special threads on trailers aare not really popular, so instead of creating one, lets use this mega thread to discuss all the new and exciting trailers that are out !! I always download my trailers from Dave's trailer page Okie to kick off this trailer thread, I shall start with Rocky Balboa's trailer !! From what I saw, it looks like they are really going to the roots of the first Rocky movie which was so amazing !! Its a movie of a whole generation about dedication and what have you !! A good part of the trailer shows his training 8-
  12. xwingyoda

    Joker's bad Hairday !!

    You all wondered how the Joker's hair was at wake up time ?? I got a sneak peak for you: Ouch X-D :-P Nothing a comb and hair gel can't cure ;-) Thats way better hehe 8-
  13. xwingyoda

    Hovercraft Pic Review (7944)

    Guys and gals, In the other thread I wrote that I totally dislike that hovercraft and that it was definitly not a must buy ! However, to please our dear Mayor (yes Hobbes, tks for making me work tonight loool :-P ), here is a little review for EB !! For starters, find the front and back of the instruction manual and the DSS !! (Dreaded Sticker Sheet). I did not put the stickers on because I will not keep that set as is !! I will tear it apart to build something way better looool. The only sticker I used was the computer screen that is not interesting at all(hence the lack of pic) !! I will pursue this review with the 3 Mfs : too bad only the chief has the silver helmet !! Wow I did not know that Spielberg had a fantasy of becoming a fireman lool. Also, here are some general pics of that hovercraft. BTW, I did some pretty cool angles to compensate for the crappiness of the actual set loool So be warned that the pics look better than the real set !! This set has some really nice and cool points (pfewww !) such as the front dual water gun and the great looking cockpit (that I will keep intact for my future MOC). The trap door reveals all the equipment (that is the remaining one). I know that the good points are not that much compared to the following crap points loool. I already discussed them in the other thread but here they are again (just for the fun of it hehe). Let the crappiness begin !! Crap point n
  14. xwingyoda

    My Tie Interceptor

    Guys, I just want to share with you my vision of the Tie Interceptor. 1) Its not finished 2) I wanted to stay as close as possible to the system TLC ties and I was not aiming at doing a kind of minifig scale UCS Its my first MOC so don't be too harsh ;)
  15. xwingyoda

    Naboo fighter (7660) Review

    My Padawans, After that political debate last night, I was in a building and reviewing frenzy so here is that glorious Naboo Fighter (NF) � and accessorly that Vulture Droid (VD) review !! Since I never had the first MF Naboo version, I was really happy when I learned that TLC was going to have a new Naboo and I have to say TLC made a real great set !! So here we go !! 1/Instructions & MFs Nothing really to mention regarding the booklet (it also has the moron drawings !!). There is also that DSS !! (Dreaded Sticker Sheet).However the MFs are way more interesting !! * The NF pilot is really a cool fig: great torso (that could be used for WWI pilots IMO) and it has a �bonus� cap when the helmet is not on !! Some will be annoyed by the fact that the head used is a normal fleshie smilley but not me since I love that head and since that pilot is a normal troup guy. * Young Anie is a real �cute� fig with a nice torso and especially with great hair piece (I really love that colour that is present on the VD). Also look at them both together hehe * Yeay, another R2 !! (Do you feel the irony in here). No pics (G i wonder why :-P ). 2/The NF I love that ship and that version is really great !! The only thing I did not like (like always when DSS are included) is putting those darn stickers, especially that the yellow is not the same as the bricks :-| Next time use transparent sheet like with the VD !! That sticker is the only valuable one: The shape is really slim and really captures perfectly (or really next to perfect) of the actual NF. Here I have to say thgat pics are better than words so: The engines are nice. The only grip I would have is the the non use (like the UCS crapy model) of the trans blue part on the rear of the engine (Mod On !!). Unlike the JSF, the NF has 2 main playability aspects: * R2 can �slide off� (I don�t see the point but oh well...). The rear part where he stands goes down to �liberate� the little droid * Yeay another catapult under the ship !! On Kim�s scale ( X-D ), its a perfect set to swoosh in the nudes and a great set to chase cats (or others nuisance in an appartment :-D !!) 3/The Stand Its a really nice small added feature to the set !! I feared that it would fire the gun when displayed but no !! Its nice to notice that the NF is inclined in the front when put on the stand. The thing that I don�t get is the use of the diver sub gun on the ladder (actually who cares). 4/The VD Oh boy I really hate those stickers (Rant On !!). Anyway I have mixed feelings regarding the VD. The colour scheme is really great, way better than the first version. Sorry I have no first version for comparison pics (I have dismantled all of them !!). The use of that dark tan is amazing, its such a beautifull colour !! Design wise I am not a fan due to the use of those droid arms on the wings and on the head !!It makes the whome ship filmsy like hell !! Personnally I would have made that colour scheme with the design of the ep3 VD. Oh well, its not the major aspect of this set anyway hehe. Hereis the VD in his 3 positions: Another great PT set. G, I am becoming such a SW nerd !! I was only a OT fan but those new ep1 sets are a thing of beauty !! Arghhh darn you Lego !! That all for now folks, untill next time... *yoda*
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    The Sw News / Reviews Index

    The SW News / Reviews Index In honour of our SW subforum, I decided to redo the index !! Hope you will enjoy it !! I/ SW News 1) Latest News regarding the 2008 line New pics of 2008 sets !! Star Wars 2008 sets (no pics), LEGO goes EU!!! 2) Latest News regarding the 2007 line Microscale Keychains: 3 models - Gylman's pics New Magnet set: Young Anie, Darth Maul & Naboo pilot 10178 Motorized Walking AT-AT C3-PO: Golden C-3PO Contest - The Golden One - C-3PO - New colored C3PO in SW-set 10179 UCS Millenium Falcon Spring/Summer '07 - New Star Wars '07 3) News regarding the 2006 line SW licence extended !! Are you sick of Star Wars?, A question prompted by the 2007 pictures... Help Choose the next UCS set !! UCS AT-ST, New X-Wing and UCS TIE Advance this Autumn !, New AT-AT by the end of '06 ? Sailbarge confirmed, About the Sailbarge... & Sailbarge and SD playsets pics II/ SW Set Reviews 1) Original Trilogy & EU Sets By *yoda* : A-Wing (6207) - ISD (6211) - Sail Barge (6210) - Chrome Gold C3-PO By Starwars4J: Slave1 (6209) - B-Wing (6208) - AT-ST (7657) - Y-Wing (7658) - Rebel Scout Speeder 7668) By Dunamis: Sail Barge (6210) - Imperial Landing Craft (7659) - Tie Crawler (7664) By Admiral Giddens: Sail Barge (set 6210) By nausicaakro: Imperial Dropship (7667) 2) Prequel Trilogy Sets By *yoda* : New Mace Windu (7261-2) - Obie's Red JSF (7283) - Naboo Fighter (7660) - JSF & Booster Ring (7661) - Kit Fisto (7661) - MTT (7662) - Hailfire & Spider droids (7670) By ApophisV: Droids Battle Pack (7654) By Starwars4J: V-Wing (6205) By Valentin: CTT (7261) - CSW (7250) By JoeMI6: JSF & Vulture Droid (7256) By Dino_Bot: General Grievous' Starfighter (7656) By Legoman: Sith Infiltrator (7663) By aayla-secura: AT-TE (4482) - AT-AP (7671) By Grand Moff Viceroy: Sith Infiltrator (7663) By Kernow: Republic Cruiser (7665 ) 3) Clone Wars sets By *vader*: Anakin's JSF (7669) By Mr. Mandalorian: Anakin's JSF (7669) 4) Force Unleashed sets By *vader*: Rogue Shadow (7672) 5) UCS Sets By *yoda* : UCS AT-ST (10174) By Dunamis: UCS Tie Advanced (10175) - UCS Millennium Falcon (10179) By Deinonychus: UCS AT-ST (10174) III/ SW Movies and Video Games 1) Movies (...) Star Wars live action TV series 2009 New Star Wars movie, August 2008 SW Clone Wars tv series first pic revealed..... 2) Video Games Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga Soulcalibur IV to feature vader and yoda!!! Enjoy these fantastic threads my padawans ;-) Review ON !! *yoda*
  17. The SW MOC / Contests & Games Index My Padawans, to encourage our obsesive yet devouring creativity, I decided to create an index only for our MOCs !! May this encourage some fun contests !! Enjoy the products of our minds ;-) I/ SW MOCs By *yoda* : Fleshie SW "Customs" By *vader* : Painted Jabba and custom band By morten_sonne: Emperor's arrival at DSII By Copmike: Halloween MOC Part 1 - Halloween MOC Part 2 By Ras74: A small ISD MOC By Copmike and Ras74: Copmike - Ras weekend - Endor bunker battle By mutley777: Endor diorama By johnsocal: Updated pics of LEGO Deathstar - Servant 1- Mandalorian short range fighter craft By ImperialScouts: The Battle Of Hoth, It's a MOCish battle scene By BaronSat: Palitoy cardboard Death Star in Lego... By Clonecommando007: Hangar 10 Attack - Imperial Landing Craft Crash By aayla-secura: Endor Bunker Battle II/ SW Set Modifications By *yoda* : Pimp my Ties !! By xenologer: A-Wing (6207) By Dunamis: Imperial Landing Craft Mods (7659) By PaulC: Hoth Rebel Base (7666) III/ SW Contests & Games By *yoda* : ?Kill Jar Jar? Contest vig !! - Entries, Semi Finals Poll & Finals Poll Golden C3PO Contest: Entries & Poll By jamie75: Want a new Falcon for $10 - TICKETS SOLD OUT! - Falcon Raffle, GAME ON!, Rules and payment instructions! By *vader*: Vader's Contest: Dioramas & Vehicle entries By Sarg_Kulo: Sail Barge Extras: Entries By captaintau: The Ultimate SW Minifig Challenge - Round 1 - Round 2 MOC On !! *yoda*
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    Town/City News & Reviews Index

    The Town/City News and Reviews Index Here you will fulfill all your city/town needs, from old classics sets to the newest sets regarding this fantastic theme ;-) Enjoy these city/town goodies ;-) I/ News and Discussions 1) General Discussions Ideas for other Lego "Super Sets" like 10184 Town Plan, your ideas and wishes Ideas for new City sets, Ideas for new City sets 2) Latest News regarding the 2008 line 10185 Green Grocer Photos New City Set Pics for 2008, check the first post regularly for updates Pics of the Agents Line New Set Town Plan, setnumber 10184 pics! City 2008 3) Latest News regarding the 2007 line 10182 Cafe Corner 2007 Summer City pics New 2007 City Sets 4) Latest News regarding the 2006 line New Police Boat, New Community Workers, New Crane & Truck City Poster New Promo Airline Set 5) Polls Classic town building vs. the new Cafe Corner style, discuss your preferred style! 4 or 6 stud wide cars, which do you prefer ? Favorite City/Town vehicle, Favorite Police Station, Favorite Fire Station, Favorite Hospital, Favorite Airport, Favorite Train Station, Best Lego City Contest II/ Set Reviews 1) Modular Buildings By dunamis: Cafe Corner (10182) By Legocastlegirl: Town Plan (10184) 2) Construction By Hobbes: Heavy Loader (7900), Building Crane (7905) By paul_delahaye: Builder (5610) 3) Emergency Rescue By *yoda* : Fire boat (7906), Fire Hovercraft (7944), Off-Road Fire Rescue (7942) By bdd: Off-Road Fire Rescue (7942) By Marc Gagnon: Fire Station (7945) By JoeMI6: Fire Helicopter (7238) By Lego Bildur: Hospital (7892) By Bloody Jay: Airport Firetruck (7891), Ambulance (7890), Rescue Helicopter (7903) By paksu: Air Ambulance (2064) 4) Police By Kanal-K1: Police Hydroplane (7723 ) By THE-FORCE: Police Station (7744) 5) Town Essentials By *yoda* : Container Stacker (7992), City Harbor (7994) - Gas Station (7993) - Postal sets (Mail Van 7731 & Air Mail 7732) By paul_delahaye: Public Works (5611) 6) Transportation By *yoda* : Train Station (7997), Airport (7894) - Truck & Forklift (7733) By Christian: Airplane Mechanic (7901) By Bloody Jay: Passenger Plane (7893) By TheBrickster: Truck & Forklift (7733) By Lt. Veers: Air Mail (7732) By paksu: Airlane Promotional (2928) 7) Miscellaneous By Sinner: Paradisa: Poolside Paradise (6416) By Widdi: 6627 By Aredhel: Pic Review: Holiday Home (6374) By gylman: Tuner Garage (8681) By Holodoc: 7891 being moced in terms of colour By brickbitz: Creator Beach House (4996) City is so On and still growing strong !! *yoda*
  19. My fellow eventees, Our hardcore eventee Morten posted that in the other event thread
  20. xwingyoda

    Castle Index

    Hear Ye, Hear Ye my Castle enthousiasts !! I present thee the new Castle Index ;-) I/ Castle 1) General discussion New castle sets in 2009 Is the new Castle line making old ones obsolete?, Whats your view? a) Regarding the 2008 news Castle sets 2008, Check first post for updates !! 7041 "Battle wheel" The Great Troll Debate, Or should I say Troll Warrior b) Regarding the 2007 news Castle
  21. xwingyoda

    Batman Index

    The Batman index Guys, here you will have all the best threads concerning our DC hero: the Dark Knight from Gotham ;-) 1/ News & General Discussion 1) Latest news regarding the 2008 Line Batman '08, See pics of ALL FOUR new sets! Lego on 'The Dark Knight' 2) Latest news regarding the 2007 Line 2 new Batman sets in 2007, Batcopter and batman tank! 3) Latest news regarding the 2006 Line Lego Batman Quizz Request for anyone with the Batwing Future of the Batman Theme About Arkham Asylum (set n
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    Star Wars Glossary

    The Star Wars Glossary My Padawans, its time our subforum has a decent SW glossary. I decided to make a quite simple one referencing the most commonly used acronyms. Fell free to contribute and post what you think is missing and I will add what I think is necessary for our perfect understanding of the SW Universe. May the Force be with us !! A AAT: Armored Assault Tank Assault tanks forming the frontline of Trade Federation armored infantry divisions. (set n
  23. Okie, here is the entry thread for UB's Build the Chamber contest Please pot solely entries and every other posts shall be deleted ;-) Please post questions and comments on the original thread ;-) Entries On !! *yoda*
  24. xwingyoda

    Guidelines/Membes and Ranks of the Tie Army

    Yes indeed !! Its one of my LAST post on this site (more explenations later on). That thread was fun indeed !! So tks again guys and I bid you adieu !! (and for those who want to chat, there is always msn ) GM OFF
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    Happy Birthday Batbrick!

    Happy bday BB !! However cheating on ages like that is far from funny IMO. Since you're too young for cake here are presents: