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  1. xwingyoda

    Guidelines/Membes and Ranks of the Tie Army

    Yes indeed !! Its one of my LAST post on this site (more explenations later on). That thread was fun indeed !! So tks again guys and I bid you adieu !! (and for those who want to chat, there is always msn ) GM OFF
  2. xwingyoda

    Happy Birthday Batbrick!

    Happy bday BB !! However cheating on ages like that is far from funny IMO. Since you're too young for cake here are presents:
  3. Lool, I totally agree with you about how the hair is too conservative, too "clean" I would love to see Mutt's hair in reddish brown to match the original colour We would combine the best of both worlds there.
  4. xwingyoda

    Problems buying new Indy sets....

    Hum actually I don't think its that bad at all !! Its pretty decent in fact. Let me take 1 non licence example. 7625 is the samre price as the City truck and forklift (7733) set. Indy has 4 figs, 1 vehicle, 1 zodiac and many accessories whereas the other has only 2 figs and a bigger vehicle sure. But Indy is a licence and has lot of dark green which I imagine would inflate the price. Really not bad at all
  5. xwingyoda

    EB MOC Triathlon

    Oh boy !! Now those contests really invade that forum as well, all I have to say is bravo !! very cleaver indeed !!
  6. xwingyoda

    EB MOC Triathlon

    And how does that relate to Lego news ?
  7. xwingyoda

    Any Formula 1 racing fans out there?

    And I'm relieved to see that heiki is safe and sound after his crash at 230 km/h !! And I would loke to congratulate the French in this GP !! When a French driver crashes like a retard in a French car its really the Marks Brothers playing with small cars This season is realy interesting !! Its not onl a 2 team competing and thats great !! BMW proved to have a fantastic car and Renault made great progress !! Its going to be hot in Turkey in 2 weeks !! F1 forever !!
  8. xwingyoda

    Root'n Toot'n Wild West Poll

    Even though I am not a true WWW (sorry but for me WW stands for Worl War) fan, I did take that survey that I find very interesting !! On Q1 I voted it depends. I am not a fan per se but I'm always for good parts and Mfs. On Q2 I voted for the historical battles of the 1800 !! As a history fan I would love to recretate huge battlefields I visited like Manassas (or Bulls Run depending...) and so many US civil war sites. Thgat would be fantastic for army builders and would be perfect to have new sweet ships !! On Q3 I voted other. OK I am not a fan from the original line but I voted for army builders set !! Sure there are the blue cavalery dudes, but I'm really missing the guys in grey !! On Q4 I voted history buff. I loved those classical western movies and especially the Wild Bunch (the best of them all !!). On Q5 I voted cannons. I love those parts and I really miss them !!
  9. There you go guys: It looks kind of good but I have difficulties going away from the original Han hairdo Wig On !!
  10. xwingyoda

    Problems buying new Indy sets....

    I found the new Indy 4 yesterday at TRU in the suburbs of Paris. They ahd the 3 sets except the big Temple. The hunt is so On now EDIT: here are prices * 7624: 11.99€ * 7625: 24.99€ * 7626: 44.99€
  11. xwingyoda

    Review: 7626 Indiana Jones - Jungle Cutter

    I just confirmed that
  12. xwingyoda

    Review: 7626 Indiana Jones - Jungle Cutter

    49 ?? Wow I paid 44.99 (so 5€ more hehe)
  13. xwingyoda

    What did you buy today?

    Indy 4 sets yeay baby yeay !! * 7624 x2 11.99€ each (weird since 7620 is 1€ more expensive loool) * 7625 x1 * 7626 x1 And I got 8€ off on that Indy On !!
  14. xwingyoda

    Review: 7626 Indiana Jones - Jungle Cutter

    Wow I did not realize that at all Since I just bought the 3 Indy sets today I opened that one yto take a comparison shot !! Tks for the pointer I used the flash to really show the details !! The new one (on top) has a longer barrel and sweeted details
  15. xwingyoda

    2008 Picture thread

    Yeay finally news !! Are we sure they are keychains and not bag charms ?? I hope its bag charm because I love its packaging I really love the landspeeder and the Slave 1 looks decent. On the other hand the JSF looks like real crap IMO, and like commented above, printed parts for that is really a lost of time and money !! I will still need to get those for the collection