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    MOC: Iveco Eurocargo + PF

    That is so cool! Play factor is going through the roof and all is packed in such a small volume. It would be nice to see the internals. I am so making this for my son. Thanks for showing.
  2. BrickMark

    Review: 10233 Horizon Express

    This train looks amazing! Thank you for the review. Too bad LEGO didn't sent one in october. The double VIP points would make the public order plenty of them in advance I would think. I will be buying at least 2 of them and motorize. To make a representation of the real one you would need 4 of them, . Few layouts will have that much room.
  3. BrickMark

    Could this be a new "golden age" of LEGO train?

    Hello, I am partly agreeing with the OP. However as born again Lego fan coming from the 12V era a lot more interresting sets have to come out as well as auxiliary equipment to match the quality, originality and diversity of what was available during the 80's. Although the internet helps tremendously with (re)creating the best objects ever, still a lot is missing to call this a Golden Age. Like a poster before me said: It is more like a Bronze Age. But it could be indeed become a new Golden Age. I'm sure everybody will hope for this!
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    ...Brickmark took a leap

    Hello, I call myself Brickmark but normally people call me Mark. I'm from the Netherlands and recently started collecting Lego again. My main interests are in the City and Train category. My first acquisitions since 20 years or so were the 7938 passenger train and the 7939 Cargo train. (december 2011) At this moment my biggest regret is getting rid of all my old Lego about 10 years ago. I had a lot of sets from the early eighties, on of which was the 7823 Container Crane Depot . So in the meantime that I've started, I've been confiscating some room in our additional bedroom with a 125 x 175 cm table. Made a nice layout with some additional tracks and made it look nicer with some modular buildings and a Maersk Train. I work as a Superintendent in Civil Engineering and work in different countries with a 4 week on and 2 week leave schedule. That gives me plenty of time to spent on my hobbies. I also promised my wife to clear the Lego while I'm away. The table I've made is detachable and can be placed vertically and creating sort of a cabinet. So untill we move to a larger home I will be primarily occupied with building and taking apart my Lego City. I have been following some topics in the forum and planning to start some of my own to show everybody what I've created and my future plans. Thanks for reading! Mark