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    Building Mortesv's Nebulon-B Thread

    Congratulations- much happiness for you and the expanding family!
  2. bluedragon

    Building Mortesv's Nebulon-B Thread

    I would suggest another color change for part 4276 from dark bley to dark gray
  3. bluedragon

    Building Mortesv's Nebulon-B Thread

    I managed to transfer the parts list to a .bsx file. I am going to incorporate the changes you pointed out earlier on and then I will forward to Cjd as well. Need to get those trans-clear cylinders back I'm afraid ;-)!!
  4. bluedragon

    Building Mortesv's Nebulon-B Thread

    I was on the fence but succumbed! Congratulations on such an amazing project! Has anyone made a .bsx file with the parts list you would be willing to share? Thanks!
  5. bluedragon

    Apple Square University

    Great building! The interiors reveal "inside information"!
  6. bluedragon

    [MOC] Rivendell

    WOW! My favorite parts are the waterfalls and the path going up the hill on the right hand side. Beautiful work!
  7. bluedragon

    MOC: roadster California (real convertable!)

    Amazing design! Love the glove compartment and adjustable steering.
  8. 9. alois-1 21. domino39-2 27. Myko-2
  9. bluedragon

    Modular Madness: Passage Parisien

    My favourite entry so far. Beautiful modular building- tres chic!
  10. bluedragon

    Modular Cake Shop in Progress

    This baby wasn't cheap ! I got all the parts from Bricklink and spent over US$700. I spent a long time on this to keep shipping costs down by identifying stores with high numbers of parts. In some cases it paid off to split into multiple orders and pay additional shipping to get cheaper parts though. I left out things like the basket ball, hats, the tree at the front, etc. and had to make some replacements when certain parts were not available in the right colour. Despite my best efforts, I still needed over 20 orders and generally placed an order every couple of days. Of course you could do it in one go but Lego is only one of the things I have to keep my nights busy ! I will need a few weeks to get to where Agatheron left so bear with me...
  11. bluedragon

    Modular Cake Shop in Progress

    I was really enjoying the progress but with Agatheron giving up I had no choice but to buy the instructions and the parts I am waiting for the last few parts and will upload pictures picking up where Agatheron left off. Disclosure: I work full time and have a small child so expect slow progress!
  12. bluedragon

    Modular Cake Shop in Progress

    Did you give it up Agatheron??
  13. bluedragon

    MOC: Bricklyn Borough Courthouse

    This is amazing! Working elevator or not, I'd buy this one rather than the town hall if I could!!
  14. bluedragon

    Modular Cake Shop in Progress

    Hi there! I've also bought the instructions for the Cake Shop. I was wondering if you had progressed to the finished product yet and have a request- have you compiled a xml file with the inventory to source the parts from Bricklink? That would save me a lot of time and would be greatly appreciated!!