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  1. Ah ha, but I know the truth.

  2. Bane doesn't criticise profiles, he breaks people.

  3. KNOWS you're all idiots.

  4. Poison Ivy

    Heroica RPG - Heroica Hall

    At the last second, Alisha signs up for Quest #39, the party being herself, Dak Shadeaux, and Nagure. She also signs up for Quest #38.
  5. You're just lucky that Mrs Queen hasn't yet critisised your profile.

  6. Poison Ivy

    Heroica RPG - Expert Job Class Discussion

    Not always, for example if there were two Lvl 10 enemies and a Lvl 5 enemy, the hero could choose to hit either Lvl 10 enemy until one or both are defeated, in which case they would attack the Lvl 5 enemy. I dunno, I haven't figured that out yet. That would be great, thanks for the input!
  7. Poison Ivy

    Heroica RPG - Expert Job Class Discussion

    How do you mean? Thanks for the feedback! Dammit, I did forget to say that it could carry shields. The permananantly Slowed effect is a good idea too. I was going with the more literal interpretation of the word "Juggernaut", which the dictionary says means "a huge, powerful, or overwhelming force or institution". That's what I was going for there, something that can kill enemies quickly. Capt. JohnPaul's idea for permanently Slowed makes sense though, I'm going to change it so that either that becomes a job trait or the Shield leaves the Juggernaut Stunned for the next round, similar to a Black Knight's shield skill.
  8. Poison Ivy

    Jedi Temple Mafia

    Where did you get this emoticon!?
  9. Poison Ivy

    Heroica RPG - Expert Job Class Discussion

    A little something I came up with earlier: Juggernaut *picture coming* Health Bonus +13 These fighters brutally obliterate enemies with no regard for personal safety. Job traits: Risky:The Juggernaut can only target the enemy with the highest level. Destroyer: The Juggernaut hits hard, but can only target one enemy at a time (similar to a Berserker) Intimidation: The Juggernaut uses their armored appearance to strike fear into other's hearts. Challenger: The Juggernaut never flees from a fight, even when a Smoke Bomb is thrown. SHIELD: Rolling Hero: The Juggernaut attacks the three enemies with the most remaining HP with strength equal to five times their weapon power added to their level. (e.g. WP:10 x 5 + level 30 = 80 damage to three enemies) EXTREMELY CRITICAL HIT: The Juggernaut hits the enemy with strength equal to three times their weapon power added to their level times two. (e.g WP:10 x 3 + level 30 x 2 = 90 damage to the target. POWERFUL HIT: The Juggernaut hits the target with strength equal to two times their weapon power added to their level. (e.g. WP:10 x 2 + level 30 = 50 damage) HELPER: The Juggernaut aids an ally below it in the battle order, hitting the ally's target with their weapon power only (e.g. WP:10 = 10 damage done) DAMAGING COUNTER: The Juggernaut is damaged by it's opponent, but strikes back with its bare hands, dealing damage back to the enemy equal to the Juggernaut's level only. SPECIAL COUNTER: The Juggernaut is struck by it's opponent's Special, but has a 50/50 chance of deflecting the special back to the target (determined by a dice roll)
  10. Poison Ivy

    Heroica RPG - Heroica Hall

    "Oh, shut the (censored for your mind's benefit) up, people. Someone's trying to get some rest around here," Alisha mutters, head on the table. She sees, through half-lidded eyes, the idiot what's-his-name-can't-cook-bear walking out of the hall with some undead hero, and mutters some more curse words under her breath, some of which she had learned from a mentor of hers. This man (well, he wasn't really a man, more of a squid) could make you go mad with one word (Trust us, he lost friends fast). She was the only one who could listen to him for more than a few seconds, and she had picked up a few curses in his language. If anyone in the hall had heard them, they would promptly fall dead on the spot. Luckily, she didn't think anyone had. Maybe that would be a good way to get rid of Pretzel, she thought, falling into a deep sleep and dreaming of killing all the idiots in the hall, a vicious smile coming across her face.
  11. Poison Ivy

    Heroica RPG - Heroica Hall

    "Alisha. Not hungry, don't care for bear or rabbit anyways." "Shut the hell up, jackass," Alisha says, not caring that she's actually furthering the Rogue's point with this comment. "Why do all you men think that women are too weak to fight their own battles? Between you and Leo, I would have myself a private guard. If you really want to fight my battles for me, then buzz the hell off." "He's probably used to eating it raw, like me." Seeing strange looks directed at her, Alisha says, "What? You don't eat your meat raw? " "Okay, now you're just being frickin' stupid."
  12. Poison Ivy

    Realm of the Mad God

    I'm on right now if anyone wants to play.
  13. Poison Ivy

    Heroica RPG General Discussion

    Stuff. None-of-your-concern stuff.
  14. Poison Ivy

    Heroica RPG - Heroica Hall

    OOC: Megablocks, forgot to put that axe in there and take out the swords.... IC: "Disappointed in me?" Alisha laughs. "This is rich, coming from someone who somehow manages to hate people he's never met, let alone knows."