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  1. zergu

    MOC: Labyrinth of the Minotaur

    thanks for the kind comments guys (",) he was pointing out one of the details i missed out, in the legend theseus used a string to help him find his way out from the maze. i will try to do better next time! ;)
  2. zergu

    Home Sweet Groan.

    amazing detail, technique and color choice! man, i'm light years behind....
  3. zergu


    this is just amazing! the techniques are a mystery to me, i don't have any idea how you built that at all
  4. zergu

    [Moc] Stonewall Castle

    very nice design! especially like the castle
  5. Hi guys just a small MOC from me, "Labyrinth of the Minotaur" C&C welcome :)
  6. zergu

    Volcano, Islander Island

    nicely put together! classic style is endearing as always :)
  7. zergu

    MOC: Aztec Sacrifice

    spartanec2011: thanks! you're right, more spectators would have made it better. also something substantial to hold the victim down like a chain thomas_w: thanks! yup, that was the intention
  8. zergu

    MOC: Aztec Sacrifice

    thanks guys, appreciate ur comments!
  9. zergu

    MOC: Hunting in the Loch

    really like the rockwork and the use of minifig stands!
  10. zergu

    MOC: Bombur

    nicely done! great MOC
  11. Hi guys, here's a small MOC from me. As many will notice, i copied that aztec face from the indiana jones temple of the crystal skull set. comments welcome and thanks for viewing :)
  12. zergu

    MOC: Soldier's Bastion @Tortuga

    thanks man, totally agree with u abt the exposure of the bottom plates. i have actually done something abt it already, just something to cover it up and "frame" the MOC. will post pics later :)
  13. zergu

    MOC: Soldier's Bastion @Tortuga

    thanks for the props guys (",)
  14. zergu

    The Spanish Fort

    simply love it, splendid colors and the cannon is really good!
  15. [pid][/pid]226B Hi guys, this is my first MOC for the pirates theme. been wanting to make an MOC using POTC minifigs for a long time... and finally here it is. hope u guys like it and all c&c are welcome (",) *note: the hello kitty flag was my wife's request... no choice