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  1. nausicaakro

    What Collectible MiniFig Is Your Favorite Army Builder?

    hello! My favourite army builder is: 1# roman soldiers: I have 100 of them so i have a "legio" in 1:10 scale ... Uploaded with Uploaded with 2# spartan warriors: only 33 for me... Serie 2 was very hard to find in italy.... Usally a game shop received only 1-3 box... so I visited about 10 shop in Lombardia to find them. Ufff 3# elves: 20. ... 4# zombies: 10 have a nice day! Nausi
  2. nausicaakro

    Collectable Minifigure Sightings & Availability

    I found my 10 new and fantastic maidens. This was an easy hunt. Enjoy it! Nausi
  3. nausicaakro

    Collectable Minifigure Sightings & Availability

    They are also in italy! Bought today 1 complete series, 10 knights, 10 cyclops + some spares... Nausi
  4. Ah! In italy we'll se them in 3-4 weeks! I wish to live in USA... :-( Nausi
  5. nausicaakro

    LEGO Collectable Minifigures Series 8 poll

    no new ideas in my post but... 1°: actor minifigs (for the printing details and the elizabethian age collar) 2°: conquistador for army building (so sad for the gold colour...) 3°: ancient diver for bioshock mockup cheers nausi
  6. nausicaakro

    Collectable Minifigures: Feeling the Packets

    I visited 10 Little toy-shop in Milan and after 3 big toy'ur us. It was a really hard challenge. I think my wife hate me! :-) Nausi
  7. nausicaakro

    Collectable Minifigures: Feeling the Packets

    Ah! I enjoy this topic. I'm sorry but i'll try to be honest. I'm one of the terrible & hated minifigs hunter. I use the feeling method to find and buy 102 romans! The same for the other minifigs: zombie, elf or spartan. For me the best thing in this the hunt itself! I'm not a reseller, i collect all the minis I buy. Sometimes after my perfect work another customer cannot find a particular minifigs. Well it is normal, in this game the winner is the first, Smart and full-of-money man. I'm not Consider myself a bad man for this. Sometimes I helped kids to find what they want (NOT for the spartans sorry) :-) but in every game there is loser... And LEGO and collecting lego (and feeling the packets) is a game! Nausicaa (i really hate barcode or dots, you can enjoy the hunting only with the feeling method!)
  8. nausicaakro

    How Many Minifigs do you own?

    Hello, i'm nausicaakro from italy. That's my minifigs collection (for now ^_^) lego (nauricaakro) minifigures (collectible) 98 zombie 10 musketteers 20 gladiator 5 braveheart 5 ladies 5 spartans 33 GB royal guards 20 radiation boys 5 star wars clones 84 stormtrooper 78 snowtrooper 23 scoutrooper 20 TIE pilotes 10 officials (empire) 14 headquarter (empire red guard) 5 mandalorians 20 rebels (ep IV) 40 rebels (hoth) 21 x wing (pilotes) 11 character (ep I-VI) 40 medieval and fantasy army elves 20 dwarves 40 orcs 102 bull knights (1990) 30 new green dragon soldiers (2010) 35 skeletron armies 80 crown soldiers (blue - 2008) 70 crown soldiers (red - 2010) 10 farmers 15 forest man (1990) 39 crusader (1980-1990) 192 crusader knights (1980-1990) 55 dragon soldier with lorica (1990) 65 vintage armies (1978-1980) 48 black falcons (1980-1990) 172 black falcons knights (1980-1990) 45 pirates red soldiers (old) 30 blue soldiers (old) 45 red soldiers (new) 52 islanders 10 pirates 50 other armies romans 56 vikings 40 cowboys 19 7th (with horse) 39 indians 35 others spaceman (vintage) 15 mangaboys 10 heroes 9 monsters 20 harry potter 40 adventurers 12 indiana jones 9 various 16 TOTAL 2092 cheers, nausi
  9. nausicaakro

    LEGO Star Wars 2012 Pictures and Rumors

    I saw the secret retailer catalogue this mornig. The new star wars figures are great. 9489 set (endor battlepack) is nice, but the 2 rebels figures havent printed legs. i like also the 3 Little planets sets. The naboo starfighter is very well done. The planetes mold Are alzo VERY big Nausicaa
  10. In italy series 6 will arrive in january Sadly the roman soldier will have a standard lance (like the spartan) instead a new mold pilum :-(( Nausicaa
  11. nausicaakro

    Review: 7952 Kingdoms Advent Calendar

    same thing for me. I bought it in september and I decided to open it in december. Now the time is coming! nausi
  12. nausicaakro

    Pharaoh's Quest 2011

    Great job dear friend. But the spoiler season is not yet end... nausi
  13. nausicaakro

    2011 NINJAGO sets

    the spinnig top aren't buidable, they are big pieces. In every set there is: 1 top, 1 minifigs, 3 weapons and 1 cardand a lot of packaging. The ninjago "normal" sets IMHO are terrible, juniorsize, a strange mix between old lego kingdome and the last airbender. nausi
  14. nausicaakro

    2011 Atlantis sets

    for me it is a very good minifigs, I like it! It's cool and "wild". Go lego go! nausi
  15. nausicaakro

    Pharaoh's Quest 2011

    they are quite similar to the old adventurers, there is also the indiana's bag in a new color: sand. nausi