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  1. This was incredibly impressive to see in person at LEGO World. Excellent work!
  2. Hello everyone, I'd like to share this Ogre Encampment with you! This was built for the Lego store community window here in Columbus. The architecture was highly inspired by the Warcraft franchise. Comments and questions are welcome! Flickr set link
  3. Combee

    [MOC] Ogre Encampment

    Thank you again everyone! To answer some of your questions: It's pretty simple. I just have hinge plates underneath the wedge plates to create the angles. I would love to build some larger Warcraft creations, it's just hard to find the time. It's just like The_Cook said. I had white plates around the edges and brown in the center under the trans-green tiles. Bright green would have probably looked better rather than the white, as it is I think the contrast is to great between the shades.
  4. Hello fellow Eurobrick-ers, Ash & Pikachu from Combee!, on Flickr. I started working on this last fall but took a long break and just recently finished it up. Originally I was pretty happy about using the new Mixel ball joints on him but, after having built him, they make him pretty unstable. Thank you for looking!
  5. Hello Eurobricks, I'd like to present you with a collaborative build that I made with BrickJunky for Brickworld Chicago. The idea was to present our interpretation of a themed GBC (Great Ball Contraption), though this build does not follow the established standards for a GBC. For those unfamiliar, a Great Ball Contraption is essentially a machine that moves balls from one place to another in creative ways. We were incredibly honored to be nominated for Best Mechanical build at Brickworld and I'd like to thank everyone who came up and talked to us at the event. It was my first Brickworld and I was blown away by the support from everybody! In particular I'd like to thank Steve Hassenplug and everyone from the GBC section for their help and support and we look forward to incorporating a similar build into the actual GBC layout! Be sure to watch the video! Enjoy!
  6. Combee

    [MOC] Ogre Encampment

    Here you go. Hope this helps!
  7. Combee

    [MOC] Ogre Encampment

    Wow, thank you all so much for the kind comments!
  8. Combee

    MOC: Great Boardwalk Carnival

    Thank you so much! Thank you, that was our inspiration for making it! Haha, thank you!
  9. Combee

    Weird Extra Numbers on Bricks

    That's exactly it. They likely have multiple molds for each part so the first number is the mold number and the second number is the cavity number within that particular mold. Exactly. Imagine that they start noticing a problem that occasionally happens with a certain kind of brick that they are producing. Each of their molds has multiple cavities and produces multiple parts with each injection. By referencing the cavity number on the part they know which cavity to check for problems.
  10. Combee

    Ch II: Team Simon: Cat B: Ereg Durin

    Wow! Wonderful water work and I absolutely love how you used those dark tan vines.
  11. Combee

    MOC: Arkham Asylum; Relative Insanity

    I got to see this at Brickworld this past weekend and it's even better in person! A wonderful build and congratulations on the award
  12. Combee

    Pokémon: Ash and Pikachu

    Wonderful! Thank you so much! Good idea. I think I didn't consider the HF joints because of size but looking at it now that shouldn't be an issue.
  13. Having seen the Lego movie today, without spoiling how/when, Milhouse shows up in it. I think this pretty much confirms him to be appearing in the series (not that I would expect Lego not to make him).
  14. For me it's definitely a Gondor soldier with a new helm piece.
  15. Combee

    The LEGO Movie Sets News and Discussion

    I normally hate flickfires but: flickfire plungers, flickfire popsicles! A unique mustache element that you can attach to any minifig! These sets are awesome
  16. Combee

    VIP Event - What to expect?

    I got an invite there for the first time this year. Can't say that it was because of my spending - I don't think I spent that much there this year. Is there an easy way to check that?
  17. I realize that, but the initial release date was for the summer so Lego may have had a hard time changing their plans? They already had to readjust when it was split into three movies. Here's some more pictures of Beorn for those interested.
  18. I wonder if the next wave of sets is also for The Hobbit because the initial release date for the 3rd film was supposed to be this summer?
  19. Oh good call! I didn't notice that. The Gandalf at Dol Guldur polybag is #30213 so I think it's likely!
  20. I was looking at the back of the instruction booklet and noticed something interesting. It seems we may have a Lake-town Guard polybag coming up! Set number 30216? Notice the regular Lake-town guard on the right side. This would be an awesome polybag to get considering how hard it's going to be to army build these wonderful minifigs.
  21. To those worried about Thranduil's ears being too low based on the initial images we saw: it looks much better in person. I don't see the problem.
  22. I just picked up some of the new sets from ToysRUs and I can confirm that Beorn's head/hair is one piece, as you guys suspected. Disappointing about no ad for more LOTR sets but we can still hope.
  23. Combee

    The Simpsons 2014 Rumors & Discussion

    Do you think they can use the chihuahua mold from the CMF but with new printing for Santa's Little Helper?
  24. Combee

    LEGO Star Wars 2014 Pictures and Rumors

    Hmm... looking at the Chewbacca image closely.. does he have slightly taller legs? That would certainly be nice.
  25. Combee

    LEGO Star Wars 2014 Pictures and Rumors

    Haha good call! I'm assuming those are stand-ins for a new element like this: