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  1. Hyler Talliwell


    Sorry for the late response, it's a yellow classic space helmet around the black ball joint. There's a 1x1 clip with the horizontal studs that hold it in place out of the viewport of the helmet.
  2. Hyler Talliwell


    As I seem to have entered a cute period of building, I decided to make a niffler from the "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them" movie. He's a chubby little guy just looking to steal some of your shinies... Niffler by The Deathly Halliwell, on Flickr Niffler(2) by The Deathly Halliwell, on Flickr Niffler(3) by The Deathly Halliwell, on Flickr Thanks for viewing! He will be at BW Indy and BW Chicago.
  3. Hyler Talliwell

    [MOC] Ancient Ruins

    I started DM-ing a game of Pathfinder this past semester and wanted to make a related fantasy/adventurer creation. Thus, I made this after Christmas. The six adventurers are representative of the party I accomodate, though this scene has nothing to do with the current campaign. Cultists and tentacle monsters are just too fun to exclude. From left to right, the party consists of: Moe Relle: somewhat fungal alchemist Percivillius Del Ingullfson-Fuego: HUman Wizard Arken: Aasimar Cleric Aust Ilfukir: Elf Ranger Grunch (hanging): Half-orc Barbarian Lefil Nawud: Sylph Rogue Enjoy! Ancient Ruins by The Deathly Halliwell, on Flickr Ancient Ruins (2) by The Deathly Halliwell, on Flickr
  4. Hyler Talliwell

    [TheFrozen Beyond, Cat C] Skaven Incinerator

    This is fantastic, the bellows are amazing. Wonderful job!
  5. Hyler Talliwell

    Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare - Figures

    These are great! Wonderful job, so much character in them all.
  6. Hyler Talliwell

    The Ghost of Lady Sharpe

    Hello all! My latest Lego build is a bust of Lady Sharpe from Guillermo Del Toro's Crimson Peak. While not a major figure in the movie, an album filled with pictures of the ghost actors in their prosthetic make-up made me interested in doing this build. It joins my collection of Del Toro figures; the faun, Pale Man, and Hellboy. Enjoy! Lady Sharpe by The Deathly Halliwell, on Flickr Lady Sharpe2 by The Deathly Halliwell, on Flickr Close-up by The Deathly Halliwell, on Flickr Back Angle by The Deathly Halliwell, on Flickr Thanks for viewing! Feel free to leave a comment or concern. :)
  7. Hyler Talliwell

    [MOC] General Barc

    Pretty great, I love the crab!
  8. Hyler Talliwell


    Hello all, I wanted to post the skull that I built for the Rivers of Hell project (https://flic.kr/g/qZVdL). It's my favorite piece from the project and was built to detach from the diorama for display. The skull is life-sized. Skull - Study by The Deathly Halliwell, on Flickr Skull-front by The Deathly Halliwell, on Flickr Skull- side by The Deathly Halliwell, on Flickr Skull-angle by The Deathly Halliwell, on Flickr Thanks for viewing!
  9. Hyler Talliwell

    The Rivers of Hell

    Thanks all! Glad the special themes people enjoyed these, it seemed the most fitting forum for the collab.
  10. Hyler Talliwell

    The Rivers of Hell

    Mihai Marius Mihu and I would like to share our collaboration, the Rivers of Hell from Greek mythology. Please visit the group on flickr for the concept art developed during the project as well as studies of some of the builds: https://flic.kr/g/qZVdL For now, just enjoy the pictures. Acheron by Mihai Marius Mihu, on Flickr The Acheron, river of woe, is the first river reached by the dead on their final journey. Countless souls are whisked across the black depths by Charon, ferryman of Hades. Each soul pays but one coin to cross yet Charon’s wealth must equal that of Midas himself. Styx by The Deathly Halliwell, on Flickr The Styx, river of hate, tumbles from cliffs and past a thorny shore. This river, central to the oaths of the Gods, offers no comfort to the souls of the dead. On its shore stalk the Erinyes, visiting justice upon criminal souls. Cocytus by Mihai Marius Mihu, on Flickr The Cocytus, river of wailing, pools its stinking depths around those who deserve unending torture. This foul swamp offers little reprieve to Sisyphus as he again approaches the summit, thinking that this time may be his last. Here also Ixion turns on his wheel, mud and flies coating his flesh for eternity. Lethe by The Deathly Halliwell, on Flickr The Lethe, river of forgetfulness, winds through the cave of Hypnos and across the plains of Hell. It is here that spirits come, drinking deep of its waters and forgetting their mortal lives. Atop his cave, Hypnos dreams. Phlegethon by The Deathly Halliwell, on Flickr The Phlegethon, river of fire, churns through the bowels of Hell, boiling the souls of the damned. As it coils down to the deepest depths of Hell it approaches that prison of the titans, dreadful Tartarus. The great guardian beast Cerberus patrols this river as well as it travels the borders of the underworld. Thanks for viewing!
  11. Hyler Talliwell

    Brickworld Lafayette 2015

    Hey guys, it's a bit early, but there'll be a small-ish Brickworld expo event at the Tippecanoe County Fairgrounds on November 21st and 22nd. As the show is in my hometown, I will be bringing 4 tables of my own creations and know of quite a few other displayers who will be there as well. As this is an expo and not a convention, displays are by invitation only, but if any Euro-brickers are in the area feel free to stop on by and see the builds! Hopefully Bryan isn't sad that he didn't get to make this post but given the lack of posts for the other 2015 expos, I decided to just go ahead and do so myself. All pertinent info can be found here: http://www.brickworld.us/lafayette/
  12. Hyler Talliwell

    MOC: Alexandrine Parakeet Chick

    As usual, beautiful work. I really love these animals.
  13. Hyler Talliwell

    [MOC] Delphina Leuca (SHIPtember)

    Wow, it is quite similar though I hadn't seen that ship in a long time. Perhaps I should give that one a go... Thanks for the feedback all!
  14. Hyler Talliwell

    [MOC] Delphina Leuca (SHIPtember)

    It's a good one! And easy to find... Our ships must have visited the same quadrant. :)
  15. Hyler Talliwell

    [MOC] Delphina Leuca (SHIPtember)

    The Monodon Class transport ship is ideal for the migration of large groups of individuals across the solar system. With its massive fuel tank in the rear and large amount of cargo space along the spine, few ships are better for long star voyages. Though well equipped to detect and transfer information due to the sizeable frontal sensor array, the lack of armaments makes the addition of escort ships alongside these behemoths a common sight. My 20-odd hour entry to Simon's Sci-fi festival of SHIPtember. Based on this bit of <a href="http://benhassad.dev...eship-74260485" rel="nofollow">concept art</a> It falls in just over 110 studs in length. I had a lot of fun doing the front but began to run out of both bricks and time for the back. Still a better showing than glorified frame of last year. Apologies for the bad picture, I had to make do with a less than stellar camera and a sunny porch. Better pictures may be taken at a future post-September date. Delphina Leuca by The Deathly Halliwell, on Flickr Delphina Leuca by The Deathly Halliwell, on Flickr Delphina Leuca front by The Deathly Halliwell, on FlickrDelphina Leuca front by The Deathly Halliwell, on Flickr Thanks for looking, it's fun to be in the sci-fi forum. :)