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  1. It is to there to make the chassis stiffer. The axle connector hadn't been introduced yet, so universal connector is what they used.
  2. Lost_In_Noise

    [WIP] Komatsu Dozer

    Me too, keep us posted!
  3. Lost_In_Noise

    Project Shipyard

    Well done! Congrats. As long as it's low-count production, you won't have a problem with TLG i presume.
  4. Lost_In_Noise

    What other hobbies do you have?

    Photography, guitar, singing in a choir, downhill skiing, stand-up-paddling, sailing, reading a lot of books when I'm away somewhere, playing video games. That's probably it. During the uptake on guitar, my time devoted to lego building has faded away to almost nothing. I still have quite a collection, but mostly just gathering dust. Maybe my nephew will find some joy in it later on.
  5. Very nice looking truck. It works really well for the scale. For an idea of how to make the steering work, check out http://lego.brickinstructions.com/lego_instructions/set/9390/Mini_Tow_Truck on page 14. At least, that's almost the smallest steering setup I've seen.
  6. Can't we just stop bashing, stick to the topic, and see just how far someone can push the current parts? It's like MythBusters, only with Lego instead of welding and stuff. Keep the pics and videos coming!
  7. Good job, Jerry. Too bad about the RC motor. But still, it can't contain the power source, so no real lego flight yet...
  8. Very nice work. I was surprised to see you've also included suspension:)
  9. Very nicely done, and with such few parts. The only improvement I can think of would be to use a pullback motor for that all-technical feel.
  10. Yeah, 8455 is the best overall set imo, but it's not very technical with is simple steering setup, no 4wd and no suspension. I understand they made these choices to keep parts count down, or to make it easier to build. The playability is 100%, so that's a huge plus.
  11. Tommy: They showed an RC lego zeppeliner at the last Brickfair i think. But the point here is to make something that generates its own uplift, without being held up by an external force (hot air stream, hot air, or a lighter-than-air gas of some kind.
  12. The power has to be sustained, and the movement controllable for me to accept it as flying lego: A purpose-built flying machine. I don't see that day coming anytime soon. The weight is too great, the power too little, and the controls to flimsy. An airplane of some sort wold never work, because it would have to go so fast to maintain altitude that the plastic flaps would bend under the air pressure. A helicopter would require an engine which consumes so much power that it burns through the battery in no time at all. With todays battery solutions provided by the Lego Group, this will, sadly, never happen...