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  1. The Daphne Blue Strat

    LEGO Pirate Photography

    The Lieutenant On The Quarterdeck. It's my avatar/profile image, yeah...but this is a bigger version of it. :)
  2. The Daphne Blue Strat

    St. Elizabeth Parish Church - Port of Brick Royal

    It's beautiful, indeed! Just one question: did you build a churchbell?
  3. The Daphne Blue Strat

    What do you want to see in the next round of the new line?

    I love the idea of a Medieval Village-type set! I personally don't want bluecoats yet; as many before me have said, there need to be more redcoats (and as Mr. Cantu said, more face variety). Everybody is talking about a redcoat ship, but let's remember that there's only been one new ship released, period. Let's see what the next pirate ship will look like!
  4. The Daphne Blue Strat

    To add backpacks or not?

    I vote "no" for the new soldiers, as it mostly hides the lovely backprinting. In my personal collection, I don't have enough backpacks for *any* of my armies to be fully equipped, so I don't even bother trying.
  5. The Daphne Blue Strat

    What Pirate sets do you want?

    Brickbeard's Bounty, of course. And about 600 more Cannon Battles. But most of all, the new soldier fort!
  6. The Daphne Blue Strat

    Any Idea When the Next Pirate Sets will be announced?

    Maybe this doesn't mean anything, but I picked up a brochure for Legoland Schaumburg while I was downtown last week, and they have "Pirates", along with a picture of the new pirate captain (whose name I've forgotten), stamped across "Summer" on the brochure's miniature calander of events. Maybe it's just some kind of "celebration month", but it seems to me that it would be a prime time for them to showcase a new set or two. Could be nothing, of course. ((edit: corrected a misstatement on my part))
  7. The Daphne Blue Strat

    MOC Inspiration Help?

    I've found that, as Dave pointed out, modifying a set is often a good way to generate ideas. Some of my best MOCs started as modifications of other sets.
  8. The Daphne Blue Strat

    Lego Vs Playmobil

    I'm going with Richie and Ken: Playmobil's specific set was undoubtedly first,'s a raft. It's not like they copied a major set or even a particularly unique idea.
  9. The Daphne Blue Strat

    PC Game - Empire: Total War

    Finally got Empire: Total War...and it's excellent. The first time my column of redcoats hiding behind a stone wall repelled a charge of Swedish cavalry more than twice their number, I knew I was hooked.
  10. The Daphne Blue Strat

    How many cannon do you have?

    - 8 old (non-shooting) in brown carriages - 34 old (non-shooting) in red carriages - 4 new (shooting!) in red carriages - 2 new (shooting!) in brown carriages (switched 'em from red myself, obviously)
  11. The Daphne Blue Strat

    How Many Minifigs do you own?

    Brickset says I have 284 (from the sets I could remember that I had). Deducting figures I know I've sold and adding a bunch I bought on Bricklink, I'd say I've got ~300.
  12. The Daphne Blue Strat

    SigFig Artworks

    I'd love a picture of this guy. The thing he's holding is a telescope, if it wasn't apparent. Whenever you get around to rush! ((edit: Sorry about that...didn't realize it was that big!))
  13. The Daphne Blue Strat

    Hound Knight's Artwork Banners!

    These are, quite simply, amazing, and I would love to see more!
  14. The Daphne Blue Strat

    How many rowing boats do you have?

    If I recall correctly, I have: - 5 new blue-grey - 4 old brown - 4 red
  15. The Daphne Blue Strat

    Return of the Spaniards

    I would much rather they flesh out the current pirates and soldiers rather than prematurely add a "sub-theme".