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  1. Howdy Eurobricks! The fifth annual Creations for Charity fundraiser has just begun. This is an opportunity for builders to donate custom Lego Creations and raise money to buy Lego for underprivileged children during the holidays. In addition, it's a chance for buyers to own an original Lego creation. MOC donations are currently being accepted until November 15, and the store will open from October 15 to November 30. What is Creations for Charity? T How you can help You can support us through 3 ways: 1. Donate MOC(s) 2. Buy MOC(s) 1. MOC donations are accepted through our main website, simply fill out the donation form. Donations are accepted until November 15th. 2. Donated MOCs can be purchased through our Bricklink store. If your MOC donation goes over a certain amount, we will send you a Thank you gift ! Donations contributing more than $50 to the fundraier: Donations contribute more than $100 to the fundraier: Donations contribute more than $150 to the fundraiser, you will receive this year’s new ornament gift featuring 4 printed tiles on an ornament designed by Chris McVeigh. Lastly, if you have any questions feel free to send me a message or post here. Thanks! Check out the Bricklink shop for purchasing some great, unique builds here. Donate your own creations here. Read even more here. Some great builders sold beautiful creations like these: and more....
  2. Donut

    Which set should I buy?

    A cheaper alternative to acquiring the turtles is to buy the keychains and pull out the pin on the top. The downside is a hole on the top of the fig head and the fig's legs are glued to the torso.
  3. Donut

    What's your latest acquisition?

    That's some great cat-mouflage and looking forward to seeing what you think about the set.
  4. Thank you for your effort in bringing us reviews on this new theme, I enjoyed reading your commentary. For the cost of this set, the gatehouse is a bit underwhelming. I would have loved to see more meat in the design. That being said, the figs printings are great. I am a big fan of the new battle helmet for the horse and I may get a few more off of BL. My opinion on the barding is going to be biased - It looks alright but not great. It's a little hard for me to accept this change since I am so used to the old design. Maybe it's just me, but what do you other castle enthusiasts think?
  5. Donut

    Disney franchises selective?

    Disney does look like it has the lion's share of the liscensing pie - that is if you count SW among the liscenses it owns. I am sure TLC does not want 1 company to monopolize sales, but the success of the other liscenses rests in how well their media counterpart is received among kids. LOTR is a proven winner among AFOLs though I am not sure how well TMNT will do. In some ways TMNT is very similar to Ninjago (a theme TLC have invested a lot of $ in marketing) in their bulky vehicles, fantasy like characters, and the general ninja theme. In regards to your second point, I am sure both Disney and TLC does extensive research on how appealing their products will be to their target audiences. And like you've said, they can't fulfill all expectations which is why we had PoP going on clearance at all major stores.
  6. Thanks for sharing the deal. It looks like BOGO applies only to Galaxy Squad and City sets.
  7. Donut

    May 4th offers

    I can also confirm that the b-wing will be half off this weekend. The set didn't really sell all that well.
  8. Donut

    Lego Superheroes 2013 Rumours & Discussion

    I can somewhat relate to your frustration as I am waiting on the release of the comic con exclusive figures into the mainstream sets. We can only hope for the longevity of this theme so that more figures get released. On another note, does anyone know when preorder begins or when the video game officially hits the shelf?
  9. Donut

    TMNT 2013

    just2good, you should be renamed just2fast! Thanks for doing the video reviews, I am definetely going to pick up one of each set from shop@home. Oh and Michelangelo's weapon is the nun-chuck. If anyone else is looking into buying the sets from TRU, they're doing a promotion with Wendy's. You get a $10 gift card if you spend $75 on toys. If anyone is interested here's the link to the info.
  10. Yoyo30 coupon seems to only work for new customers.
  11. Donut

    EB's Super Hero Comic Cover Contest Voting Thread!

    So many great entries so this was very hard for me to narrow it down to these 3. 1 by wonderpuddle - 1 point 9 by Captain Nemo - 1 point 15 by MstrOfPppts - 1 point wonderpuddle; I really liked your brick-built Justice League members. Captain Nemo; Instantly recognizable and a job well done on creating a brick version of Mad Love. MstrOfPppts; Nicely done on the shadowy figure on the other side of the door. Good luck to everyone who entered!
  12. Donut

    Superhero Video Contest: Voting Thread

    This is a great contest and I really enjoyed watching everyone's submissions! Here are my votes: 1 by lego-maniac - 1 point 10 by DarthNick - 1 point 11 by whataboutlego - 1 point lego-maniac; I really liked your background scenes and your movie is crisp and clear. DarthNick; Your entry is really funny and it seems Tony has some gamer rage issues to deal with. whataboutlego; Another hilarious entry. Batman TPing Batman's tree and Robin's response with the dog poo is so Good luck everybody!
  13. Great deal, Helms Deep is definitely the set worth getting with this generous mark down.
  14. Hey everyone, Just an update here, we have only 21 days left in the fundraiser drive and we have raised over $4000 thus far! Please take a moment to look at the new creations in our BL store or you can help contribute by making a donation on our IndieGoGo page . You can also take a look at the different selection of thank you gifts we have to offer! Thanks!