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  1. Hi there. Do we have any idea when the voting is done? ­čśŐ
  2. Horsleben

    May the 4th Contest - 2022

    So 2 humanoids and a droid would be good?
  3. Horsleben

    May the 4th Contest - 2022

    In the fighter categori - can you make a larger ship? Like a heavy bomber with both pilot, bomber and gunner? Or is it strictly one man fighters? /Jon
  4. I really like the scene and the ship - instantly recognizable as a E-wing and looks a lot like an official set. The hangar and the greeblies all look superb too. /Jon
  5. Thanks for the kind words. I gave it my best shot. I would like to build it physical too, but it would be a expensive ship ­čśů /Jon
  6. Real nice little scene. A lot of things to discover /Jon
  7. Horsleben

    [M10 - DS] A Moff's HQ

    What a nice build! A lot of cool techniques and good execution. A HQ worthy of a Moff /Jon
  8. I could only choose one option when i filled out the form? Does that mean i should submit another form as a freebuild? /Jon
  9. *Your entry has earned 18 XP (S:3, T:7, A:8) Hello all This will be my entry into the Mysteries Kick off contest. I dont know if it counts as a regular build, though. If it does, then please correct me :) The build: The Scarab - B'otan Narths modified P16-Patrolcraft by Sorosuub. Having concluded his hunt on Nimban, B'otan refilled his stock in the local spaceport before moving on the new contracts. The Scarab has been B'otan's for many years now, and over the years he have made several modifications, so the craft better suited hes needs. A patrolcraft by nature, the craft already had the hyperdrive, weapons and inside commodities he needed. Here is more pictures of all the details of the craft: The ship is armed with twin heavy laser cannons and 2 missilebays in the front - each holding up to 3 missiles. T´╗┐he tail of the ´╗┐ship hold its enh´╗┐anced deflector ´╗┐shield, which has saved´╗┐ B'otans hide mo´╗┐re than once. The unde´╗┐rside also shows the doc´╗┐king hat´╗┐ch. The hidden landing gear folds out, and so does the boarding ramp I added sidehatches for playability The insides of the Scarab has a Cockpit, living quarters, prisoncell and the cargohold. Thank you all for looking - i hope you like the Scarab. A lot of work has gone into the ship :) /Jon
  10. *Your entry has earned 5 XP (S:2, T:1.5, A:1.5) + 3 bonus XP for a total of 8XP A quick follow up for my earlier vignette (Stalking the prey) Cornered The old man was cornered and he knew it. B'otan knew. With a resignating sigh, the quarry lifted his hands in a surrendering pose. "you got me hunter - i will follow along willingly." B'otan nodded silently, and beckoned the man to turn around, so he could restrain him. As he approached him he thought back on his old learnings: A beast i never more dangerous than when its cornered and have nothing to loose... /Jon
  11. Horsleben

    [M10 - DS] A new Moff

    What a nice little scene! I like the Moff's arrogant pose, and the panel lines on the wall behind him is very well done. Keep it up :) /Jon
  12. Thanks! Do you know if i have filled out the form correctly? Im new to all of this ­čśů
  13. *Your entry has earned 5 XP (S:2, T:2, A:1) + 3 bonus XP for a total of 8XP Hello all Without further ado, i wanna show you all my first little build for this RPG - i hope i have done everything correct, and if not, please just tell me, and i will fix it :) The build: B'otan sighed a breath of relief. Finally some concrete evidence of his bounty. The abandoned camp before him told him he was on the right track. No one in their right mind would go this far out in Nimban's wilderness volunteerly. Upon searching the back and crates he was even more sure that the old spicerunner was near. Now to pick up the fresh tracks.... My first build is meant to be a little teaser to the Mandalorian Bountyhunter i have as my sigfig. He has been on a long hunt for this particular bounty, and had almost given up. But now it seems he is close. Thanks everyone for the look, and have a good one. /Jon
  14. I have seen the contest, and planning on entering. I just post any build i normally would, and then im in the contest?