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  1. Horsleben

    [O - H05] Scouting of H05's north pole

    Again, thanks for all the nice comments and the generous judging..
  2. Horsleben

    [O - H05] Octan Corp. Transportation

    Its really cool, and fits well with the Octan Corp :) Keep up the good work, and im looking forward to ser more of your builds :)
  3. Horsleben

    [O - H05] Scouting of H05's north pole

    Hey guys.. Thanks for all the awesome comments! you are the best! - Dannylonglegs: Yeah, its exactly one of those 1x1 with studs on all sides.. then two t-bars, some wings, and a saucer top :) Thank you for your interest :) -Jon
  4. Horsleben

    [O - H05] I've got a bad feeling about this

    I have some rocky ground in my H05 build too.
  5. Horsleben

    [M - B03] Linopeia III: Target Approach

    Agree, its a good build, and tells a good story :)
  6. Horsleben

    [O - H05] Scouting of H05's north pole

    Thanks for the kind words everybody.. I tried to make it as smooth as possible, and its acceptable.. There is a slight gap between the hatches on both the doors and the landing gear, but that was unavoidable.. My next project (which is almost done) is a big landing craft to carry personel and equipment.. -Horsleben
  7. Horsleben

    [O - H05] I've got a bad feeling about this

    Really nice build, and awesome story! you did a good job catching the other players persona :) How did you do the glow effect, if you dont mind me asking? :)
  8. Hi there! Here is my first entry for this game - it is my first time playing in one of these, so please bear with me, if i screw up a little :) -------II------- -Incoming transmission- -Transmitter: Second Branch Pilot J. Horsleben- -Location of transmission: Northern Hemispere of H05- "Second Branch Pilot J. Horsleben reporting in! I have succesfully landed my forward reconnaissance ship close to H05's north pole. I was unable to reach the precise location, since a large cold swamp covers the pole. I have however landed the craft on a rocky patch in the vicinity." "After my landing i began unloading the scientific equipment, and i can report that the area is almost ready for the engineers to set up a basecamp. I must however issue a warning. I constantly feel like im being watched, but so far i havent seen any indigenous lifeforms - but they are here, somewhere." "I will send out the scouting drones, and sit tight for the engineers to arrive - just have them follow my beacon, and they should be able to find my ship without much trouble." "Horsleben out..." -End of transmission- The build in all its rendered glory - please ignore the crappy rendering quality.. my pc is not among the best.. I tried to build a little one man exploration craft, and i think i managed that pretty well - its outfitted with a lot of sensors and beacons, which really cements its job as a scouting vehicle.. It got no guns, and the only defense is its speed. The inside is outfitted with scientific equipment, scouting drones and life support. The job for the pilot is to scout out potentiel sites for construction, then call in the workers. This paticurlar site is near the north pole of the planet - its a frozen swamp mixed in with rock and some shrubs and patches of snow.. I hope you like it, and i have done it right :) Oh, and here are some shots of the ship itself: -Horsleben
  9. Horsleben

    AG - Introduction and Discussion

    Hi there.. I will be joining the Octan Corporation as a Pilot - i will use the default avatar until i get my hands on some bricks.. Pilot Jon Horsleben, reporting in... I will mostly do digital builds, but hope to move over to real bricks.. -Jon
  10. Horsleben

    AG - Octan Corporation Meeting Room

    Hi there.. I will be joining the Octan Corporation as a Pilot - i will use the default avatar until i get my hands on some bricks.. Pilot Jon Horsleben, reporting in... I will mostly do digital builds, but hope to move over to real bricks.. -Jon
  11. Horsleben

    (LDD MOC) Slave I

    Hello all.. Pictures should be back now - Photobucket apparently deleted them for some reason.. I hope you are able to see them now :) -Jon
  12. Horsleben

    (LDD MOC) Slave I

    Thanks for your kind words DarthTwo.. It is a bit limited in its playability, since i tried to get it as accurate as possible.. But the hatch does open, and there should be room for a carbonite Han there :) The cockpit rotates too, and there a hidden hatches on both sides of the hull for secret weaponry.. The weapons havent been made yet, but the hatches are there :)
  13. Horsleben

    (LDD MOC) Slave I

    Thanks GuyDudeMan27! About the size, i honestly cant answer, since i dont own any official Lego Slave I's.. But my guess is that its a good deal smaller than the UCS and a tiny bit bigger than the regular one :) But thats all guesswork..
  14. Horsleben

    (LDD MOC) Slave I

    Hello.. Since my last fooling around in LDD i have taken on a bigger project.. And now it is nearing its last steps.. I have always loved the Firespray ship, and dreamed of owning one in LEGO for a long time.. This is my take on it (almost finished) Some of the colors are a bit of, since LEGO dont produce particular pieces in the desired color - the grey wedges on the base would look SO much better in brown.. From til point of view, it is obvious that i got the dimensions a bit off - but i dont think i can do it better with my skills.. In flight mode - both the wing and cockpit can rotate.. The greebling on the backside.. This is the ship in its current state - things i still need to do is: - strengthening the inner structure (if i ever have any hope of building it in real bricks) - add the secret weapons (the hatches are done, but havent placed any weapons yet) - add some finishing touches I hope you like my version of this iconic ship, and if you have any comments or criticism, please post them :) -Jon
  15. Horsleben

    E-wing (LDD MOC)

    Hi there! I have been absent from both Lego and this forum for some time now, but i recently found interest in this wonderful hobby again.. The sad part is that all my bricks is in storage, so i have to make due with LDD.. This model is my first finished LDD model, and overall im rather happy.. I would have liked a bit more SNOT, but the scale and angles made it hard.. I have tried to make it look like a official model, and included some playfeatures, like the astromech compartment and such :) Here are the pictures: I used the E-wing from FFG's X-wing game as a reference, and most of the angles and dimensions are right.. The nose should have been a bit more angled, but i couldnt make it that way.. Please let me know what you think of it :) -Jon