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  1. Maersk Madness Voting

    Where does this winning train tag go? Is it what is above or below the avatar pic?
  2. MOC: PF Thomas the Tank Engine

    I love it! The full-sized Thomas comes to my town for two weekends every summer, so I'd love to have this one!
  3. Maersk Madness Voting

    I agree. Those were my three faves. Not to take away from anyone else that entered. They were all great and creative! As soon as I receive my missing pieces (hopefully this week), I will complete my Maersk! Too bad it is too late to enter the contest!
  4. Maersk Madness Winners Announced!

    I love the Mini Maersk. How about a parts list for it please?

    Wow, love this! Especially instructions to build train cars! I am new to LEGO trains and customizing sets. Other than as a kid, I have only built actual sets. I really wanna build a few train cars to add to my new Maersk (yes, I know the style may not match).
  6. MOC: Mail truck

    I like it. My Dad's a retired mailman. I am surprised I haven't seen a US mailtruck before.
  7. Maersk Train Problems

    Well, I struck out at the LEGO store. They won't sell individual bricks. They will sell a cup of bricks for $8 but I did not see that brick available. I was hoping to have it completed today. Guess I will order the replacements from LEGO and sit and wait.
  8. Track layout question from a newbie!

    Yep, that layout worked great! Thanks! Now just need more track to make a real layout!
  9. Maersk Madness Winners Announced!

    Back in November we were heading into Chicago and there was an engine on the tracks fully engulfed in flames along the Dan Ryan.
  10. REVIEW: 10219 Maersk Train

    The pieces I am missing are from step 8 on page 62 of instruction book 1 and step 2 on page 63 of instruction book 1. Looks like those pieces need to be 6 long to span across a space as opposed to being filler in the middle somewhere.
  11. Track layout question from a newbie!

    I will give that a try tomorrow. I haven't opened my track yet. I just built my Maersk tonight. Thanks!
  12. What can I do with only 24 curved track pieces? I know it takes 16 to make a circle. Can 24 make anything usable? Or will I just have a few extras until I get more track? Thanks!
  13. Maersk Madness Winners Announced!

    I'd love to join in, but... It's 2:30am and I just finished building my Maersk (also my first LEGO train). I was shorted (2) 1x6 plates so I cannot complete the second wheel assembly on my engine. So, I can't post anything creative. I suppose if I had a little LEGO concrete block, I could put it on blocks in the front yard like a redneck Camaro!
  14. REVIEW: 10219 Maersk Train

    Not so fun when you get to the final wheel assembly on the engine and find out you are missing (2) 1x6 plates. :( When my PF components arrive next week, will I even need the second wheel assembly? But yes, the truck is great! And the cargo containers look good too!
  15. Maersk Train Problems

    Well, I just finished assembling my Maersk Train. I am missing (2) 1x6 plates that go in the wheel assembly so my engine is not usable. I might be able to stop by a Lego store tomorrow. Do they even stock that piece in the pick-a-brick area? I have never bought bricks. My PF stuff gets here next week, so won't that replace one of the wheel assemblies anyway?