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  1. Here is the list so far. I am going to concentrate on Marklin Z for now. Please PM for stuff you are interested in. 7905 Crane, Like brand new with instructions, no box 7738 Helicopter,Like brand new with instructions, no box 8401 City Corner Like brand new with instructions, no box 7996 Double Cross track-new with perfect box 7996 Double Cross track-used once no wear with perfect box 7996 No box, used once no wear 7723 , clean box,new instructions like brand new 7723 no box new instructions like brand new 10153 9V motor with side attachments, New instruction, box, never used x6 7634 Tractor, New box, instructions like brand new 7936 Crossing-NEW SEALED x2 628 Baseplate, NEW SEALED 10194 Emerald Night-like brand new box, instructions and never played with 7938 City Train, Box like brand new, train like brand new, instructions like brand new 7898 Cargo train. Instructions almost mint ( due to crappy packaging lego did in these days) BOX Like brand new, train like brand new, tracks like brand new X2 7735 Cargo Train Time warp condition, box is very very very good, Instructions like new, 12v motor and train looks like its brand new, tracks look clean but used 7722 Super clean tracks, instructions fair, Train in A+ Condition 7715 Almost like new, with tracks, instructions A- 7710 Time warp brick condition, missing one buffer, instruction and track 3177 City car, mint box, car and instructions 7990 Concrete truck, mint box instructions, like brand new 7784 Batmobile-Mint instructions, brand new bricks, no box 10176 Castle-Mint instructions, brand new, no box 7835 Crossing, in great shape, some playwear, clean instructions 8865 Technic Test car- good instructions, playwear on bricks very competent 12v train motor-good working shape with pushrods and buffer rods 4.5V battery train box, clean shape, works great with 12v motor on RC or PF tracks Tons more coming, this is all i managed to assemble catalog photograph at the moment
  2. Konrad

    Polishing scratched bricks

    i brought a 7745 from play worn to like brand new status with this method!
  3. lol now you need to make a paper body.... bricks will weigh too much for a prop
  4. Konrad

    MOC: SBRR Shunter

    i like it
  5. Konrad

    MOD: Power Functions Tram 8404

    how does it handle points?
  6. Konrad

    Polishing scratched bricks

    While time consuming due to washing, it IS possible to restore bricks to like new condition. You will need car polish and a buffer with a small disk Wash your bricks, they can be wet, and build "walls" apply car polish and buff. Make sure , like on a car, you move the buffer around and don't heat burn the plastic. once done and the bricks are in like new lustre , do the other side, and then the two remaining! Finally you will need to wash them in hot water with a gentle brush to remove any left over polishing compound. Is it worth it? sure it makes old bricks new again. Takes A LOT OF TIME!!!
  7. Konrad

    Clone Brands Train discussions

    I have a ton of heavily 70s to 80s play worn legos and other then scratches on the bricks, they clutch like new...
  8. Konrad

    Custom 1xN ladders

    i hear the waves of purist complaints coming
  9. Konrad

    Train Tech Art

    12 v 12v 12v 12v more 12v!
  10. Well... lets just say "conducting" I think i might make a crazy dent in the 9v world of pricing....
  11. Konrad

    MOC Blue Pullman

    love the detail on the Loco"s face!
  12. Konrad

    MOC: BR 78-281

    wow love them!
  13. Konrad

    MOC: NS Sprinter

    thats awesome!
  14. Konrad

    Clone Brands Train discussions

    I don't agree. A look at my mint 7735 , or 7722, or 7715, or 7710 confirms my thoughts. 1. The bricks fit perfectly together , zero gaps period- can t say the same for modern bricks which are clearly a different abs. 2. the Plastic is always the same lustre, identical shape and sheen, no moulding distortions, colour distortions, etc-again, can't say the same for modern bricks, while shiny they do not retain homologation 3. glass is CRYSTAL CLEAR. No scratches, nothing, can't same the same about the emerald night , or the red city train ( had to polish the glass clear on the city train and it was BRAND NEW) When bricks were made solely in Denmark they were flawless and lasted. Packaging was done carefully, instructions NEVER got damaged in the box.... Now, they crack, are brittle and vary in quality. I had BRAND NEW light sockets split.... needless to say I emailed TLG and they sent me replacements.
  15. sigh!!! I miss the old lego train system. Something about pf just doesn't work for me.... the lack of 12v pick up rails! lol