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    How many ships do you have in your fleet?

    Only TWO at this moment. Coming right out of my dark age and looking for classic pirate sets,the Armada Flagship and the Red Beard Runner where my first choices ( money was and is a factor and i was able to get good deals on ebay for these ships). By the Way i´m kind of shocked by the prices listed in other threads. You get SALE on POTC stuff? Impossible in Germany ( oh no you get 1€ off on Captains Cabin :-) ) 66Dollars for a QAR? Here its at Store 129,99€( how many Dollars is this 150? ) Crazy.... Also looking for SES or BSB ( found out the BSB was the ship i spent hours with as a child , but only the masts and sailes survived :-( ) Greetz TheK