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  1. hello, 2S lipo batterys can be used with no problem with lego components (i do not know what minimum voltage the sbrick needs) but if you want to use 3S batteries you will need a volt regulator like this 1S lipos can be used with a 9V booster with this a smaller form factor can be achieved (low output current between 250mA and 350mA !!!!!!) source for lipos :
  2. these are some good working tho i have seen them working
  3. I personally think black rims would be nicer on a white car
  4. you need to upload the LXF on dropbox or box or an other upload program and then just post the link
  5. ciken

    Doc's Mocs WIP

    for the front i would take these tires too
  6. this is a foto documentation for custom rims and tires
  7. ciken

    Your parts wishlist

    if i have my 3D printer up and running aprox 9 weeks to wait i wil design and print my own lego parts
  8. instructions please it is very nice i wanne have it in my unimog
  9. ciken

    Lego Technic 2h 2013

    i think the upper picture is the newest version so bottem is outdated
  10. ciken

    Lego Technic 2h 2013

    yea i though it was old news id did not watch the pictures properly the first time
  11. ciken

    Lego Technic 2h 2013

    dis somebody see the red gears from the outriggers seems som sliding gears
  12. ciken

    Lego Technic 2h 2013

    first phot released i think EDIT in the right top corner we can see the dump truck
  13. the video is blocked for my country (Belguim)
  14. ciken

    Barman's MOCs

    the photo just looks like a render nicely done hand barman
  15. can you post the cuscoo thing link?
  16. can you make instructions please? EDIT sorry double post
  17. this wan c'ant do that but this wan can http://www.hitechnic...ion&key=nir1032 EDIT sory for dubble post i was tippingit when 07jkearney posted it
  18. ciken

    Questions about instructions

    the 6090 would be cool but it needs alot of rubber pieces
  19. hello, yesterday i have bought my second unimog and now i wanna build this but i can now where find the blueprints dimensions can somwane help me please greetz from belgium
  20. ciken

    IVECO powerstar dakar

    thanks efferman i wil start bilduing as soon as possibel
  21. ciken

    IVECO powerstar dakar

    independant, or with a live axle
  22. ciken

    IVECO powerstar dakar

    it has leave spring suspension what suspension should i use
  23. ciken

    IVECO powerstar dakar

    i think that i will pick the colorscheme black and red and VFracingteam is totally right about dutch speaking edit: found dimensions
  24. ciken

    IVECO powerstar dakar

    he is dutch right ,omdat ik ook Nederlands kan spreken