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    Preview Hogwarts Castle Set 5378

    I disagree. With every new movie that comes out there are new sets with new minifigs and pieces. This is a different part of Hogwarts Castle then previously released.
  2. Matt

    Review: 3829 Avatar - Fire Nation Ship

    Nope, it's a soldier. Uncle Iroh has a mini-beard thing and he doesn't wear a helmet.
  3. Matt


    On Nick in the US they started reshowing the entire first season of Avatar incase you missed it. A new show comes on every night at 5:30 central. Also, does anyone know if this LEGO series is over...? Or are they planning on releasing new sets?
  4. Matt

    Avatar It's the mountain with the buildings in the background. Sorry, best picture I could find.
  5. Matt


    Here are a few pictures of the ship: (rather large) (again, large. concept art of the ship broken, it's not always that way)
  6. All license sets are skin tone.
  7. They could probably add strings from the Quidditch Towers, and connect the people/brooms to them. The quaffle could work like the basketball, the bludger could be very light weight and could batted easily. The snitch could be like the brooms aswell. ... and it doesn't need to be playable.
  8. A Quidditch Stadium would be wicked cool!
  9. Matt

    Harry Potter 05: "My true family returns..."

    Awesome! Did you decal all those faces?
  10. I now will accept Euros via PayPal
  11. Hey Guys, I am putting up my LEGO Steven Spielberg MovieMaker Set , 1349 for sale. It comes from a smoke free home, and has never been played with. It has been built once, and put on a shelf for a couple of years, and then taken down for something new. All of the pieces are included. It comes with the LEGO Studios camera, the Windows 98 CD, EXTRA: Windows XP CD, EXTRA: Set 1361, Camera Car. The instructions are in great condition, with a slight creese on the back. The box is also in great condition. The instructions are basicly like a book (i.e. no staples, spine). The book includes the instructions and a pretty lengthly movie making guide. Right now, I am asking $100 US Dollars for this set, and any trades you may offer. I may lower the price if no one offers. The official retail price was $180 US Dollars. This is a pretty good deal, considering this set is not availible, and is rare. I accept PayPal only. If you have any questions, reply here, or email me at Thanks Matt MINIMUM SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: Pentium 233 MMX or higher, 32 MB of RAM, 100 MB hard disk space (200 MB recommended for making a movie), DirectX compatible video card (800 x 600 VGA, 16 bit color and 4MB VRAM (8 MB recommended), Windows 98 and Millennium Edition (support for Windows XP is available upon request), Windows 98 compatible mouse, USB Port (USB 1.1 compliant), Sound Blaster 16 Windows compatible sound device, 8x CD-ROM drive.
  12. Matt

    2004/2005 Sets and discussion thread

    The shuttle is updated with new bleys, and the hinges on the backdoor are also updated. And the figs are pretty hard to find on bricklink. Last time I checked, there were only like 4 new officers even listed on Bricklink. I haven't checked on the new Stormtroopers, the new Darth Vader (without eyebrows and more scars), or the new Emperor (new skin tone).
  13. Matt

    2004/2005 Sets and discussion thread

    I thought the new star fighter was out in all stores. Our's came in at Wal-Mart here weeks ago. I think I am going to try and find a old pilot and a new flesh officer head, and make a neeeeew pilot.
  14. I suppose I was a bit to harsh, but he didn't really have to make a entire post just stating that "Harry Potter Sucks".
  15. Blah, if thats all you are going to say, then shut up. If you do not have anything nice to say, don't speak at all. ;)