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  1. mephistopheles

    Sylvania: Wood Carvers House

    Easy to answer: I don't have any parts for that. There is the reddish brown little frog I have 1 piece of. I though of buying some more of those and maybe some brown owls or whatever I find and adding them later. So you have a valid point! Regarding the shields: Interesting idea. I didn't find this disturbing so it never occured to me, but it makes sense. Will see what I can do.
  2. mephistopheles

    Sylvania: Wood Carvers House

    Hi! This build is for Hamlet (it might turn out to be a village right away) "Sylvania". I did not build any surroundings because it will fit into the diorama in a specific spot. All my builds I have post or will post recently will go on a 3x4 baseplate diorama, so I spare the time to build little surrounding which I won't use anyway. So this is a house for the Wood Carver. I included a small scene where he is about to carve a copy of that wooden owl. The final spot on the diorama will include a more detailed workshop next to the house. EDIT: Lore: Besides the mandatory Green Dragon shield you can see the shield with the tree on green background. It is the heraldic for the Woodworkers Guild, the largest guild in Woodward. Coopers, Carpenters, Wood Carvers, etc. all belong to this guild. IMG_3141 by Mephistopheles, on Flickr IMG_3143 by Mephistopheles, on Flickr IMG_3145 by Mephistopheles, on Flickr IMG_3147 by Mephistopheles, on Flickr IMG_3150 by Mephistopheles, on Flickr IMG_3153 by Mephistopheles, on Flickr IMG_3154 by Mephistopheles, on Flickr
  3. mephistopheles

    Smith for Sylvania

    Thanks Slegengr for the detailed feedback. It was very usefull! I will keep these in mind and do some adjustments later on once I finished my other building for my diorama.
  4. mephistopheles

    Smith for Sylvania

    Hi there! Continuing my work to build my Hamlet "Sylvania". This will be the Blacksmith. Some Woodward lore for you guys: the green dragon shield as I used it on my other buildings represent that they directly belong to Lord Mephistopheles. Any infrastructure buildings, like Warehouses, Taverns, Stables, Bridges, Harbours, etc belong to the Lord directly. However Woodward has several guilds, which are sort of autonomous. The Smithing Guild is one of these. Their heraldic is the Bull shield you can see here, representing the strength they have in their arms. This Blacksmith is run by the brothers Wilbur and Walbur Smith. It is common that family names = the occupation you have in Woodward. You can see Wilbur's (the younger brother) family here as well: young William and his wife Isabelle cleaning the porch. On the balcony you can see Walbur's daughter Jesse. Walbur's wife unfortunately passed away, while Walbur's two sons Siegfried and Johannes are serving in the army currently. IMG_3108 by Mephistopheles, on Flickr IMG_3120 by Mephistopheles, on Flickr IMG_3114 by Mephistopheles, on Flickr IMG_3117 by Mephistopheles, on Flickr
  5. mephistopheles

    Westwood Inn

    <3 Stunning build and wonderfull colors!
  6. mephistopheles

    [WIP] Avalonian Hamlet: Sylvania

    It is located in Woodward which you will still find on an Avalonian map :) You are right with the Bavarian adjective, Bavaria did influence me a lot. Thanks everybody!
  7. mephistopheles

    [WIP] Avalonian Hamlet: Sylvania

    Thanks! Yes I am going to tile roof of the second house, I just ran out of tiles and need to wait for more to arrive. I agree with the angle idea. The first house = Tavern will be angled as soon as I got the terrain ready under it (the terrain under the houses will be tiled). The terrain will change a lot, I will add a lot of plants, bushes, trees, flowers and what not to it. However I first want to finish all the buildings, adjust them and only finish up the terrain after every building is in place.
  8. mephistopheles

    [WIP] Avalonian Hamlet: Sylvania

    Hi there! As mentioned in the title: work in progress. Niether the terrain nor the buildings are finished yet. There is a LOT OF work that needs to be done. So this is just a teaser :) IMG_3063 by Mephistopheles, on Flickr IMG_3066 by Mephistopheles, on Flickr IMG_3068 by Mephistopheles, on Flickr
  9. mephistopheles

    Book II - Avalonia: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    Hi guys! It's been years since I last built something for Avalonia. Anyhow I am back to building and I have started working on a diorama that will contain everything to qualify as a Hamlet. Since I will need a lot of time (mabye several month) to finish it I think will drop some WIP pictures. I have two nice houses completed already. Going to post them soon.
  10. mephistopheles


    I see some very nice part usages there! Well done!
  11. mephistopheles

    [MOC] Halls of Thranduil

    Amazing build, very well done!
  12. mephistopheles

    [MOC] Ice Castle

    Nice build!