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  1. GBC Master

    Adjustable Spirograph V9 by PG52

    For some reason, I didn't get any notifications in my inbox and only came back here after someone at Brick Mania Antwerp was asking for a digital model/instructions. I just looked at your instructions, and you really did a great job on that. Thanks! @PG52 The model has been continuously running on several exhibitions, and I'm just amazed how little (close to none) maintenance the spirograph requires!
  2. GBC Master

    Adjustable Spirograph V9 by PG52

    You're welcome It was really fun to guess all the parts based on some 50 shades of black pictures It was actually part 51011, but you got me in the right direction. Thanks! I have added the turntable to the model and put everything in an .mpd file. Also updated the colours of the grey parts. Yet to be done: - On the drawing board, 2 rubber bands need to be added to the clamps. They go from the axle towball inside up and over the 2x2 cross block. - The chain on the input that goes around the 3 24t gears needs to be routed around the wedge belt instead of going through.
  3. GBC Master

    Adjustable Spirograph V9 by PG52

    Oh really? In other news... I have added some pictures of the arms to the 'replica' directory. I've also added an .ldr for the base of the large turntable, but couldn't find the tyres that go on the 'Wheel Rim 8x11.2 with Centre Groove' though.
  4. GBC Master

    Adjustable Spirograph V9 by PG52

    Well... I can do the large turntable quite easily. If someone wants to model the arms in LDraw, I can provide some detailed pictures. It really seems a fun thing to do, as there are very few straight angles in it
  5. Hi all! At the end of June I've visited Fana'Briques, where I saw version 9 of PG52's adjustable spirograph. Based on some pictures I've taken, and some help of PG52 (merci beaucoup! :-) ), I have finally finished a replica of the model: It's very stable and runs very fluently (only requires one M-motor to turn all the gears!). I used a simulator in JavaScript to check if my model did the same as the one at Fana'Briques did. The gearbox of the model also has been created already in Ldraw. Those files can be found here: Happy drawing! Kind regards, Joris
  6. Great review! Was again very pleasing to watch :) About the moving speed: looks pretty accurate for its scale if you ask me :-)
  7. GBC Master

    [PORSCHE] Porsche Super Tractor

    Love it! Real tractors have curves
  8. For this crane, I think it would be better if the 12t gear drives the turntable at the side, not at the back. This way the gear wouldn't slip as easy when the weight is shifted to the front and wouldn't be stressed when the weight is shifted to the back.
  9. Do you think that right angle Hobson joint would work with red #3 connectors as well?
  10. GBC Master


    The bricksafe link is missing a dash ( - ) at the end. Looks very promising :-) Let's hope those differentials will be able to handle the xxl force ;-)
  11. GBC Master

    [MOC] Tatra t-813 Dakar 8x8

    Very nice! I really like those tires on the truck :-)
  12. Hi everyone, Here's my fully remote controlled diaphragm wall grabber modification of the 42042 crawler crane (thanks mx2000 for the idea :-) ) I've tried to fit all motors and battery boxes within the dimensions of the original model. Features: - Driving: each track is driven by a separate L motor. A second battery box is added for these motors. - Slewing: XL motor - Luffing: L motor. This drum has been moved to the back of the crane. - Hoisting: L motor - Grabbing: M motor together with the hoisting L motor through a differential. (System mentioned by Cumulonimbus). The weight of the grabber is about 250g. So the pinching force of the buckets can be roughly 2kg - Rope: 1mm braided nylon - Working headlights on the cabin - Second exhaust for extra cooliness - Spoiler to reduce drag - Added a couple of sections to the boom - Used a mini turntable to make the grabber ... turnable Pictures can be found here (can anyone post the first picture here please? I can't use the image extension yet...) Kind regards, Joris ;-)
  13. 30: 10 28: 6 3: 4 6: 3 14: 2 40: 1
  14. GBC Master

    On-Demand Limited Slip Differential

    Hi everyone, Some time ago, I made this limited slip differential: In the video, it acts as a LSD and open differential. It should be easy to have it fully locked as well. The two differentials on top maximize the speed of the wheels. If a wheel goes faster than the control speed, the differential changes direction and is blocked by the ratchet. Another design is this one (Work in progress for too long already): The difference between the speed of the wheels is measured. Another differential should be added to maximize this difference. As I'm writing this, I just realized you don't really need a differential to limit the output speed: The red axle won't go faster than the green one. If you apply this system to both wheels, it should make an LSD of the differential. Notice whenever the driving motor changes direction, the ratchet should go on the other side of the gear in order to work properly.
  15. GBC Master

    Highest RPM electric motor?

    Here you can find a motors comparison, by Philo The 2838 rotates at a whopping 4100rpm, but has very few torque. What would you use the motor for?