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  1. The new wave of TLJ sets has started showing up online here in NZ. No sign of the AT-ST yet, but did get an order in through one of our local toy stores for Ahch-To, the First Order battle pack and Ski Speeder sets. Should be arriving on my doorstep the day before the movie comes out!
  2. The pilot in the green jumpsuit looks to be Resistance A-Wing pilot Tallie (who was included with the Hasbro version released on FF if anyone wants to check that out for comparison)
  3. TD1000

    UCS Super Star Destroyer 10221 Review

    Some of those pieces are used at the very beginning when you're building the minifigures, specifically they make the backpack for Dengar, if you go back to the first few pages of the booklet where the minifigures are built you should see where they are used. Hope this is some help!
  4. TD1000

    LEGO Star Wars 2014 Pictures and Rumors

    Although it's probably going to be way over priced here in NZ I can't wait to get my hands on the new Slave 1. Lego has done an amazing job with the proportions and shaping, and the minifigure selection doesn't really bother me that much (it would have been nice to get the dark skinned Bespin guard from 6209 but if this is the start of a new run of Bespin sets then he'll likely be showing up sooner rather than later). Zuckuss and 4-LOM were never going to be included because, all arguments around where they showed up aside, both require new mould headpieces that Lego doesn't include in the big exclusive sets (they only got around it with Leia's hair in the Ewok Village because it was released earlier in the CMF line). At the end of the day a UCS like Slave 1 is about the model itself, the minifigures that we do get are a bonus to enjoy along with it-not the reason we buy it in the first place (I mean we already have enough system-scale sets out there like that).
  5. So the new wave of sets is up on S@H, lots of really nice looking stuff and most of the NZ prices don't seem too bad (although as always some of the Star Wars prices leave a bit to be desired-the cheapest set is $25US and $60NZ ). Benny's spaceship has sold out already (surprise, surprise) and I ended up ordering three of the Star Wars sets (Phantom, Ghost and Jedi Scout Fighter) after tossing up between those and the Guardians of the Galaxy ones. No idea for certain when they'll be hitting local stores but Toyco has a few up already for preorder on their website (Star Wars, Lego Movie, Chima, City and a few others) with an estimated release date for mid-August. Hopefully they end up on the shelves earlier-I'm very keen to snag the new Star Destroyer and Cantina at a good discount during the holiday sales...
  6. Decided to take the plunge yesterday and order the Ghost, Phantom and Jedi Scout Fighter from S@H, so hopefully they'll arrive sometime next week. Scout Fighter was a definite day one buy, I fell in love with it even after just seeing the prelim pics, and as far as I can tell there's been no other set since the sandcrawler in 2005 that's given us an all-new ship/vehicle with new characters, new droids and new alien species in one go (and it's not even canon!). I'll try and get a review up in the next couple of weeks after university exams if someone doesn't beat me to it beforehand!
  7. R2-D2 is now available online from both Toyco and Toyplanet and I've heard it has started showing up in Toyworlds around the country. Not sure about the Super Star Destroyer but I think that one hits shelves here towards the end of September-early October, hope this helps
  8. TD1000

    LEGO Star Wars 2013 Pictures and Rumors

    The only astromech to ever be seen on Kamino was R4-P17 who, at that point, had only a head attached to the Obi-Wan's JSF. If it is an astromech to be included with the Kamino planet set then I'd guess it would be that one albeit with a full body like it had in ROTS.
  9. TD1000

    LEGO Star Wars 2013 Pictures and Rumors

    I think that 4 armed minifigure would be Pong Krell, and I may be wrong but is it more likely that the ARC-170 is actually the Clone Z-95 featured in the same episodes as Krell?
  10. Hi guys, IQ toys has 2012 Star Wars sets available now. No sign of the y-wing or jedi interceptor exclusives, but they had the other 6 regular sets and the naboo starfighter planet set all listed as "In Stock"