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  1. Jennifer Clark

    Jennifer Clark's Demag AC-50 Crane

    I've tried to find some old datasheets of the various Demag crane types, but unfortunately can't find any. From memory, it seemed more like an incremental change over the entire range of cranes. Slightly improved boom length and/or maximum lifting weights due to improvements in the materials used for boom, and a general upgrade in crane technology. I think there was a lot more computer control being introduced around this time (late 90's), along with more advanced structural design of components such as boom profile. Probably based on finite element analysis. Jennifer
  2. Jennifer Clark

    Jennifer Clark's Demag AC-50 Crane

    These photos are absolutely brilliant Bonox, thanks so much for posting. I especially like the last one with the model between the front wheel and the step. The one with the model on the crane body is fab too :-) The AC50 was the version of that crane that came before the AC50-1. I'm afraid I don't have the exact dates when they were introduced, but one of the clues is the cabin shape. The AC50 is a bit flatter / squarer than the more rounded AC50-1. I'll see if I can find some documents from the time with more detail. Cheers! Jennifer
  3. Jennifer Clark

    [TC8] [WIP] Liebherr LTC 1045-3.1

    Brilliant work Milan, it's great to see this different approach to Technic building. Like Lego "miniland" models, but totally jacked and working! Genius idea about using the active suspension to raise the chassis on the outriggers as well. Jennifer
  4. Jennifer Clark

    Jennifer Clark's Demag AC-50 Crane

    Amazing work Chase. It's great to see the model evolve. Jennifer
  5. Jennifer Clark

    Look at this Liebherr LTM 1750 by Dawid Szmandra

    Amazing work, 4 section boom, and great movement too. It would be amazing to see what's going on inside this one! Jennifer
  6. Jennifer Clark

    Forgotten Builders and MOCs

    Leo Dorst made some really inventive and creative stuff back in the day. No idea if he is still building, but his website is here; https://staff.fnwi.u...l/l.dorst/lego/ Fredrik Glöckner also made some excellent models, and was a big influence on my building, but I'm having difficulty locating them on the web. And Eric Brok, who had the amazing "Lego On My Mind" website, now sadly not with us; Jennifer
  7. Jennifer Clark

    42043 Mercedes-Benz Arocs 3245

    Correct. I imagine the nearest British equivalent would be the Ford Transit van, which in many ways is the same thing but with a covered load area. That's the British weather for you :-) Pickups do exist here, but they are rare, and the ones I've seen appear very high end. I gather the USA pickup is a utilitarian beast. I can't wait to get this model BTW, definitely on the Christmas list. Jennifer
  8. Jennifer Clark

    Instructions for Skid Steer Loader (Bobcat)

    We've reduced the price of these instructions on MOCplans, no time like the present to build this great wee model. Get them here :-) Cheers! Jennifer
  9. Jennifer Clark

    Instructions for my Excavator

    Just a quick update to announce that instructions for this excavator model are now available on MOCplans at a reduced price - if you want to build it, now's the time :-) Get them here :-) Jennifer
  10. Jennifer Clark

    Jennifer Clark's Demag AC-50 Crane

    Cheers Duq, good to hear from you. Time flies! I see you are an ambassador, nice one, go steady on the Ferrero Rocher :-) Jennifer
  11. Jennifer Clark

    Jennifer Clark's Demag AC-50 Crane

    There's now a very informative article about the instructions on TechnicBricks, check it out! Jennifer
  12. Jennifer Clark

    Jennifer Clark's Demag AC-50 Crane

    Eric, I honestly can't remember! I suspect the leadscrew could not luff the boom with 1kg, although it could certainly luff lower weights. What the threshold was, I have no idea, but the leadscrew was pretty powerful. I think the limiting factor for lifting was the turntable, since I could not find room to make a thrust bearing for slew. Increasing the load beyond 1kg made it tend to lurch on the rollers, with associated oscillation of the load. This could probably be balanced out by increasing the counterweight, but then, that would slow down the drive speed due to added mass :-) Jennifer
  13. Jennifer Clark

    Jennifer Clark's Demag AC-50 Crane

    Indeed so - when it is not telescoped, the crane could lift 1kg or 2.2lb - Before I build this crane I had figured out how to build a telescoping 3 section boom, see the link to my website below - scroll down a bit for the prototype; I didn't use it because it would have to be 6 studs wide to retain sufficient strength, which would have ruined the proportions of the model. Not just the boom, but then the superstructure cab would look too thin, which would mean widening the superstructure, which may or may not mean widening the carrier, and so on :-) The correct proportions make the boom 4 studs wide - perhaps it is possible to make a sufficiently strong version of this width with modern lego parts? Or accept a lower strength? Or the model could always be adapted to have the 6 wide boom if you can accept the aesthetic penalty. Or you could build a lattice boom extension. The choice is yours - that's the beauty of Technic :-) Jennifer
  14. Jennifer Clark

    Jennifer Clark's Demag AC-50 Crane

    Indeed :-) Jennifer
  15. Jennifer Clark

    Jennifer Clark's Demag AC-50 Crane

    I only recently received the final version of these instructions, and Eric & Chase have done a fantastic job. You can download them exclusively from MOCPlans for the introductory price of only $15 by clicking here. The price will increase a month from now, so don't hang about :-) Enjoy, and I look forward to hearing your feedback on them! Jennifer