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  1. Okay everybody. Since I have a lot of work to do in my workplace, I have less time to render LEGO models, and adjust POV-Ray settings,so I will now post my render settings that I used. Use it, adjust it, enjoy it :) PS: I usually copy these lines after camera settings, replace the original lights created by Ldraw. I rendered the model in 3200x2400 and then resize it with Photoshop bicubic option to 1600x1200. //Radiosity global_settings{ assumed_gamma 1.4 max_trace_level 10 radiosity { pretrace_start 0.08 pretrace_end 0.005 count 800 nearest_count 1 error_bound 0.02 recursion_limit 1 low_error_factor 0.2 gray_threshold 0 minimum_reuse 0.015 brightness 1.0 adc_bailout 0.01/2 } } //Light light_source { <1.5*LDXRadius,-2*LDXRadius,-1.5*LDXRadius> + LDXCenter color rgb .4 area_light 200, 200, 10, 10 adaptive 1 jitter circular orient } //HDRI lighting sphere { <0,0,0>,10000 pigment { image_map { hdr "rnl_probe.hdr" once interpolate 2 map_type 7 } } finish { ambient 1 diffuse 0 } hollow }
  2. Ok, here is the Sydney Opera House Ldr
  3. Did you try using radiosity in POV-Ray? It increases the quality of the rendering. If you like you could send me your model or POV-ray file and I make you a render with settings I use.
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  5. VOTING: Architecture Building Contest

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  6. I think there are several different lg_color.inc files, because of using different POV-Ray settings renders different colours. Here is what I've done: There is a site with offcial LEGO colours LUGNET color reference(unfortunatelly right now the server is down)and it has some .inc files. The problem is that these colors are the old ones (i.e. no light-bluish grey color) so I used the offical colours for the old ones and tried to figure out the new colours. Here is the result: lg_colors.inc Again, it is not 100% the official colors, but close to them.
  7. Here is a good guide how to use radiosity: How to use radiosity or if you don't want to get too deep into technical things you can try Fast rad
  8. Okay I looked through the whole POV-Ray file, but did not find anything. So I uninstalled and re-installed LDView, and now it is okay. Thanks for the help!
  9. Actually SR3D shows some part of the hose (nearly the same as in the render). Here is the LSynth version of the building floor: LDR If you change it to the official "Technic Flex-system hose 9L 76324.dat" it is the same. I looked into the model file but only the Lsynth waypoints are hidden.
  10. Hello again! I hava a problem, maybe someone here can help me. When I insert a TECHNIC flex system hose into my model (from part file or with LSynth) both ends disappear when I render it. In LDView, and in MLCad it looks complete and good, but in SR3D and when rendering the hose both ends disappear. Like here at the drain pipe:
  11. 10182 Café Corner 1st floor Ldr 2nd floor Ldr 3rd floor Ldr Complete assembly
  12. Hi, back again. 10185 Green Grocer 1st floor ldr 2nd floor ldr 3rd floor ldr 4th floor ldr Complete
  13. If POV-RAy do not recognize LGEO parts probably it is not defined in it's master ini file. To do so in POV-RAy go to 'tools', edit master POVRAY.INI and in the end where is something like this Library_Path="C:\Windows\Fonts" add these lines: Library_Path="C:\LDraw\LGEO" Library_Path="C:\LDraw\LGEO\lg" Library_Path="C:\LDraw\LGEO\ar" (of course the path depends on where the LGEO files are) I hope this helps.
  14. Unfortunately it increases rendering time heavily.