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  1. Everything in moderation, including moderation

  2. Aenema!

    1. no7erics


      You're the first one to mention that to me since I've started using the cover for my avatar! That's so cool. It's my favorite album of theirs. ..so far ;D

    2. JimBee


      It's hard to pick a favorite alubm but a lot of the songs on that album are among the best. Tool is the greatest, good to see another fan!

    3. no7erics


      Agreed! It's great to meet you as well! My name's Eric :) I've yet to go to a concert, but I seriously wish I could've attended one during the 90's ;0 Those were the best!

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    1. Kintobor


      Oddly, I remember following this intensely back when I lurked the forum. I tried referencing it back in Quest 70, and no one got it.

  5. MOCing in progress... I need more bricks.

  6. Want an autograph? No flash photography, please.

  7. JimBee

    Who are you, Nick Fury? :P

  8. Forgot about that... fair enough! XD

  9. Explain thyself! :P

  10. to beep or not to beep?

  11. Miss seeing your awesome MOCs around here... hope you visit sometime!

  12. JimBee

    Happy birthday!

  13. It was in reference to your Nick Cage avatar...

  14. I'll take wine, too. Even if it is warm. :P

  15. Happy birthday!

  16. You don't say?

  17. JimBee

    Bad Luck Bob: Tries to host mafia game, half the players get sent on time out. (Love the new tag) :P

  18. Thanks! There's a topic in the MCW forum if you care to see more. http://www.eurobricks.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=72105

  19. Very cool!

  20. Call me a stalker but I actually bothered to look up your coordinates. Can't imagine what you'd be doing on that tiny little island, but I hope you're having fun!

  21. Oh, haha. I think I saw a picture of you from BW once (not to sound creepy or anything), which is why I thought you would get called that