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  1. gallery_2351_18_164.gif

    R7-A7 is the droid of Asoka's in Clone Wars. Not so well known as R2-D2,but it still has remarkable match colors

    which can be easy recognized as a member in Star Wars. And this tiny tiny R7-A7 is adorable to put on desk or put in collections.

    This small version of R7-A7 consists of around 400 pieces and is 9cm tall. The head can turn 360 degrees around

    and the third leg in the middle is able to stretch by the control at the back.




    the control is at the notch



    By the way, here's my page in CUUSOO, support me and make these all happen if you want a small R7-A7 in hands!!!

  2. My only criticism would be it looks a little small specifically a bit too short. I so like the colour scheme and the functions in it though.

    That's because I do not want it to be too big so that I can have place for it in my closet. And I think it's cuter~ However, thank you for your reply~

  3. I always think that the official SnowSpeeder set is too small and undetailed for the LEGO pilot and the exclusive one too big and too expensive. Thus, I made a medium size SnowSpeeder with a base, Bigger and more elabroate. Hope you like it!!









    And I also attended a project in the LEGO CUUSOO, you can give me support to let me know you like this new made Snowspeeder.

    Thank you very much!!!

  4. That is a very nice-looking racer! :thumbup: The colorscheme works particularly well in this ship, I really love the subtle hints of sand green amidst the gray, it makes it look like something that could be real. Now the only thing missing is a sponsor. :tongue:

    Thanks a lot!! I did think for a while about the color design, and you are very sensitive to figure it out~

  5. Hello everyone, I'm a new member from Taiwan.

    The space ship I want to share with you is a work of

    space racing contest held in Pockyland(a LEGO sharing website in Taiwan).

    Now, lets take a look at this vehicle!!! My inspirition comes from maple leaves so I call it The Leaf.




    The cockpit is designed in simple style since the main space is

    left for propellers. A touch control panel board and a control stick(black)

    are included.




    4 vice turbojets and a SUPER propeller are equipped.







    A anti-magnetic field is equipped in underbelly to spring obstacles far far away!!!



    Let's see the energy stick under the prow, a tiny energy stick

    can even make THE LEAF fly for a half month!


    Thanks a lot for watching so many pictures. Since its my first space MOC, please let me know how you think about my

    work. Any opinion is precious for me to improve. Hope you enjoy my creation~