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  1. Hm I don't think that's what I need to do. I can't open the programme so I can't select <file>. I have also searched my hard drive for 'conns' and it didn't find anything. Sorry for my inexperience!
  2. Hi there! I would really like to use this programme but I'm having problems installing it. When I start up the programme an error jumps up with the message 'unable to find Images folder. Choose the correct installation path or reinstall the application and let the library completion before closing the installation window.' I have downloaded Directx and the LDraw library so I don't know what I'm doing wrong. I'm sorry I'm really bad at this stuff. Cheers Alastair
  3. Dr. Brick

    MOC: Blue Bridge

    I was surprised at how sturdy it was myself. But yeah, it could really hold quite a lot. I could push on it with quite a lot of weight and it didn't budge. Dr. Brick
  4. Dr. Brick

    MOC: Blue Bridge

    Yes, it's great fun really. It's this organisation that organises sport and theme camps round Leuven. They're called Sporty Creactief. Dr. Brick
  5. Dr. Brick

    MOC: Blue Bridge

    Hi everybody! During the holidays of the past two years I've been working at a LEGO camp. It's basically a week for kids where they can play with way more LEGO then they'll ever have. The job discription says I need to keep them building and help them a bit, but I like to give them lessons in basic building techniques, which they enjoy. In the morning they can play with boxes full of pick-a-brick rubbish (you know the thing, weird pieces in useless colours). In the afternoon they build with boxes filled up with +/-7000 classic bricks (mainly 2x4, 2x2 and a few 2x8) sorted by colour. Now even though there's so many pieces (in total with all the boxes +/-49000) the kids often complain that they can't build anything cool with those classic, 'boring' bricks. Well I had a bit of spare time on my hands, so I wanted to prove a point: Apart from the two 48x48 baseplates this bridge is built entirely out of the classic 2x4 brick. It is very stable and will hold any LEGO vehicules on it. They were impressed, and didn't ask for the 'cool' bricks anymore. Comments welcome! Dr. Brick Brickshelf folder when public.
  6. Dr. Brick

    City 2010

    Hi Everybody, I don't want to be negative and I'm glad it's the public transport but the chance that we get a new monorail is very, very small (reasons mentioned above somewhere). Just don't get your hopes up to much... Can't wait for pics! Dr. Brick
  7. Dr. Brick

    Modifying your LDD

    I would also really like this. Is there really no legal way of doing it? I don't want to get others (or myself) into trouble over a few parts in a programme. Dr. Brick
  8. Dr. Brick

    New Elements

    I would love to see this but as a plate, that would be really usefull. Dr. Brick
  9. Dr. Brick

    Lego Grand Emporium 10211 - Time Lapse

    This is great Iain! The sky windows (they are the old ModelTeam ones) are epic! They convinced me to get it! Thanks! Dr. Brick
  10. Dr. Brick

    REVIEW: 3180 Tank Truck

    Thanks for the great review! I to like the trailer. I like the large amount of green in it. And you know what it really would be quite good for? A Octan Energy Wind Turbine, à la 4999. Thanks again, I'm definetly buying this! Dr. Brick
  11. Dr. Brick

    City 2010

    Agreed, remember, if the helicopter would be any smaller it would be as thin as the limo. That would be a bit strange... I like, don't think I'll buy it, but it's cool. Dr. Brick
  12. Dr. Brick

    Lego at University

    Hi and welcome Commodore Marks, Ah yes, I will be faced with the same problem next year. If I were you I'd try and find a LEGO club in your neighborhood. Maybe you'll meet people who want to build together with you in different places, or who don't mind storing your creations. There's a map of all lugs here: http://www.lugnet.com/map/ As already mentioned you can also make digital designs. There are two different programs you can use: LEGO Digital Designer (made by LEGO) or LDraw (made by fans). Have fun, and don't forget to show us your MOCs when you've finished them. Dr. Brick
  13. Dr. Brick

    Cheap Bulk?

    Several of these: I think I'll have to wait till I get a proper income! Dr. Brick
  14. Dr. Brick

    Cheap Bulk?

    Thanks for all the helpfull comments! Of course i allready looked on bricklink, as I have used it many times before. But it reaaly wasn't what I was looking for. (something like: hey! we've got way to many bricks, why don't you have them all for a really cheap price! - that would be so good ) I never thought of PaB because I always feel it is also pretty expensive, but 0.20 is way better than 0.31. (200 euros in stead of 310 ) I'll think about, its a lot of money... Thanks again for the advice! Dr. Brick