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About Me


About Me

Hello everyone.

My name is Adam, I'm 20 years old and I live in Liverpool, England.

I've liked playing with LEGO since a young age, but only became a real fan a little while later when I started collecting Harry Potter and Star Wars sets. Now, I only really buy Star Wars sets due to a decreasing LEGO budget and increasing set prices.

If you want to know more about me, just ask. I'm a nice guy really.


I have hosted a small selection of games here on Eurobricks.

- Clone Conflict was a board game-style Star Wars wargame. You can view the rules and discussion here.

- Harry Potter: Wizard's Duel is a duelling experience themed around the Harry Potter universe. Read the rules here and watch the games here. I'm co-hosting this game with pedro. Although it is technically still open, duelists have not been active for some time.

- Gotham City Mafia was a Batman-style Mafia game hosted by The Penguin and myself. The discussion thread can be found here.

I have also played several Mafia games.

- Sandy's Hogwarts Mafia was my first game where I played bookworm Francis Rowan for a short time.

- Next, I played in Shadow's Village of the Bloody Damned Mafia around Halloween as creepy chemist Ada Holland.

- Abe Hollis was my next character: a converted policeman who claimed victory in Zepher's Eurodina Mafia.

- I played medical nightmare Perry Noid in def's Dr. Bloodbrick's Asylum Mafia.

- I was also importer/exporter Addy Kupp in def's The Coming Darkness Mafystery.

- I'm currently playing Aloysius the talking camel in Pandora's and Rufus's Curse Of Imhotep Mafia.

My Own Creations

I'm not a particularly skilled MOC creator, unfortunately, but I have made a few in my time here on Eurobricks:

- My first was a contribution to the Star Wars forum in the form of my own sig-fig Jedi, Ad-Hoh, and his personal speeder bike. It can be found here.

- Secondly was a Harry Potter-themed display made up of all the Harry Potter sets I owned at the time combined into a large Hogwarts MOC and its surroundings. Unfortunately, many of the sets have been sold, but there have been a few new additions also. It can be found here.

- Not counting contest entries, my next creations were all made on LEGO Digital Designer and posted together in this thread. Included in the collection are several games tables, Aragog the acromantula from Harry Potter, three scenes inspired by Harry Potter: Wizard's Duel and some 16x16 vignettes of memorable film scenes.

- Following those, but keeping to my new-found love of LDD, I modified and recoloured 8097 Slave I to create Jango Fett's Slave I with many new play-features. It can be found here.

- After that, I built a mini version of Hogwarts Castle from Harry Potter on LDD. It can be found here.

- Using my pixelated clone troopers (that I'll mention later), I was able to make six mosaics on LDD and fit them together to make a picture cube. I also tried making a greyscale mosaic of my sig-fig. They can be found here.

- Not too long ago I was back on LDD to build my own mini version of Liverpool's famour Liver Building in the style of the Architecture theme sets. It can be found here.

- My first MOC of 2012 was a small scene based on the Hostage Crisis episode of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. It can be found here.

- On the same day, I posted two Assassin's Creed-themed digital creations, inspired by the video game I was playing at the time. One is based on a viewpoint tower in Damascus and the other a stealthy templar assassination in Acre. They can be found here.

- My most recent MOC was the Mirror Of Erised Storage Room, built for the Harry Potter Community Build. It can be found here.

Contests and Raffles

I have so far entered seven EB contests and raffles. I took part in two Star Wars-related MOC contests:

Jango's Escape was my entry for the Epic Scene Contest.

Meet The Solos was my entry for the Everyday Life In The Galaxy Contest.

I also entered and won a prize in CopMike's Star Wars Christmas raffle. This was my entry.

The fourth was the Batman Contest, the 8x8 vignette category of which I entered with Wayne Manor / The Batcave.

I've also entered three Themed Month Avatar Contests:

For Halloween, I modified my sig-fig to make him a bit more spooky.

For Harry Potter month, I used my Wizard's Duel character.

For Underwater Action themes month, I turned my sig-fig into a merman for a while.


I am pleased to say that I have earned my bronze Reviewers Academy tag for completing three reviews. These were:

6814 Ice Tunnelator

2872 Witch and Fireplace

7119 Twin-Pod Cloud Car

(Note: You need to be a Reviewers Academy member to view the above reviews)

I have also reviewed several other sets 'unofficially' for the Star Wars forum. These were:

4477 T-16 Skyhopper

7200 Final Duel I

7252 Droid Tri-Fighter

7131 Anakin's Podracer

10195 Republic Dropship With AT-OT

10131 TIE Fighter Collection

30004 Battle Droid On STAP

30005 Imperial Speeder Bike

7171 Mos Espa Podrace

LEGO Digital Designer

LEGO Digital Designer is a brilliant piece of software for virtual building. The range of parts and colours is outstanding and it's a tool I really love using.

There are links above to the MOCs I have made using LDD.

I have also built around 365 official LEGO sets on the program from a range of themes, including Architecture, Sculptures, Castle, Creator, Western, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Batman, Super Heroes, Indiana Jones, Pirates Of The Caribbean, Prince of Persia and Seasonal. You can find them all in the index of the 'Official Sets Made In LDD' topic.

MS Paint Characters

One of my most successful and longest running contributions to these forums has been my thread in the Culture & Multimedia forum where myself and others post our characters (mainly clone troopers) made using Microsoft Paint. I keep an index in the first post of the thread where well over 200 characters are listed. Click the pic to go to the thread...




You can find my two Brickshelf accounts here (ADHO15 - MS Paint characters, reviews) and here (ADHO16 - LDD, MOCs, Clone Conflict). My Brickset account can be found here and the majority of my collection is listed here.