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  1. Hi, this is amazing. Do you think it will work with power functions instead of the control stuff?.
  2. technicfan

    42114 - 6x6 Volvo Articulated Hauler

    Sariel's review comes out on the 17th July for the Volvo, can't wait.
  3. technicfan

    42114 - 6x6 Volvo Articulated Hauler

    To me it looks like it has no suspension at all, not even a centre twist. I feel this set is going to be a big let down. On the plus side I do like the way they have done the tipping rams.
  4. I'm wanting to sell my whole collection, all in mint condition, 2 thunder drillers some extra rock monsters. Any interest?.
  5. 41678 is available in orange, Axle and Pin Connector Perpendicular Double Split&category=[Technic, Connector]#T=S&C=4&O={"color":"4","iconly":0} Maybe you could do the roof a different color, like a orange car with a black roof that would look pretty cool especially with the black wheels, wing and front lip. Then just put notes in the instructions somewhere saying that certain parts aren't available in orange. Or do the hard part of redesigning the roof with parts that work in orange.
  6. As a huge rotary fan, please please please do instructions for it, will happily pay, this thing is sick
  7. I have just completed the Racers Ferrari FXX and am wondering did it come with the red strip on the rim covers or just plain black ones?, mine was a 2nd hand set and has plain black but in the Brickset inventory they have the red strip around them, but Bricklink doesn't have them. I have read reviews that say it has them. Can anyone shed some light on this?.
  8. technicfan

    8043 Receiver Question

    Didn't Lego re release it not too long after it came out cause it had problems with the rams/receivers?, we all know the issues it had, i'd recomment going straight to the ultimate 8043 build.
  9. technicfan

    [MOC] US Truck

    Wow that is crazy, looks awesome. Would love to know the panel count on it?.
  10. Hi Jim, i'm gonna enter my 1st comp, is a ute allowed or racing car?
  11. technicfan

    Random gearing question

    Just did some testing with the 8t:24t and 12t:20t both ways and 8t:24t is the slowest it turns so hopefully that will be good. Thanks guys.
  12. technicfan

    Random gearing question

    Yes moving the forks up and down, I haven't built the mast yet but will be using worm gears and string to move it up and down. Basically just wanting to know if switching the L motor to XL motor but keeping the same gear ratio from the L motor will work ok, just wanted a bit more torque for lifting than the L motor. I'll work on a pic.
  13. I'm not very good at working out gear ratios but I am currently building a forklift which uses a L motor driving a 8t gear connected to a 24t gear to lift the mast. I have upgraded the L motor to a XL motor for more lifting power/torque but am wondering if I need to change the gear ratios aswell or will just changing the XL motor be fine with the current gearing?.
  14. technicfan

    Mining truck II

    Looks good, as i still have your 1st version build apart from the body were the changes significant from the 1st one?. Now thats done any chance of the remake of the D575A?
  15. technicfan


    You have done a awesome job at recreating this. Is the non rc version included in the instructions or do you just leave the rc elements out?, and it is possible to get the white wheels?.