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  1. SO how can i find the template for this object, someone maybe create it, no?
  2. Hi, Actualy i try to create a car and i need the template of the two object in the attached. it s to connect the wheel (tire) to the car. like that the will can change direction. I don't find it on the LDD template perhap's one of you know the name of these object. Regards
  3. Hi, I look for lego technique template ( because i don't find all the objects in LDD. Someone can help me
  4. Hi, I actualy create a motocycle on LDD, and i search the template for the link chain (see attached file) between the motor an the rear wheel. Someone Know where can i find it? Best regards
  5. it seems that i like for, doesn't exit, never mind thanks a lot for your help
  6. something like that but with the longest cross part replace by a peg
  7. Hello, Idon't know where to asking, so i try here, my apologize, if i'm not in the good topic. I search for a connector peg/ cross axle, like the one on the attached file. But i need the peg part twice the size of the attached file (and i don't find it in the template of LDD. Someone can explain where i can find the template or how can i create mine own template. Best regards
  8. Hello, someone does know how can i upload my design to Lego official site? Regards
  9. Ok, thanks for your quick reply!
  10. thanks for your answer, just a question how do you know that? And one more do you know where i can find this pieces i don't thind those
  11. Hi, I Search a digital chain for my moto engine. This kind of chain. Someone know where can i find it?
  12. thanks for the tip but i look for the digital one, i search to simulate the old shock bumper system i was used on a 4 wheel drive edit by LEGO about 15 - 20 years ago, that system manage the shocks and the wheel mobility.
  13. thanks for the link but i search for the digital one
  14. Hi, i surch for this piece to build my shock absorber support, someone does know wher to find it? Best regards
  15. Sorry for the disturb and thanks for your reply ;)