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    Modular Building 10197 Fire Brigade

    I believe those are Dark Bley frogs being used as fire helmet "holders"
  2. Numbuh23

    MOC: old cinema and theatre

    Looks great! Men O' War is the name of the Brickfilm, and a good one it is.
  3. Numbuh23

    modification of Mach 5

    I suggest using a piece like this: It might work, but that's the only piece I know, that looks like it. Hope it helps Numbuh23
  4. Numbuh23

    TDK joker truck

    Looks nice, but the truck is entirely white. I don't know if LDD has those pieces in white, but looks good.
  5. Numbuh23

    Review : 7683 - Fight on the Flying Wing

    This is the head from the two sets you were talking about: This is the one that came from the flying wing:
  6. Numbuh23

    Review : 7683 - Fight on the Flying Wing

    OMG! where did you find this?! The review is great, I see there is a new torso and head for the German mechanic. Can't wait to get my hands on it.
  7. Numbuh23

    Mystery FREE Raffle!

    Sounds good, count me in as well.
  8. Numbuh23

    7679 Republic Fighter Tank Review

    What I don't understand is why TLG would put the Republic Insignia stickers in the AT-TE set, but have them printed in this one.
  9. Numbuh23

    Bat Minifigs 4!

    They all look great! Is that Victor Zsaz I spy in the group of Arkham inmates?
  10. I used my iPhone 3G, it has a 2 Megapixel camera. Can't wait to see you there 5150 Lego, it should be fun.
  11. Earlier today, My parents took my brother and I to the new LEGO store at the Arden Fair Mall, in California, and I must say, it was breath-taking, and I took photos for the community. Sorry about the quality of some of the pics, I didn't bring my camera, just used my cell phone.
  12. Numbuh23

    Max Payne and Mona Sax

    I removed the "Mutt" from the jacket manualy, but I'll give you a hint of how I did it: "Sharpie" Hope that didn't give too much away, I might pull together some more Minifigs, maybe a MOC if I'm that bored, so stay tuned to this thread.
  13. I'm getting a little hyped about the new Max Payne movie, so I whipped up a couple of Minifigs for it. Movie accurate Minifigs, that are 100% LEGO, except the Brickarms they use as weapons. Note that these are my first custom minifigs, and feedback is appreciated. Max Payne with the Brickarms Auto-9 Mona Sax with the Brickarms M4 Carbine, with a monopod attached to it.
  14. Numbuh23

    RotS: Things that don't make Sense

    I believe that Aayla Secura, and Ki-Adi-Mundi were on Felucia/Mygeeto. In the meeting of what your talking about, they are there in a Hologram, like Yoda and Commander Cody are on Kashyyk/Utapau. As for 1-A, Sidous is a sith lord, and my opinion is that Kit Fisto, and Agen Kolar didn't study the defences of Sidious' Lightsaber form, and only Windu knew the defences. A-B, don't diss Plo Koon, or any other Jedi. It's not nice.
  15. Numbuh23

    LEGO Pirates Movie

    Well, I enjoyed this film, but there were some little flaws: -I did notice alot of lightflicker throughout the film -Some shots were either grainy, or out of focus The LEGO Racers scene has to be my favorte part of the film. I've seen better Pirate films, but in my opinion, not the worst either, maybe in the Top 3 best, right under "Pirates!" and "Men O' War"