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  1. Lord Vladivus I was going to refuse doing any more changes to the map. But... after being frightened with your pm in blood during the night, my female companion insisted in altering the map immediately. May you be the darkness that blinds the sky, Count Balthasar Nero *map at previous message yesterday is now edited*
  2. 3 requests added. Keep on building folks! All hail the to the darkness of our glorius guild, Count Balthasar Nero
  3. My dear collegues of evilness, Perhaps I can solve your quest for who created the nocturnus map. Since it was I who ordered my servant to create a map for the darkest region of historica. Normally i'm not active for nocturnus anymore ever since I started the creation of Balthasars Palace, which will probably take me another 2 years to finish. However, I still look almost daily at the latest creations in here, therefore I noticed the recent map discussion. how about people who would like a mention on the map, send me a pm and perhaps somewhere next week or in two weeks I share with you an updated version? Is that something you might be interested in? I still have all the necessary photoshop files to make alterations. For the glory of Nocturnus, Count Balthasar Nero
  4. Balthasar

    Nocturnus Guild: Homepage, Sign-up and Discussion

    My god, that is truly spectacular!
  5. Balthasar

    Diablo Project

    I love it! Especially the pillar design, snot bridge and those candles. Looking forward to your next projects!
  6. Balthasar

    Forngord Castle

    Great looking castle! Those black cornerparts are original and give it a lot of personality
  7. Beautiful build! Love the floor in the arena
  8. Balthasar


    Really awesome!
  9. Balthasar

    Nocturnus Guild: Homepage, Sign-up and Discussion

    Here ya go mate. The second post i've added to show that i've inserted the large corner pieces to avoid having those holes between the corner pieces when you stack them.
  10. Balthasar

    Nocturnus Guild: Homepage, Sign-up and Discussion

    Sure. I'll make some picture tomorrow when I get home and show some techniques as well
  11. Balthasar

    Inside Kaliphlin Day 7- Arkbri Falls

    Looking great! Good choice for the foilage
  12. Balthasar

    Nocturnus Guild: Homepage, Sign-up and Discussion

    Thanks folks! @NiL_FisK_Urd: The middle with the big window will become a large tower. Left of this tower will come a second layer. I plan to add a wooden third layer on top of the second layer right of the center tower, but only if it looks good. On top of the second layer on the left, will come a second large tower. The whole castle will be put landscaping, either dark gray rocky or green with lots of plants. But the whole is only a frontal view, if you look from behind or from the side, you could see the structural elements. The largest thing i've ever build. Worthy of Nocturnus :-)
  13. Balthasar

    Marshland Watchtower

    There are never enough marches in historica! Great job on the vegetation and landscaping. Looking good! Edit: I ment marshes instead of marches :-P
  14. Balthasar

    Welcome to the Mystic Isle....

    Great landscaping man. Love the subtleties in your colouring, especially in the water. Excellent work on integrating that angle in the build
  15. Balthasar

    Nocturnus Guild: Homepage, Sign-up and Discussion

    Haha, great work on how you implemented all those characters from GoH! Balthasar wanted to come, but was too occupied with the work on his palace